Associazione Om

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Om - Associazione per la Medicina e la Psicologia Transpersonale, was founded in Milan in 1982 by a group of doctors and psychologists whose intention was to make individuals aware of their own potential and spiritual dimension.

The clinical commitment and the theoretical processing in 1986 led to the creation of Biotransenergetics (BTE) and the Institute, which deals with training, teaching and the study, and researching a new paradigm within the Transpersonal vision and fields, as well as in Biotransenergetics. Over the years Om has also organized a strong series of courses, seminars and conferences as well as various International Conferences.


  • Madness and the Divine, Turin 1988
  • The magic of awareness, Lucca 1990
  • Energy and Conscience, Abano Terme (Padova) 1995
  • Inner Experiences, Milan 1996
  • Trbe's Heritage, Milan 1999

Beyond the  Mind, 11th EUROTAS CONFERENCE Milan 2009



eurotas logo 2014-300x137Founded as a network of friendships, a professional joint venture today.
The European Transpersonal Association came into existence from a group of practitioners of health and healing and researchers in sciences and spirituality.

It has been founded in 1984 during the first European Transpersonal Conference in Brussels, organized by the Belgian team. The first Eurotas took place as interesting discussions, which led to engaged actions in a family-like atmosphere. Today Eurotas has members from 25 countries and organizes annual conferences of considerable scientific and spiritual quality.

At these conferences you still may find the original Eurotas character of friendship and breathe a big family. What makes the European Transpersonal Association special today is its combination of scientific and spiritual rigor with opportunities for win-win cooperation, exchange and friendship.