The Circle of Elders Eurotas 2014 Greece

What I’ve learned in Brazil working with shamans and in contact with all kind of ancient traditions – yes, because Brazil is like a planet where there are so many different traditions, including also the ones focused on the “plants of power” – what I’ve learned is that we can reduce all these realities to the word AXÈ.
And the AXÈ blossoms from the eyes, comes out from the gesture when we are in the Art.
But to “be in the art” means to work in the transpersonal field, to be in contact with the Essence, with the Oneness, it’s easy to say but it’s very hard to do, it’s a work that must be done everyday.
As I wish to share the word that I feel inside me with the people present at our conference and with our community, I say  “to dare”, we have to dare more and more and more in order to be, to understand and to be in contact with the circle of the ancient tradition.
We have to dare more and more.
I experienced that this has a price, everything has a price, I think that all of us here know what I mean.
In my case, in 30 years of living and experiencing Brazil, I have been in jail, I had an accident, my first marriage ended, and it was an actual struggle for many years; I observed that all those things that happen to us and all the problems, are proportional to our awareness and to our compassion. The more we dare to stay in the art and the more we dare to let the ego go, the less problems we’ll have in our life, so: “to dare more”, this is my witness.