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Key note summaries

Jim Garrison

Educating Our Young for the Future that is Coming

History has radically accelerated in both hyper-complexity and fragility. Human civilization is now threatening virtually every natural ecosystem in a world where small events anywhere can have major repercussions everywhere. Dr. Garrison will discuss several of the megatrends shaping the human future and then envision what education would look like if we took absolutely seriously the fact that we have collectively come to the point at which nothing less than a complete re-imagination of humanity’s relationship with the larger ecology will suffice to ensure the survival of human civilization. Our central challenge is how to ignite new consciousness at a mass level so that humanity activate the kind of creative intelligence required to deal with the future that is coming. This challenge can most optimally begin with education, for this is where the mindsets, skill sets, and tool sets of our young people are established. They need an education that is personal, digital, integral, modular, mobile, transformational, affordable, collaborative, ceaselessly creative, and global — a whole new kind of education for a whole new kind of world.

Graham Hancock

Psychedelics and civilisation.

Psychedelics and the visionary states associated with them are demonised by the technological cultures of the 21st century and the mere possession of a psychedelic substance such as LSD, psilocybin or DMT can result in public humiliation, loss of property and reputation, and lengthy jail penalties. Things were very different in the antiquity. Indeed the evidence shows that many of the greatest civilisations of the past, from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece, and from ancient India to the ancient Americas, enshrined the use of psychedelics as a sacred practise and found immense value in the visions that ensued. Further back still, in the epoch of the great cave art 30,000 and more years ago, recent archaeological research suggests that shamanistic use of psychedelics was instrumental in the birth of the modern human mind. In this talk Graham Hancock investigates the possibility that by demonising and criminalising the use of psychedelics, rather than seeking out ways to harness their power for altering consciousness in safe and nurturing spaces, our society may have set itself on a profoundly negative path -- a path that might even deny us the next step in our own evolution as a species.  

Padre Antonio Gentili

Religious Barnabite. License in theology and a degree in philosophy, he currently resides and works in the convent of Campello sul Clitunno (PG), after having been for years animator of the house for spiritual retreats of Eupilio (Co). Student of spirituality, has explored the great meditative traditions of East and West.

Driving Courses meditation and deep prayer open to all kinds of people. In collaboration with experts, it organizes weeks of fasting and meditation for the integral purification. Author of spirituality among the best known, oversaw the first Italian edition of The Cloud of Unknowing (7 editions) and has also published numerous works for Anchor, among which: God in silence. Manual meditation (now in its 11th edition); A bread and water.

Practice and spirituality of fasting; Our senses light. Essay on the five spiritual senses; The reasons of the body. The centers of vital energy in the Christian; "I will help to God." The spiritual journey of Etty Hillesum and a trilogy about the "feel" (Hear Christ. Verbs of the Word; Hear from Christians. The emotional dimension of the faith; The feeling of Christ. The "spirit" of Jesus of Nazareth. In view of ' EXPO 2015 in Milan published 8 Fast to live better ... and save the planet. For Travel Notes is being published under the title Learning to meditate, the basic course (The prayer of the heart) and the course of study (In silence before God).

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Kalaalllit Shaman
Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, shaman, healer, storyteller and carrier of the Qilaut (winddrum), is an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder whose family belongs to the traditional healers from Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland. His engagement for the Environment and Indigenous issues brought him to more than 60 countries in the world.
“The beauty of the circle is that we cannot see each other’s backs and the strength of the circle is that we can only see each other’s beauty.”
Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq



 Presenters Summaries

Walter Gioia ( Italy)

Different body and psyche experience researcher (among which: dance, theatre, singing, massage, martial arts, holistic disciplines, spiritual and shamanic rituals).

 Bozesan Mariana (Germany)
The Power of One:
How Influential Investors und Business Executives Transform and Lead into a Sustainable
The presentation explores the phenomenon of becoming a consciousness
leader in investing and business as a premise for creating sustainable companies that
transcend the current socio-economic, geo-political, and environmental challenges.The
exploration of becoming a consciousness leader in business reveals not only the interiority
of exceptional leaders, but supports a paradigm shift in leadership, business, and

 Dhyan Sutorius ( Neederland)
“The transforming force of the laughing meditation”
After introduction and preparation exercise there will be the laughing meditation (15 minutes) with 3
stages : 1. stretching , 2. without forcing laughing from the belly (and - if you wish - crying or
laughing with your tears), 3. silence. Afterwards there is a sharing.
Laughing is tremendously healthy and enhances the acceptance of the situation, of the other(s) or
of yourself. Allow yourself to laugh without a reason. Still any reason can be used. Instead of
laughing “about” or “at”, laughing “with”. And as a third point - only for those who want to - use a
first class trigger, make a top ten of your favorite problems the heaviest one now is your favorite
problem number 1. And so on so forth. It can happen to look at it from a totally different angle.
There is nothing to be achieved.
The key is to focus every moment on that what there for you in the Here and Now. Be the witness.
The essence is : accept, let-go and be aware.
Make afterwards your own laughing meditation diary describing in one or two words your feelings
before and after the laughing meditation and how the experience was that day. The next day drop
all your memories of past laughing situations or laughing meditations and - before starting again -
drop all your expectations, ideas and concepts about laughter and do it again AS IF it is the very
first time. Postpone your opinion about this laughing meditation untill you have done it every day
for at least 3 weeks.

Liv Eversen ( Norway)

There was a time for living, loving, losing, grieving, dying, a time for shamanic
dreamscape journies,healing, a time for large amounts of afterwork from the dreamscapes
journies with Spirit of Most High from the memory of a 5000 years old Chinese Woman to
presentday Liv - that created Tales of Transformations, Shamanistically Speaking - along
the Silk Road to Samarkind.

James Eyerman (USA)

The Light at the Door:
Healing through the Liminal Space of Creative Arts
Creative space often requires the interplay of the known with the unknown. The creativity of libido,
art, and beauty, [Venus] spontaneously arises from the deep psyche [Neptune] onto the shores of
ordinary time [Chronos]. The intersection of linear time with the non-temporal infinite produces
creative disorientation. Liminal disorientation allows novelty to appear in the four dimensions of
material creation as well as the personal psyche. Virtual realities condense into material forms and
psychic energies. In classical myth, access to the numinous realms is restricted, sometimes by
terrifying guardians or jealous gods. Creative confusion often requires relinquishing the security of
firm ego defenses, even to the point of ego death and dissolution.
What constitutes a passport to return to the realm from which our souls have arisen? Is there a
special code granting access? Is there a perspective that allows us to be released from Chronos’
boundaries of the egoic consciousness? Certainly dreams, at least some dreams, bring messages
from the boundless, eternal realms. These seem, at times, to lack restraint of time or place, culture
or conditioning, planet or universe.
This paper discusses the therapeutic value of creative acts. The theories of Plato and Aristotle,
Wallas and Whitehead, Jung and Von Franz, Koestler and Redfield will be explored. Physiological
models of contemporary neurobiological brain imaging and the ancient models of Ayurvedic and
Hippocratic Medicine will be compared and contrasted. Ojas and the Lapis Philosophorum will be
related liminal space and creativity.
The therapeutic potential of creative acts such as drawing, sculpting, dance, sand tray, poetry,
drama, music, and song will be discussed. The documented experiences of 482 psychiatric
inpatients in a music therapy with an expanded state of consciousness induced by voluntary overbreathing
and documented by mandala drawing [Grof Holotropic Breathwork] will illustrate the
healing potential of liminal space.

Francesca Gastaldi (Italy)

The Passage through Zero.
First theoretical part: what is the Zero and the Passage through the Zero? What is its use? How does it happen? Results of the carried out studies. Importance in the current historic era. Method to practice it.
Second part: practical experiencing of the Passage through Zero.
Vacuum, according to perennial philosophy, is pure consciousness that reveals itself beyond consciousness. In order to grasp it we must empty ourselves, transcend the ego where rationality creates dualisms in the intent of knowing. The Passage through the Zero is the unconditioned surrender of disappearing to everything we put between life and ourselves. It allows us to live the present, the only time in which we can integrally be through a profound connection with the source. We re-discover ourselves as unit within the Whole.

Maria Rossi Sideri (Spain)
Dance-therapy of the Elements.
It’s a corporal, emotional and energetic investigation experience of the elements of Nature. The proposal consists in a workshop on the corporal and energetic psychotherapeutic process, focused on dance, movement and the alchemic knowledge of elements. With “alchemy” we mean the transmutation of basic metals into gold, which symbolizes the transformation of vital problems into awareness. The workshop will end with the creation of a choreography to perform for the public, based on group process. Dance-therapy tools, biotransenergetics, perceptive meditation and improvised movements will be used; all this will be related to the elements of Nature. The choreographic creation will be based on the analysis of the “Laban” movement. The “space” element will be the opening door to the other four elements: “air”, “fire”, “water” and “earth”. Each element will be perceived through a material (the corporal movement in dance), mental (images, memories, evoked visions) and energetic (the perception of the energetic flow internally provoked) path. Finally, we’ll choose a problem or a personal subject to explore, invoking the knowledge of the elements in order to reach a resolution or transformation. The evolutionary process of the group will give birth to a choreographic form representing this journey, which will be performed for the public.

Stuart  Sovatsky (USA)
River of Life Parade will celebrate the Lifespan Journey celebrating each age group from
babes to elders.

Ecstatic Kirtan with microphone reverb echo amplifier for large group chanting and Trance Dance
evening of joyous transpersonal party!

Elena Casiraghi (Italy)

Yoga and BTE.

Initial presentation of the encounter between Yoga and BTE: 2 disciplines that walk side-by-side, following the same principles and sharing harmonic forms. The aim of this workshop is to show the practice of the encounter of the two disciplines, through an initial demonstration, in order to allow those who wish to experiment it. The first 30 minutes are dedicated to the demonstration: it develops in a couple’s work, in which feminine and masculine meet through dialogue. Then the students of Casa Nadi will show a sequence in which the two disciplines will harmonize together. At the end of the first 30 min, all the participants can join the circle and parts of the previous demonstration are practiced for an hour, in order to experiment the force of the archetypes. The workshop ends with a healing circle and sharing.

Serge Beddington-Behrens ( UK)
Operating with Soul is the only way ahead

The idea of the soul is quite a mystery to many of us. What exactly is it and:   do we all have  a soul; is it only the provenance of so called ‘soulfull people’ such as poets and artists and not part of the life experience of the more pragmatically minded among us? These are some of the questions which many of us ask about it. Also, if we do all have a soul, can we do anything to bring it into being or ‘grow’ it more?
Given, then, that there is such a ‘thing’ as soul – or at any rate, that is my thesis -  I will  then argue that there are many things which we can all do to hasten its development inside us or grow it, and all these things are things that also feed it as well as nourish what is best about us. In this talk we will not only explore what some of our main soul-feeding activities might be, but we will also ask ourselves if the way we actually live our everyday lives and think and relate to others, can also help assist soul’s emergence. Expect after this talk to have a clearer picture of what soul is and how  we can not only bring this mysterious entity more deeply into our own personal lives, but also into the life existing all around us.

Serena Treppo (Italy)

Perennial Philosophy and two of its therapeutic declinations: Osteopathy and Biotransenergetics (BTE).
Transpersonal and Osteopathic philosophies offer guiding maps to experiment and comprehend the laws of Perennial Philosophy. Within the Transpersonal thought we can find the concepts of Transpersonal Self, Love and Unitive Consciousness. Osteopathy talks about Mechanical Master and Vital Breath. According to BTE, Archetypical Forces are an expression of the Whole, whereas for Osteopathy they are expression of health. They manifest in individuals in its parts, defining its character, qualities, physical and psychic characteristics, addressing self-healing processes. According to BTE and Osteopathy, sickness is a dis-harmony, a removal from the original vibration, from the Unitive Self. Chronic Trance and Osteopathic Injury are nothing more than interruptions in the flow of the original dynamic, the alternation of opposites, of inspirations and expirations that characterize our journey in this dual world. Osteopathy and BTE are therapeutic methodologies but also and first of all awareness paths. They both aim to help individuals to unify the body-mind-soul experience this way stopping the interruptions. This workshop proposes the fusion of these two methodologies in an experiential practice aiming to increase the state of “unitive attention” and the awareness of the interoceptive information that comes from the body.

Salvatore De Nicolò and Mathias Fournier (France)

Tarots and Dance.

Tarots and trance-Dance (music) will be the tools used during this workshop. Tarots will be the guide that will illuminate obstacles on one’s personal path. During this workshop, through Trance-dance (with specific music), we will allow the door of intuition to open and we will contemplate the reflection of the masks in which we identify in the mirror of the Tarots. Projections, personal history, one’s past, forgotten knowledge of one’s family, unconscious beliefs regarding the world, non-felt (perceived) emotions, unexpressed desires and non integrated experiences meet in the arcane of the Tarots. By accepting to submerge into the more obscure parts of psyche, we will allow the being of life and love of which we are made to dance. Trance-dance allows our body to express by painting what experienced, felt or met thanks to the arcane of the Tarots. The soul, hidden in the shell of one’s own identifications, will be free to come out and meet the world.


Alfonso Chielli (Italy)

For a new interpretation of musical communication.

Musical creation involves the revealing of the composer’s Self that the interpreter may receive, betray or amplify. If the listener recognizes and identifies him/herself in an “objectified” context that comes from removal or sublimation, an affective and emotional dis-identification will occur favouring an intellectual appreciation or, on the contrary, in the presence of a profound resonance of its body-mind (aware or not), if expression of dissonance, a rejection of what is perceived in its reality will occur, as not true or illusory, or as a danger because considered disruptive towards a reassuring but false identity.
If the reaction is an expression of harmony the revealing of the transpersonal Self, which transcending the ego allows the transe and the relationship between composer-interpreter-listener, expression of a macro-cosmos in a continuous becoming in its most profound essence, beauty, truth and absolute love, of which the musical work is an expression.

Rosemarie Anderson (USA)

Dyslexics and Jump Thinking:
Experts at Intuition, Body Knowing & Visioning.
I will describe my personal experience as a successful dyslexic, tells stories about successes and failures, and relay research in a new field of research known as the Dyslexic Advantage.

Faith Halverson-Ramos  (USA)

Mindfulness can be understood as a state of being in which one experiences
moment-to-moment awareness from an internal place of non-judgement. Research now
suggests many benefits to mindfulness. Traditionally, mindfulness practice has been
associated with meditation, but music can also be used as a form of mindfulness practice.
In this educational, experiential, process-oriented presentation, participants will deepen
their understanding of mindfulness through music-based mindfulness activities.

Giovanna Calabrese (Italy)

Transpersonal Photography:
Quoting Roland Barthes photography is "the absolute particular, the supreme contingency, the reality." Only an eye trained to look within himself, to see beyond the appearance of reality, can take an image able to demonstrate not only the exteriority but also "the mysterious, impenetrable, unrevealed interiority".
Through meditation practices participants will move from the first to the second attention,
so that they will experience a different way to look through the camera lens. Pictures taken will be shared within the circle and at the festival.

Liora Birnbaum (Israel)

Towards the Psychology of the Soul - Channeling is a human skill which when
performed with care may create linkage between inner and outer reality as personal and
global- metaphysical information is delivered. It enhances one's ability to focus on timely
issues. Soul development is a new theoretical concept based on years of research,
suggesting the construct of "self" may have been existed prior to physical manifestation
and is therefore able to change throughout a systemic set of early phases.

John Rowan (UK)
The Dialogical Self
This is a workshop in which we will link the theme of the event with the latest research on the Dialogical Self, an important theory from the constructivist camp.  All of us are familiar with the basic idea of Subpersonalities, but this is a much more extended and better researched version of the idea, which enables us to reach into the transpersonal realm and work there just as easily as with the ordinary everyday world.  Instead of being restricted to the normal everyday world, we can invoke the world of archetypes, angels, fairies, nature spirits and polytheistic gods and goddesses, asking them for help and advice.  We can personify them and have dialogues with them, instead of being restricted to praying to them and getting no answers.  We can have conversations with the gods and goddesses.  This is recent work, not very well known as yet, and this is an opportunity to see how it can be used in everyday practice.

Janet Gale and Hara Willow (UK- Canada)
Beyond the Veil; Shamanic Excursions into Transpersonal Realms
In this combined talk and workshop Shamanic Practitioners and Sound Healers Jan Gale
and Hara Willow will lead discussions and explorations of working in non-ordinary reality
for the purpose of personal, community and planetary healing.
Our aim is to share and discuss methods to ‘Feed the Soul’ with inner work to bring about
wholeness, supported by toning, chanting, vibrational sound, drumming, intention and
journeying to move between Alpha, Beta and Theta states.
We hope that this will be a truly transpersonal experience as Jan and Hara guide you,
using sound vibrations, beyond and through the limits of your own personal consciousness
to a place inside where we can access the collective consciousness and the void, or
source of all ‘being’ and love. Within this inner space we can access healing, information,
knowledge, wisdom and guidance in order to enhance our own lives and to assist others
on their own journey towards balance, healing and wholeness.
The discussion part of the session will include examples of case studies, refer to traditional
and modern methods of shamanic healing practice, including shamanic journeying and
transfiguration. We will discuss Om, the original sound and how different sounds and
different instruments, including the human voice can affect the state of relaxation,
openness, allowing, finding stillness, and invoking the observer/seer/self inquiry.
During the workshop part of this event we will share several experiential elements to
access together the transpersonal realms. We will experience much of what we have
discussed including journeying, transfiguration the OM sound and others. We will do this in
an altered state of consciousness using sound and vibration, such as shamanic drum and
chanting, as well as via guided visualisation to shift our awareness.

Gabriele Bordoni – Giordani David (Italy)

 Vibrate in unison, in contact with the spark so that the fire of transformation can be lit. Through an integrated sound, breathing and vision experience we will favour vibrational states of coherence in the body-mind in order to direct the individual towards a process of observation and internal transformation leading to the embrace of his/her archetypical and intimate side.

 We are essentially vibrations; the exchange of between inner and outer world works through information: the coherence between them allows harmonizing the entire system. The individual lives the experiences in an obscure and acoustically isolated room in a confortable position; after a practice of mobilization of energy, the individual is invited to close his/her eyes in order to be exposed to the Dream Machine which produces light waves at a determined frequency for about 20/30 minutes. The vibration of sound created by different tools is experienced at the same time.


A state of oneiric vigil is induced, allowing a personal journey in which blockages are revealed and tensions are released. At the end of the experience we will invite the participants to express their feelings and their creative act through: poetry, drawings, writings, vocal expressions, etc.…

Paola Zema – Alessia Degani – Marta Fabiano (Italy)

Presentation of a therapeutic project performed in India with the Ganga Learning Centre association, which helps local women who struggle supporting their families to find a job. The foundation of our work is the will to show women the practical aspect of sewing as well as the artistic aspect.


This material allows to work, share and create relationships within the group putting hands and heart in contact. Textile work has been considered a condemnation, a restriction for women; on the contrary, it can be a chance. Sewing and writing are actions that come from the necessity of giving a shape, direction and finding a meaning. Sewing is like healing wounds; it’s an active and corporal action as the whole body is involved. The needle stings fingers and skin just like it stings fabric, entering and exiting the surface.


The needle performs a physical and concrete action. The sky is considered in India as a metaphor for the skin; the sky represents the skin and the stars represent the infinity of pores. The skin is the place of cutaneous sensibility, of the sense touch, the most important for communication. It’s our container, our house. It is the shield that protects us from the world and that at the same time allows us to communicate with it. It is a sensible barrier that separates us from others and that puts us in contact with others. We created a star, a drawing resembling its shape.

 Each woman works with frame sewing and creates various figures. By using the archetypes of shapes we created stars though geometrical shapes. The round sewing frame on the stomach resembles a circle, the original rest and a shelter. After the first part of the workshop in which each participant creates a star, we will create a mantle of stars by putting together each woman’s work. This celestial archway above our heads will resemble a protective mantle, a house that gives shelter but at the same time helps our identity to emerge. During the presentation a photographic exposition will also take place.

 Antonella Trabattoni (Svizzera)

I've always been reluctant to talk about my ability, even when I was receiving information from the spirit world, I was wondering if there was another explanation for what was happening.  Eventually I accepted the knowledge that we are not just a physical body and that life exists beyond the material world. The phenomena of nature, physical and spiritual, are an expression of Infinite Intelligence.

The spirit world is working through conscious and unconscious states of the human mind. Through the opening, the development, the education of our soul, we can access a wider consciousness and get in touch with souls who no longer have a material reality.  For fifteen years I follow the activities of the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU, Stansted, GB) and give evidence of the survival of human personality after death, establishing contacts with people in the spirit world who want to communicate with a loved on earth. 

Every communication begins with evidence of their presence: personal information such as physical appearance, habits, past, shared experiences, tastes and more, so that those who are facing can recognize the spirit that occurs. After successful identification, it will be an important message for the recipient. You can interact with the person in the spirit world by asking questions.  This is not to predict the future but to give testimony to the continuity of life after death, to establish a liaison between the Earth dimension and another dimension, to give hope and comfort.  

Ferruccio Nessi (Svizzera)

From your awakening to the awakening of the world:
The experience of a successful lawyer who after 30 years decides to embrace and live change. I wish to share my experience with the young and the elders; experience that began in the year 2009 and hasn’t reached an end yet. Even in professions such as mine, it is possible to live according to the transpersonal; actually, this vision changes your approach towards your profession, re-placing human beings at the centre of every controversy.

Being able to connect with parts and counterparts stimulates the awareness of single actions increasing personal responsibility of each actor. This implies clear choices not limited to a single case but rather that extend to one’s view of life. It’s not about choosing to act ethically or unethically. Connection makes the difference. To free oneself from power delusions typical of the small man and to open to new macrocosmic horizons brings justice to everyone, without winners or losers.

Erena Bramos  ( USA-Greece)
Fully alive and in love with life at a a time of crisis… Growing a soul

We are living in complex and challenging times. There is a universal demand for the sharing of information as well as technological and economic advances.     Simultaneously, there is a growing culture which encourages attachment to individualism and  identification with a limited view of  self. This  makes it difficult for individuals and communities to address the challenges inherent in the need to integrate all the  changes in the world. A lot of information  , and many choices ( real or imaginary) in the face of a constricted sense  of self confuse, overwhelm, and ultimately lead to a distorted view of life and one's place in it. This fosters a sense of powelessness and disconnectedness from individual and collective purpose, making it impossible to understand the true meaning of, and to honestly address, the many crises facing us today.
To reconsider our priorities and what we identify with;  to choose to meet ourselves in all aspects of our being ; to question what we live in the service of, is the moral imperative of our times.
Expansion of individual  and collective consciousness; assuming rightful responsibility in our relationship to our brothers and sisters; serving purpose, demand the shift to a new paradigm for living.... one which is based on the understanding that to fully be alive and in oneness with all of life we have to stop focusing on what makes each one of us different and unique.  We are asked to accept our common humaness and the exciting possibilities which emerge when we recognize that we are each other's mirror. We are called to acknowledge that true power can only be experienced when we view ourselves as inteconnected to all other beings; when we dare to stretch and develop an identity which has, at its core, the realization that we are each citizens of the world.

Bendetto Micheli – Danilo Bellancini (Italy)
Mister Kurtz – Archetypical narration from “Heart of Darkness” by J.Conrad.
Trhoguh literature, theatre, meditation and psychology Mister Kurtz represents a journey towards the wildest hinterland of the Self. Like an old sailor named Marlow we will navigate on the archetype of the river where dream and dreamer complete each other creating an archetypical image able to make the various aspects of Being dance towards the research of a place beyond judgment.

Playing can take shape through writing and theatre (group work) as long as we remain loyal to the now and here. We are given the chance to give life to our inner theatre by building villages on the banks of the river, each village with specific characteristics: therefore, it will be possible to build the village of the Warriors without Stain, of the Shy, of the Creative, of the Fearful, of the Fire-eaters etc. Once identified all the possible villages a person can recognize, attention will be focused on the place in which the person spends most of his/her everyday life. The rules, customs, traditions and values of the village will be described; afterwards the narrator will be invited to take a trip along the banks of His/Her River. Leaving the village metaphorically represents leaving one’s own castle (habits) to return to after dealing with one’s Blessings and Miseries.

The narrator will report, like a blogger, the impressions, encounters, beliefs and problems related to every village. Once the journey on the river comes to an end, the traveller will return home where he/she can share the received gifts with a feeling of authentic Renewed Unity.
Aim of the workshop: knowing and harmonizing one’s inner archetypical villages in order to overcome judgment and re-conciliate peacefully with one’s wild soul.

Lorenzo Nessi (Switzerland)
Hang: a magical and mysterious instrument that allows the musician to give voice to his/her soul in a unique and personal way.
1-hour concert followed by a speech.

David Lukoff (USA)
The Stormy Search for Spirituality:

The search for spirituality can be a stormy journey. The concept of spiritual emergency was developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof in 1980 to identify individuals who were on a spiritual journey that could be mistaken for a psychotic illness. This has become one of the most important contributions of transpersonal psychology and has led to a new diagnostic category for religious and spiritual problems in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Fourth Edition. But spiritual emergency is only one of the pitfalls on the path to finding one’s faith. This presentation will look at the perils encountered in the search for one’s personal spirituality.

Simona Vigo (Italy)

“Corpo del Sogno” (Body of the Dream) is an integrated set of shamanic psycho-body practices that belongs to the methodological “corpus” of the Biotransenergetics.
The practices of the Body of the Dream work together with movements of power (mudras), breathing and conscious sounds (mantra), images and intuitions (Yantra).
Every practice of Corpo del Sogno recalls contact with a specific archetypal force which takes its name from the constellation of the ancestral forces of the Brazilian shamanism: the orixаs. The orixаs are the primordial vibrational forces, energies ruling the world at all levels of power from the heaviest (physical body) to the subtlest (energy, thoughts, images, insights) and they refer to all elements of nature (earth, water, air and fire) of which we ourselves are made of ..
The practices of the Corpo del Sogno act on the five levels of the body-mind unit:
PHYSICAL BODY: sensations, posture , muscle structure, body attitudes, gestures, physical symptoms;
ENERGETIC BODY: energy blockages, chakras, functionality and level of vitality of organs and viscera, metabolic, biochemical, vegetative processes, function and energy symptoms; EMOTIONAL
BODY: feelings, emotions, moods, needs, desires, aspirations, fears, emotional symptoms;
MENTAL BODY: thoughts, images, fantasies, memories; SPIRITUAL BODY: expansion of consciousness, visions, intuitions.
The ritual repetition of the practice allows to release the large amount of energy which is often so compressed that it creates chronic stiffness and physical pain.
It also helps you gaining a greater physical fluidity and flexibility which in turn is the reflection of a greater emotional and mental awareness. The end result, in fact, is the expansion of consciousness and a participatory dialogue with the archetypal forces that act within us.
The deeper transpersonal meaning of this practice is finally to bring together our mental blocks and armors with the flow of the interconnected forces living in our field of consciousness, through an ongoing participatory dialogue between the Ego and the Self.

Marco Giacomo Bonalanza ( Svizzera)

Does an evolutionary suitable model already exist?
Regulation is the essential foundation of human coexistence: without it nothing could exist, starting from the biological family, as the minimum natural form of society, to the big international institutions.
The rule can then be mutually shared or written and learned; the first mode is to be found in the society of affections, the second mode in the society of needs (defense, land, food).
It is an instruction of operation, not of any biological organ, but of the widespread organs as “family”, “clan”, “village”, “state”, “planet”.
The rule can then be mutually shared or written and learned; the first mode is to be found in the society of the affections, the second mode in the society of needs (defense, land, food).
It is based on two opposite foundation elements: sharing or imposing, trust or control, responsibility or irresponsibility.
In the society of needs, history shows innumerable theme variations of somebody ruling on somebody else: the two ruling systems affecting our lives are civil law (control) and common law (trust).
Religion married to the State originated Civil Law.
Religion separated from the State originated Common Law.
Trust is the example of a common law institution transplanted in the civil law.

 Sylvia Xiaorui WEN (USA)

Transpersonal psychology, a division of psychology at the crossroad between spirituality, philosophy and science, has its root deep embedded in Western cosmology and philosophy. Having studied the history and structure of psychology, I have noticed a missing link in psychology at large – spiritual morality. Of course morality has been discussed and reviewed by many Western traditions, however it is always coming from either of the following two notions: the Original Sin, or the result of rational / intellectual reflection. The indigenous Chinese spiritual practices of Confucianism and Taoism view morality from a different perspective: morality is the original order the whole universe is built upon; and human being as an active player of the co-creation has its moral responsibility towards the universe. My paper will review the Chinese understanding of morality from an anthropocosmic perspective, and discuss the moral connection between humanity and ecology.

 Maxime Zara Stadlen (USA)

A Ceremony for Cultivating Presence with the Emergent Sacred Feminine Consciousness
Invocation: Using the drum, sacred heart beat of the Mother

1.    TASTING THE AIR: Preparation: Life stands at the crossroads, flanked by two wolves. Which way will She turn? Which wolf will we feed?
We journey through a landscape of imagery, symbols and archetypes to enable patterns of a higher order in the human collective to emerge. It is Her time to arise and take her place beside Her Beloved. Let us inspire him to take her hand, welcome Her return home. For each one, that home resides within. And through the balance She brings-- in allowing the dance to dance us, the gesture to evoke, the song to stir our aching hearts, random acts of beauty & ritual washing over us, flooding humankind in a revolution of sacred culture, evolving the collective consciousness --the emergence of something completely astonishing.

2.    DIVING INTO THE WATER: Initiation: Experiential
Guided, participatory, living ceremony of communion with this Great Spirit that is imploring us to stand in our greatness together, a ceremony of shared breath, visualization, and heart.

3.    SITTING UPON THE EARTH: Integration: In Council
a.    Sharing a symbol, word, sound or gesture, evoking the essence of the ceremony as embodied by each one, in turn, around the circle.
b.    Potential questions to pose: What is She asking of us? How do we detect Her? What is your experience of Her? (Only if doing so does not diminish the wonder and reverence in the field.)

4.    BUILDING THE FIRE: Actualization: Reflection of the Consciousness (themes & in-sights) emerging through the Council fire.

Inviting continuation of study and practices to take us deeper into our innate Oneness with Her, with this vital and accessible life force within us and surrounding us.

 Trish Causey (USA)

In my workshop, the participants will learn various techniques to reclaim their bodies and/or increase their sexual pleasure through the use of tantrik-based exercises, breathing styles, health information, and the permission to release old wounds. The participants will engage in the exercises as they feel comfortable and be able to ask sexual health and relationship questions as needed -- especially women since women's sexuality is still such a taboo subject in society and an overlooked subject in the fields of research and academia. Overall, the workshop is designed to allow people the freedom to take charge of their bodies and their lives so that they may fulfill their reason for incarnating this lifetime and regain purpose, if they feel lost. By connecting to the Self and the body, the individual reclaims ownership over Self, something that is all to often forgotten through life's difficulties or through trying to please everyone else and ignoring the needs of the Self. Now is the time of awakening, and my tantrik-based program is a great start on that journey.

 Simila Laiatici

TTouch ®

This method was created by Linda Tellinngton Jones 40 years ago and, at the beginning, it was intended for the treatment of horses, but, then, it has been applied on every living being.

It is a method with an approach dedicated to the body, stimulating the cellular balance, reactivating the cells and reminding them of their functions.

Thanks to some unusual and peculiar movements tracing circles for one turn and ¼ on the skin, we can stimulate functions and synapses, which are neglected by our brain. In so doing, we can activate the “positive” hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin, reducing our stress and taking us into a state of psycho-physical wellbeing, which has an influence alsocella on our surrounding environment.

Each single cell is a miracle of intelligence and it knows exactly its role to perform, but, sometimes, it simply needs to be reawakened.

The “peptides of the unpleasant experiences” (both emotional and physical traumas) settle on the cellular membrane, preventing the emotions from freely flowing.

Thanks to TTouch ® these molecules are removed.
Balance is the key word of the entire method… it is a real philosophy of life.
The circle is performed for 1 turn and ¼ and is the basis of the method
The speed within which the circle and ¼ is performed
Between one touch and the other it is paramount to allow a pause in order to allow the body to process the information
Working with a specific intention and believing in what you are doing lead you to success; what our cells transmit influences directly our touched cells, receiving some information during the TTouch ®
Listening to the impressions that people transmit to us or our body communicates to us. The TTouch ®, which has arrived in 30 countries and 6 continents, is applied on all living beings putting different species in contact with each other, spreading around the world with its positive influence.

 Steven Schmitz (USA)
Transformative power of shamanic practices to connect with Spirit and our true Self
This Circle of sharing will explore the various shamanic practices that are still beneficial in our modern world to help us connect with Spirit, nature, and our true Self. Through the use of storytelling, sharing of lived experiences, and learnings from research, Dr. Schmitz will lead a lively discussion about shamanic wisdom and practices. We will also have an experiential component using ritual, drums, rattles, singing, and dancing.

 Daniela Rao – Francesco Catalano (Italy)

Biodanza SRT – Connecting again with the primeval flow of life

The conceptual principles of Biodanza derive from an existential meditation, from the desire to come back to life from our broken gestures and reconnect with the source of Life and, certainly, from the nostalgia of love.  This is why Rolando Toro created a system that allows humanity to take their potential back, strengthening their bonds to life and natural instincts.

Biodanza is a system of human integration, organic renewal, emotional re-education and re-learning of the original functions of life. Its methodology acts inducing integrating “vivencias” through music, movements and situations of meeting the other within a group. Biodanza derives from a deep observation of human beings and their behaviors, habits and pathologies; taking inspiration from psychology and other human sciences, it offers a U-turn trend giving back the priority to the sensorial and body experience within relations, integrating the contact-emotion-movement,  i.e. the ‘feeling’ with the ‘doing’.

Since their first movements in life, human beings experience the world through touch. When an emotion is generated by music (the universal language), it becomes movements, dance, fusion of body-mind-soul.  The performer will live the absolute “here and now”, entering into a timeless dimension, which allows him to express what he really is: not only clear potentials but also those unveiled in that moment, which are part of the individual genetic heritage and the memory of human kind.

In this workshop, thanks to Biodanza we will enter in contact with the archetypical field of the Orixàs (the elemental forces), integrating their qualities and strengths in the ‘here and now’ and into our Self. We will experience the pulse between the ordinary status of consciousness and the enlarged one. We will strengthen our identity and our thrust toward existential creativity, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, our perception of what is sacred in life in each of our daily gestures. The workshop will also consist of a short theoretical part followed by an experience moment to contact the archetypical energies and to reawaken our connection with the transpersonal aspects that lie within us.

 Jenie Ranger (Canada)

Changing the world, one person at a time:
Korzbski and Assagioli talked about the need to create technologies for the harmonic development of man. Human beings, in this vision, are their own primary resource. Innovation cannot be a matter of few individuals, but it is a call to which everybody have immediately to answer. The “mission of our time” is not only to advance the ‘exterior’ research but also to develop our consciousness, the research and observation of the human potential – the human resource. The exterior technologies are developing at an exponential speed, but mankind’s inner development seems to be stuck or to move forward slowly. The research of new interior technologies aims to restore the balance between the individual inner strength and the external one. In so doing, men can achieve their own fulfillment. We immediately have to stop creating changes and start to perform metamorphoses. Change and metamorphosis are two different domains: the first is a re-elaboration of information, in the latter there is death and a new birth – so it is about a complete re-structuring phase. The duty of our time is our metamorphosis from our childhood until our adulthood.  In my opinion, each individual on this planet now has to move from a paradigm of consumption to a paradigm of contribution and responsibility. To apply this metamorphosis we have to learn new tools, which have to do with a strength that is not so common: the female one. The female energy includes behaviors such as observation (not analysis) and the ability of drawing together, which can allow us to have a glimpse on a new world, an holistic one. In these years of research, I have arrived at the conclusion that we can change the external world in an indirect way; only when changing our inner world, the external world’s perception changes too. Between the external and the internal world, there is, therefore, a tight link: when the first changes the latter changes too. Therefore, we can get a sense of being connected with everybody that lives on this world. This idea is based on responsibility and acceptance; they are characteristics that have to be part of humanity's adulthood.

 Jane Jones (UK)

Uncovering our narrative
“Who are we, who is each one of us, if not a combinatorial of experiences, information, books we have read, things imagined? Each life is an encyclopedia, a library, an inventory of objects, a series of styles, and everything can be constantly shuffled and re-ordered in every way conceivable.”  Italo Calvino
Making an artwork is about trusting who you are, knowing that you want to say something and finding a way to say it through a multitude of materials, situations and places  ….  Then allowing lucky coincidences, accidents and the unknown lead you. It involves choosing directions, leaving good things behind and editing. It is a fearless act that has no brief. It follows no external direction.
I propose that over the four days of the festival we work on a collective transpersonal artwork. Although each persons sources of content and stories are different, it is possible for a collective to work on an artwork together if it is set up and made an intrinsic part of the work.
This work will sit at the edges of the conference, the in between places, the twilight. It will be personal and universal journey.  A chance to do something separately whilst being together. To share. To respond. To challenge. To see an idea shift and move. To make art for a particular place and time.

We will find a place in Centro d’Ompio and we will each bring an object to this place. It may be something made, incidental, with meaning, found, collected or happened upon. The only condition is that your chosen object needs to be easy to move and stay intact for the duration of the work.
Over the four days each of us will individually go to ‘the place’ and arrange all or some of the objects however we wish. We may choose to do this quickly or slowly, with thought, with intutiion, with systems, with love. When we are finished and happy or exhausted we will take one photograph of our work and write a few words. We will dismantle our arrangement and leave the space empty and clean so that someone else can come along and do the same process after us.
An online book will be produced showing all the images and the words created.

 Loretta Illuminati (Italy)
The dimension of the sacred, transpersonal psychology and rituality.
What working with the archetypical forces means. The western culture has erased rituals but they are a sacred moment in which we could experience the intensity of change or a new evolutional state into which life welcomes us. Each change, moment of transition and transformation, in the past and in other ethnic groups is duly ritualized, giving everybody the possibility to be aware of what we are about to leave behind and what is in waiting for us. The workshop is divided in an introductory part and in an experience one during which the participants can recognize the sacredness in each thing and everywhere.

 Fabrizio D’Altilia (Italy)

A survival manual in this psycho-spiritual Babylon: suggestions, wisdoms, questions and provocations, ancient and modern ones, for an honest and authentic inner path.

We will deal with an important part of inner orientation, in which the lack of judgment (when it is reduced to a politically correct commandment, flaunted in the so called “holistic” or “new age” world) is not to be confused with a healthy critical spirit, which turns out to be useful in the awareness of the heroic journey for each one of us. In so doing, the witch’s poisoned apple in the western psycho-spiritual galaxy cannot trick us. This galaxy has the same snares of the “real world”, if not even amplified by good faith, greed or an impudent amateurism. We have to learn to tell the real gold from the junk.

 Jure Biechonski (Estonia)

Who am I?
an outdoor activity using transpersonal art therapy, by selecting objects from nature to create an artistic installations to discover:
•    Understand the patterns and themes that we repeat in our lives.
•    Understand subconscious parental messages and still influence our life choices
•    Avoid emotional and physical accidents by taking better control of our lives
•    Avoid ‘must to’ and have to’ and achieve emotional and spiritual freedom
•    Make choices from a free space
•    Explore the idea of freedom of choice
•    Fulfill our soul purpose in life
•    Explore the issues of Passion, Mission and Compassion
•    Live a more authentic life.
You have been a child to your parents, a lover and a spouse to your partner and a parent to your own children, but can you answer the simple question:
The issue of identity and spirituality in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy bridges the science of Psychology and the art of Philosophy with the powerful tools of hypnosis. Thus it goes beyond the presenting issue to establish for the client an integrated identity. This new psychological specialty facilitates growth across the life span, with a focus on health related, sexual, emotional, vocational, social and spiritual concerns.
Through the integration of theory and technique, demonstration and practice, this specialty encompasses a broad range of practices that help people improve their well-being, alleviate distress and maladjustment, resolve crises and increase their ability to live more highly functioning lives.

Vasumi Zjikaa  (Peru at the moment... originally NZ)

Vasumi, Kin 71, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, shares writings which serve to usher us through the door of Conscious Evolution, by exploring and expanding the edges of our daily life through playing with the magic of this harmonic system, balance is found through listening to heart inner-sense. Allowing ‘Self’ (cell-f) to push the boundaries of out-moded thought prisons and power-over paradigms, initiating the magic of living the natural harmonies which underlie all life…
Vasumi came to the Dreamspell through Ramana Maharshi, after she received the grace of Source consciousness through his disciple, Annamalai Swami.
Guided to return to NZ from India, she was led by synchronicity to a workshop, teaching the structure of this harmonic system. With recognition of the system, she realised she was here to share it, guiding others. She continually explores, tests and challenges the Tzolkin. as it reflects her experience of Source revealing itself, in its daily order which we can experience, should we have the heart to feel, the eyes to see and the ears to listen, openly and with the intent of experimentation, by laying aside pre-conceived knowing… It is from this place that she blogs each 13-day cycle to share this ongoing exploration…
She encourages you not to take this work as the ‘be all and end all’ of consciousness, nor to identify too deeply with ones signature, in the knowing that we are all an ‘everything’, and encourages embodiment of infinite potential, with the knowing that this tool can be used to unlock the old-paradigms hold over the collective, by opening and beckoning the logical mind through the doorway to embrace the unknowable…
DISCLAIMER: No responsibility is taken for the individual whose urge for meaning in life, encourages them to turn to this as another box of identification, rather than as a tool, a guide to disentangle from the false identification of the independent ‘I’, no matter how REAL it appears. Feel free to use this system as a doorway to your own exploration of the infinite harmonies of the omniverse, of which we are all intimately connected…

 Eva Grifalconi (Italy)
I am going to present the “Bitiè” game for a world of peace and harmony, supporting Mother Earth and Father Sky, a game in which Nature and Naturalness of being match in their right Origins (place and order) for the Love of Freedom. It is about an evolutional game for the people that deal with the Childhood World. “Transe learning” with the Elemental Energies (earth, water, air, fire). I offer a journey into the three worlds, knowledge-awareness-essence, led by the Divine Law:
In letting ourselves being played by the Game, we will receive a free and powerful Knowledge, a firm and resolute Awareness, a Vision of the Essence that animates us.

The Axè (the Essence of life) will nourish with love and love will take us home. Our Original Home.
“The journey of the Soul”, our final experience, will be projected. From the Magic to the Ecstasy to fulfill a Kingdom of Harmony and Beauty inside and with it. From dreaming to a creative fulfillment.

Playing to learn the art of Transformation and transforming ourselves into what we deeply feel as a lighting source of joy, happiness, health, love, wealth and freedom.

For the wellbeing of the body and of the mind as well, knowing the difference between what is true and what is false and the middle way, to fulfil our mission on this Sacred Ground with Intelligence and Strength.
Nation: Italy

 Vladislav Matrenitsky (Ukraine)

Shamanic Overtone Throat Singing in Transpersonal Practice: The Way to Create and Develop the Healing Trance State
Trance state is acknowledged as the base for practice of Transpersonal Psychotherapist. Sound is one of the most helpful choices to create a trance.  Overtones, or harmonics, able to increase the healing and transpersonal effects of sound. One of the most powerful  tools to use harmonics is throat overtone singing. According to shamanic tradition, it able to release one’s inner power, increase the body’s energy, relieve negative emotions and ‘pressure in the soul’.
Sound vibration is form of energy, that is why it able to influence the human energy centers and energy field.  Using a special exercises,  shaman creates the spiral energy impulse in the base of the body, which connecting the powers of inner Fire and Water to produce the resulting ‘steam’ power, and then rises it up using a sound,  to activate step by step the energy centers.  
Practice of overtone throat singing, developed in Tuvan shamanism, gives a modern  Psychologists and Psychotherapists the efficient  healing tool.  It allows to reveal the underlying cause of patient suffering, as well as create the condition for activation of inner healing mechanisms.  
Observations shows that people who practicing this type of singing experience a change of perception, get a sense of  connection with the whole universe, release tensions in the body are feel healed. At the time of the workshop participants will get personal experience of how their own sound can induce the state of trance.

 Matteo Hu ( Italy)

Tangoability: Tango and its archetypical elements

In tango there is everything: axis, heaviness that brings support, lightness that leads to expansion, freedom in the structure; these are all elements that remind us of the deep essence of the human being.

Finding them in dancing the tango and finding them again through the tango is the intent and the leitmotiv of the workshop.
Do you like tango? It is a marvelous dance. It is very simple one and very complex in the same way.
Exactly as we are like human beings.

We are informed by qualities, the more we know our qualities, the more we can recognize how to use them into Tango.
The qualities into us do have a correspondence in the elemental forces in the Nature. By purifyig our dialogue with the nature, we can harmonize our being in touch with our qualities, let us turning into a very good space in learning and dance Tango.

For example, the Earth help us being in touch with the quality of acceptation and power of nurturing. The Metal element lead us into strength, stamina and determination, in the Air we can recognize lightness and freedom, in the Fresh Water we could let our sensuality and fluidity flow up, and so on.

Step by step we learn how to let our archetypical forces dance in us and in our way to Tango."

 Augusto Bortoluzzi (Italy)

"Music of the Plants”
The “Music of the Plants” event will take place after the presentation of the project called “Mother Oak” from Arteikos.
It shows the translation into sound of plants’ biorhythms, reaching some music performances, where music becomes an interactive language between the human being and the vegetative world.

 Magda Giannino ( Italy)

“Mother Oak” is an Arteikos project, designed in the form of an evolutional journey and supported by the biotransenergetic methodology. It is seen as a “Trip” into Nature and within our Self, to discover the law of the “natural naturalness” again.

Being able to re-find ways and moments to live “Nature” as a “home”, i.e. a place that “cures”, an occasion to “reconcile” with ourselves and the rest of the world, is the best way to safeguard both ourselves and the environment as well.

Living an evolutionary path, in the form of the “Journey” (where you can recognize the archetypical forces in the direct relationship with the world of Nature, i.e. the qualities that animate us) becomes the way to live an experience of integration with the different dimensions of the existence: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

 Mauro Ventola (Italy)

Mauro Ventola is a reasearcher, author and teacher of the Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

At his 25, he has already published 5 books about NLP with the contribution of 8 psychologists and psychotherapists from different Italian psychology schools.

He has studied Philosophy at Federico II University and has already entered, so young, into the study group of Prof. Antonio Gargano, the general secretary of the Italian Institute for Philosophic Studies.

Since 3 years he runs training seminaries, open to the public, at the Psychosynthesis Italian Institute, founded by psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli.

His purpose is to generate a new reign of possibilities through spreading the Human Potential Motion, and researching on it, between people and youngsters of his generation

 Milica Zegarac (Serbia /USA)

Yoga and healing trauma (Serbia/ USA)

The somatic therapies, especially  yoga  (i.e., postures, breathing techniques, mudras, bandas, and meditation) offer a more immediate approach to healing mental disorders and traumatic experiences.  Yogic techniques initiate body’s innate intelligence to emerge, reconnect soma with psyche, encourage body and mental awareness, mindfulness and relaxation. In case of trauma resolution, those techniques  allow the completion of disrupted traumatic circuits which is important prelude to healing.  Further research on the role of yoga and its specific contribution to those healing processes has revealed that yoga seems to be among the most effective and the best approaches to healing trauma. Negative psychological and physiological transformations take place if the stress response (fight-or-flight, freeze, or pathological self-soothing) becomes chronic and too frequent or/and maladaptive. The traumatic symptoms come from the frozen and unresolved residue of the negative energy which stays trapped in the body and the psyche. This is the energy that was not processed and discharged because the arousal cycle was not completed. We will explore in greater detail the positive self-soothing mechanism associated  with the myelinated vagus nerve, and  Steven Porges’s polyvagal theory and its very important role in healing and positive psychological processes.     

 Riccardo Zerbetto ( Italy)

Body and image

Our relationship with food becomes problematic when it has an impact on the image we have of our body. This innovative program is based on an integrated approach inspired by psychology (Gestalt) and meditation (with particular focus on the ‘horror vacui’ theme). Furthermore, we work on our body with the aim to make our body more similar to the image we haveto of it and its self-representation more similar to the body that we are (leib) and not only that we have (körper). Our personal history is explored with regard to food, the expression of our emotions and our relationships.

The emotional dependency between pathos and pathology.

Who can say to be free from the need of emotional ties? In any case, there are some conditions, even dramatic ones, when the need for the other has the typical traits of an “addiction prone personality”. What are the factors at the origin of an inclination so difficult to overcome? And which paths of emotional growth, which meditation practices, which strategies of life make us more able to self support us and to establish more adult relationships? We will try to give some hints to ponder on with regard to these and other questions thanks to our work of years on emotional dependency and tight relationships.

Conflict management and Non-violent Communication

We will present the philosophy of reference and the experience methodology elaborated during the European Project ENTRY on the prevention of the violence among young people and the support to resilience. The knowledge and the prevention of the roots of violent behaviors and the development of a culture of communication and coexistence represent the condition for rebuilding our society and each one of us, at different level, is to take part to this. Some intervention tools will be provided, in particular to teachers and social operators that deal with young people.

The interpersonal meditation

Introduced by Claudio Naranjo, it represents a revolutionary innovation in the field of meditative practices. Being in the “double contact”, as people say in the Gestalt treatment, between the inner World (meditation practice) and the external one (communication) can become a way of “being-in-the-world”, which overcomes the common dichotomy between attention to our self and to the ones who are different from ourselves.

 Claudia Castiglioni ( Italy)

The dimension of color, substance and shape has always been part of Claudia Castiglioni’s reality.

Her artistic research of creative expression connected to natural unconscious elements creates paintings, assembly, plastic works, manufacts and  illustrations for children and adults.

Through the interaction with Biotransenergetics, healing circles, self-healing and painting experiments are generated.

She is graduated in Fine Arts at Milan Brera Academy, specializing in Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Art and she is now working on her script to get the Counselor degree at Om School for Transpersonal Medicine and Psychology in Milan.

She in training in BTE Bodymindwork at Biotransenergetics Italian Society.

 Ingrida Indane (Latvia)
Sketching and drawing from nature for beginners
Nature has always been the greatest teacher for all young artists. It can be our human nature, teaching us how to find harmony between our inner self and the lines, composition and color, and it can be the nature around us, teaching the rules of light and shade, stillness and dynamics, shapes and images.
During this workshop we will learn how to perceive the nature around us in a different way from our everyday life. We will try to consider our surroundings as something new, unseen, full of miracles at the same time feeling the oneness of everything, including ourselves. This state of mind will help us to make sketches from the surrounding nature, including people, their movements, postures and characters. We will train to harmonize our visual capacity with the movements of our hands as fast as possible and work with crayons and charcoal on paper excluding any critical attitude during the creative process. When enough sketches are made, we will assess them and enjoy the result of our work. At the end of the workshop we will decide, what kind of common exhibition can be offered.

Marcello Aragona (Italy)

Marcello Aragona is an aggregate professor of Medical Oncology, Psychotherapist with Transpersonal orientation, SIPO regional coordinator and the person in charge of the Psychoncology Surgery and of the Oncology Hospice.

He is a professor of Medical Oncology, Bioethics, Psychoncology, Pain Therapy and PNEI at Messina University.

He is the author of more than 200 scientific publications, among others the monograph "Stress Physiopathology: Histopathologic Aspects of the Human Emotional behavior ", Melino Nerella, 2009.

Since 1974 he practices and teaches several psycho-corporal and spiritual meditation techniques, training with masters as Arturo Sica (Jules Grossman student), Carl Simonton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Master Choa Kok Sui students, Aldo Scarpulla (Assagioli Psychosynthesis), Bhola Banstola shamans, Don Juan Nunez del Prado and Marlene Silveira.

He work with thousands of patients along the transition of death or along the wellness of healing.

 Claudio Calcina (Italy)
The endless healing freedom circle ceremony
In an any-no-where and in an any-no-when we’ll immerse ourselves in a renewed consciousness of the simple being.
We’ll let emerge the pure sound of freedom from the full-empty vacuum as we believe we are able to.
We’ll use all the instrument that our technology built for us (drums, bells, maracas and everything you’ll bring with you), the ones that our nature gave us as a gift (body, movements, voice, breath, sounds and everything you’d do) and whatever the spot gave us with love (woods, stones, the air, the grass and everything we’d received from Mother Earth).
We’ll play songs that will be composed by no one, arranged by no one, recorded by no one, and flowing in what will be just happening, we’ll let it happen being closely involved with it.
All of us will be allowed to express him/ herself as he/she feels in that moment in the form he/she likes, everyone taking our own responsibility for where we are, surrounded in a big, strong, lovely bubble of no-judgment, respect and lightness.
We’ll discover again how to look at ourselves with serenity, how to receive what we are with compassion, how to transcend our limits with joy.
Listening deeply and consciously to ourselves, we’ll open the path that will bring us to listen and discover the world around us.
Opening to Freedom, we will meet our Jails. Welcoming our Jails, we will find Ourselves. Finding Ourselves, we will feel the Freedom.
Someone told me that being free is not simple: well, we’ll let it became easier, and easier, and easier…

 Kathleen O'Hara (UK)

A Transpersonal Approach to Traumatic Bereavement: This interactive, experiential workshop will help you understand the issues people face when they lose a loved one to a violent death, whether from homicide, suicide, drunk driving, drug overdose, war or terrorism or any sudden death. You will learn how to process your own issues and feelings about violent death and understand how traumatic grief is different from "normal" grief. You will learn how to help clients deal with the overwhelming feelings of grief, shock, possible PTSD and what life is like for the first five years. We will discuss how spirituality and transpersonal approaches can help clients not only survive but learn to live again with meaning and purpose. We will use the model of the seven stages of traumatic grief presented in Ms. O'Hara's book, A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love. (Perseus 2006), a classic resource on traumatic grief.

 Alon Raz

Storytelling and the art of being me
Water, stories, the body,
all the things we do, are mediums
that hide and show what’s hidden.
Study them,
and enjoy this being washed
with a secret we sometimes know,
and then not.               
In this dialogical interactive storytelling workshop, I would like to invite you to share a secret, a secret we sometimes know and then not... A secret we call "I" or "Me".  Throughout this shared journey we will zigzag between tales of wisdom that I will be telling and chanting, and some of the participants' own personal stories that will be shared as presents for us all, followed by voice, movement, or musical* improvisation by the teller or another participant, including myself, who may feel the urge to echo the story in this manner. Personal stories will be limited to 5 minutes and will be roughly related to the question – who are you?
By "roughly" I mean that the personal story shouldn't correspond logically to the question above, but be a rather spontaneous and intuitive response to this question when it is posed at our workshop, calling for the wise inner storyteller that resides within us to come out. Once told, we will breathe mindfully with each story, mine or yours, and dive into its hidden secrets in ways that go further and beyond narratives and words.  
*in case some of the participants play and will bring their instrument to our workshop

Folorunso Odidiomo (Nigeria)

Venerating the Orishas: A Celebration of African Art, Culture and Preactices of Yoruba People in Southwest Nigeria
In the globalized world of the 21st Century, the emerging new technologies have, admittedly, radically changed human beings. Thomas L. Friedman, the author of the 2006 famous book The World is Flat: The Globalized World in the Twenty-First Century noted that the use of Web (computer, e-mail, fiber-optic networks, teleconferencing), and dynamic new software have made possible than at any previous time in history of the world the collapse of national boundaries that allows for multiple forms of collaboration without regard to geography or distance, and language. The fact is only that the technology enables more other people than ever to connect, learn and share experiences and worldviews, even transpersonal experiences—these are, according to Walsh/Vaughan (1993: 203), “experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos”. We intend to present some aspects of Nigerian Yoruba cultural (transpersonal) practices and experiences that not only sustain transcendental relationship with the ancestors, but also bear on the well-being of the individual and the growth of the society in general. Our presentation revolves around Ìjálá Aré Ode (a Poetry Performance of the Yoruba people) and Iwi Egungun (Masquerade chant). Ijala is an ancient chancing of Ogun /hunters among the Yoruba people of south west Nigeria. This verbal art is an important aspect of hunting activities. Ìjálá Aré Ode as it called by the Yoruba is an inspirational traditional song that goes with dance performance, particularly as celebration songs among traditional hunters. Ijala poems are many and varied, we have Ijala for different occasions. The hunter’s chants “belong to a genre exclusive to hunters” and are performed on occasions such as hunters festivals, coronations and weddings (Alabi 2007).  Before the Ijala is chanted, there is a dance done by all the Ijala story tellers to the beat of a drum, after which each tells their story and then introducer the next story teller, who before chanting gives the name of his family and his children (Alabi 2007). The Ijala performance will be blended with Iwi Egungun. According to Karin Berber in African Folklore: An Encyclopedia, Iwi Egungun are “usually long passages addressing the legendary founder of ancestral masquerade cult" Iwi expounds the qualities of past ancestors and their achievements.

 Steve Taylor (United Kingdom)
Based on his book The Calm Center, Steve Taylor will read a number of powerful poetic meditations/spiritual reflections. He will then lead exercises, meditations and discussions related to the themes of the pieces, on the themes of uncovering our true nature, finding peace in the present moment and living to our fullest potential. We will examine how psychological attachments strengthen the ego, and how we can release ourselves from them, finding the spaciousness of our true nature. We will examine how becoming aware of our own mortality can enable us to live more fully and consciously, and at how acceptance of the present moment can transform our perception of reality.

Dobler Johannes

Eco Projects – Living & Seminar Centre - Eco Village

The Eco Project – Living & Seminar Centre

Living in peace and harmony with creation – living a life of fulfilment and love –
is a dream of mankind. Now these dreams are becoming a reality –
because some humans are reaching that state of consciousness
which is needed to realize that dream.
This people create a true community – which is based on just one rule – love.
The project – is reflecting that dreams in its designs –
and would give a group of people a home – reflecting their way of life..

I do have computer plans/3D designs showing this incredible and also very simple project.
It has a central round space as a spiritual centre for a community of 12 people
(6 permanent residents plus 6 guests) – plus additional also round guest houses.
Added to the centre circle – on both sides are two wings - surrounding an interior garden.
The fundamental design shows two rings uniting with each other –
creating a Fibonacci Spiral.

 The Eco village

The independent eco village – has 3 parts - Academy – Village – Technology –
is giving home, education – and work for several hundred people –
in harmony with creation - living a life in paradise.
The fundamental structure of my Eco Village is the flower of life.
The complete design again is very simple – just circles within circles.


 Paintings of the Soul

I do the paintings to bring specific energetic qualities to spaces and people
to harmonize their life and living situation.
Most of my paintings are done individually for a certain person for a specific situation -
be it for protection, or empowering the soul, or destiny etc.
I go into an inner state of awareness – choose the colours – and paint –
connected to the Soul of the person I am working for.
I “see” the Signs with my “inner Eye” – and “write” them on the painting.

I use specific natural mineral powders –
as well as acrylic colour and real gold for my paintings.

Paintings of the Soul are the most powerful healing tool
used in Feng Shui

 Epp Veski (Estonia)

We will go through all our senses and channels to attune them.

Emanuela Fonticoli (Italy)

My presentation aims to explain what Focusing is, both by describing it and explaining how it works and also through a practical experience which allows to perceive how it acts in our body.

It is an orientation that allows us to enter in contact with our corporeal feeling of how we are living a particular situation. Focusing starts with our body, in a zone between our conscious and subconscious. In this approach, our body is considered wise, seen as a whole of things, a unity that includes various levels, i.e. the physical, the mental, the emotional and energetic and the psychic one. Focusing is more than being in contact with our feelings; it is something that goes deeper than our thoughts, and is much more than a simple corporeal therapy. It is about reclaiming our ability to perceive, which has been underestimated by our culture, which prefers the “understanding” process.

By starting to live at a deeper level than thoughts and feelings, the entire situation appears in a different way and new solutions or perspectives emerge.

It is as if we are able again to comprehend the language of our body, with its needs, knowledge and wisdom.
Through some practical exercises, the participants will be led to listen to their sensations, in order to reach it.

 Elina Hounta

What is really a community? How can we engage in a modern community and be beneficial to ourselves and each other at the same time? People's consciousness has been changing over the last  years and awareness has been raised among issues that concern the planet and the quality of human life. Self-consciousness has become a daily practice even for mainstream lifestyles through yoga and other activities. People start recognizing the real values in life and are willing to put it into action. But how easy is that? How can a person, who has been raised with different values, be actively engaged in a community that is working towards awareness and human consciousness and be effective? The ambition to change the world can have its own challenges and the “spiritual ego” can bring the opposite results than the desired. On a personal level there needs to be done a lot of work in order to function from the heart and when many people come together for such an important mission, obstacles might appear in the form of conflict. I suggest that conflict should be seen as an opportunity to grow, while interacting with the other. Transforming “conflict” into a creative game is like alchemy. The word which is the cause of many destructive events on the planet can be charged positively and refer to creation instead of destruction. Conflict can be seen as an opportunity to interact and resolve issues that have been torturing our collective unconscious for thousands of years. In this workshop we can share stories about personal or interpersonal conflicts and creatively transform them into learning tools for what is missing. The “problem” is a valuable source of information regarding positive outcome both in personal growth and collectively.

 Reginaldo Teixeira Coelho (Brasil)
History of transgenerational therapies twentieth century, to the genesis and the method of systemic constellations.

The holistic systemic paradigm, the thinkers and the scientists who contributed in this development Annie Ancelin Schützenberger, Jacob Moreno, Boszormenyi-Nagy, Salvador Minuchin, Maria Török, Nicolas Abraham, David Bohm. Bert Hellinger, Denny Johnson and Elizabeth R La Valle: scrolling: matter x energy x conscience, the principles of quantum physics.
Through this holistic view we reach the understanding of natural pulse and the meaning of existence. The pulse comes with a natural mark own , from the charges emotional entanglements and systemic we assume that from our family. It comes related to the position we have in the "field" of the family. It comes related to the position we have in the "field" of the family. By observing the position arrival of the children in the family we identify the Alpha  child (which opens the way, the entrepreneur) which rises first, the second child, Beta (the artist and caregiver). The third child, Gama. (The builder) as seen by A.Adler the psychoanalyst, and the anthroposophist C.Konig and now on our research in which we can characterize this typology aspects in a useful tool to the systemic therapeutic work ..
Finding the pulse of the customer is to find the strategic plan of personal development. Finding the essential "drivers" for our existence and also the misappropriations we did, which means  what we import from the outside models or values that do not belong to our true essence, returning them to their rightful owners.
This process leads to a reframing necessary  and freedom.

Lindy McMullin (Greece)

Using Active imagination, the Lyre and Mindful preparation, we will enter the Ancient World of God and Goddess Healers, invoking Chiron, Apollo, Demeter and Persephone. As we journey we will enter the realm of the Archetypes, and feed the soul. After drawing and writing about our experiences we bring our experiences into the circle, appraise and discuss the practice and its merits as a tool for developing the self.

 Tanna Jakubowicz (Poland)

Open Ceremony Council of elders for community (Poland)

Motto” The best service you can give to anyone is to reflect their true heart”
My deepest concern is that the whole world suffers because of spiritual hunger and greed of humans. There is big hole in the soul and deep wound in the heart of humanity. The intention of this Ceremony is to raise the energy of spiritual nourishment and healing for all    
We will engage Elders and Medicine People to assist.
What are people yearning for? how can we feed hungry souls and hearts?
Let us focus on meeting people’s needs for connection with the source, community, selfless love, truth, trust and meaning.
We create the Sacred Space-Medicine Wheel, with Elders being the Guardians of the Gates of 7 directions-East, South, West, North, Sky, Earth and the Center.  People walk mindfully, holding deep intention in their hearts, starting from the East Gate, following the spiral, and reveal to elders deep longings of their souls and hearts. Elders respond with gesture, drum, or song. Finally we create circle in the Center and nourish each other with love - spontaneous gestures. We'll sing beautiful song to accompany this celebration.

Agota E.Ruzsa (Hungary)

Mindfull presence and Compassionate Action
Soul’s nature manifesting in the Collective: SoulPresence in Action

What is itt hat feeds the soul?
Individual spiritual quest and/or service for the larger whole?
Personal Mastery enhanced and transcended by collective learning to service leadership?
New approaches in organisational and societal healing and learning and leading.
In our proposal I would like to introduce some of our core processes that we explored as a group from 4 countries sponsored by an EU project. The project was called Enhancing Systemic Transformation in times of Chaos and Crises.  
Originally we hoped to engage in some major systemic research to explore the collective platform in Transformation. As we deepened our relational presence in our meetings, we did realize that actually we ourselves have become the research field in guiding us through some major inner and group transformative processes. What seems to really interesting that by the end of the project everyone involved has come through some major transformation and found her/himself in a new field of being, acting and serving.
This presentation would allow us to see what processes and mental maps we have used in our journey through the heart so that we may understand and apply the inner transformation in our societal fileds of compassionate action.
I will show some of our soul nurturing processes, such as Presencing, Deep Bohmean Dialogues, Constellation work,Cathartic Group Present, Systemic Analasysis, Consciously chosen Spaces for gathering and meeting--- a  whole process of Soul prilgrimage inspired by the context of where we actually came together ( Budapest, Calabria,  off Zagreb, seaside Slovenia, Rome, Zagreb, Budapest,  etc. )

Näthan and Ashok Gangadean
Awakening life sanctuary
Liberating ((Life)) From Deepest Sources of Addiction

((Ashok and Näthan combine their complementary ((art forms)) to co-facilitate Awakening Journeys into the Source of Global Wisdom and ((First Medicine)) for Human Flourishing.

When we stand back from more localized mental and cultural /lenses/ and dilate our Hearts and Minds into the evolutionary frontier of awakened global mind and intelligence striking patterns come into focus that were not accessible before.  We find that there is a deep consensus of our great awakening teachers across the planet in quest of dilating access and tapping the ((Source Code)) of all Life and Experience.

Out great World Teachers in diverse ways saw that the Unified Field of Reality is ((Infinite Presence)) and to gain access to the Field of Source Reality we must mature in our mental and literacy practices.  There is a dimensional shift from /egomental/ patterns of life to ((mindful awakened, holistic, integral, dialogic…)) patterns of ((Life)).  It takes an evolutionary shift in mental technology and literacy to move from /self/ to ((Self)), from /egosapien/ to ((LogoSapien)).

Whether Moses, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, LaoTzu…to give some prominent examples…these great ((Code)) pioneers concur that we humans flourish and mature as ((First Persons)) when we enter ((I am)) and thus find our ((personal access password)) into this ((Source Code)) of ((LogoSophia)).  Whether the AUM Zone of ((Yoga)), or the Dharma Code of ((Buddha)) or the Christ Code of ((Jesus))…it becomes evident that the Primal Field of Reality is ((Infinite Presence)) and to the degree we are alienated, severed, eclipsed from intimate access to ((Source Code)) of all Life we suffer, we are lodged in deep denial, we deform our true ((Self)) and existential addictive patterns rule our lives.

Buddha’s essential onto-medical breakthrough, for example, is that humans suffer deep pathologies and dysfunctional when we make ourselves into /entities/ or /beings/ that are /self-sourced/ rather than ((awakened humans)) as ((I…Thou)) beings in the ((Buddha Zone))…the Field of Reality in which all is in ((relational flow)) beyond the /I…It/ technologies in which we are severed from ((Life)) and ((Dharma)) and thus suffer.  In essence, Buddha saw that /humans/ are addicted to their /objectified self/…as an /entity/ a self-existing  /being/ that stands alone apart from the ((Source Field)).  It is THIS mental addiction to /self/ and /ego identity/ that is the primary source of wide ranging human dysfunction and suffering. We seek desperately to /medicate/ this existential addiction.  How do we ((heal)) from this deepest source of /addictions/?

This Medical finding is echoed in different ways by Krishna in his ((Yoga)) teaching to /Arjuna/ who is addicted to his /life story/.  It is at the heart of ((Jesus))’s  breakthrough to letting the /self/ dies to be ((born again)) into ((Christ Life))… and so on.

Näthan and Ashok will bring forth these amazing medical breakthroughs in our ((Sanctuary)) to help us tap the ((Source Code)) of ((Life in the Zone)) and “kick the habit” of addiction to /I…It/ life and literacy.  When we mature from /ego-based life codes/ to ((Awakened Source Code)) we make a dimensional shift to ((Life in the Zone)) where we overcome deep addictions and are liberated into ((Well Being and Human Flourishing)).  

 Tarso Firace ( Brazil)

Therapeutic Immense Life
Immense Life is a new form of therapeutic treatment:

After twenty-five years of research and observation, as a therapist sistêmco and scholar on the subject, I saw several repetitions of patterns in all families, which led to the understanding of this type.
Children can be alpha, beta and gamma. considering the placement of children in order of birth in families. These characteristics follow for life.
So we can understand personality characteristics, areas of interest and know good evolutionary strategies for each person.
The observation of the therapist in this work, has a huge importance as it unveils the customer a track where the own client can lead to an adult and happier life.
This is a short therapy encounters only one or two.
It was born Therapeutic Immense life, a way to treat healthy. The book will be taking to the Transpersonal Festival.
See what lies behind our personality, is unveiling the movement of life.
What gives rise to the celebration of life itself.

 Alexis Breguel Montino (Chile)

Tras dedicarse varios años a trabajar en el ámbito de la moda en tierras europeas, participando en múltiples exposiciones, el fotógrafo chileno Alexis Breguel Montino, se encuentra desarrollando “Fotografía Transpersonal”, un proyecto que invita a explorar las múltiples aristas del arte contemporáneo. “Este tipo de fotografía integra la práctica de fotógrafo con principios espirituales como aspectos complementarios del desarrollo artístico. En el acto fotográfico, el artista trasciende el sentido de sí mismo para identificarse con una conciencia mayor. Las obras son producto de estas experiencias cumbres revelando lo invisible, el punto de contacto entre el cielo y la tierra, entre la divinidad y el hombre”, explica Alexis.

 Emanuela Palazzo, Cristina Rovetta ( Italy)

Experiential group workshop. A job to feed our soul and the soul of the world, recognizing and experiencing the archetypical forces outside and inside us through contact with elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire, in a participatory dialogue between our Ego and our Transpersonal Self. Psycho-corporeal experience lived integrating Mudra (body, movement, dance), Mantra (breathing, sound, voice, singing), Yantra (mind, vision, insight, thought), Ritual Gestures of a
sacred to life ceremony and Objects of power.


 Stefania Piloni  (Italy)

The magical power of the ritual plants

The magic use of the healing herbs has always had both sacred and mundane characteristics, at the same time. The therapeutic use has often trespassed into the mystical subject and the initiates rituals have drawn from the “fythotherapy cup” like a chalice, full of power of vision. The thresholds of human perception and the ecstasy of the diving perception have often found a common ground in a root, in a mushroom or in a flower. The poppy, for example, has a symbolic aspect related to the fertility of the earth and the mythological embrace of Morpheus: its drug is the hypnotic opium that induces a sleep, which is similar to death or to the rebirth to a new level of awareness. But its power is also a balm of piety, compassion, because morphine reigns in the medicine of pain. Poppy is also the ritual tool in the ancient mystery cults in Eleusis together with the power of the rye and its fungus, the Claviceps Purpurea. The fungus itself is used as a balm for the childbirth pains. It’s called Ergot and it can restrain a post-partum heavy hemorrhage. It is so powerful that it can induce an ecstatic delivery, even if traumatic. Again a plant is at the threshold between the pain and the birth. It was a plant that opened the doors to the psychedelic drugs, to the play of ecstasy more than to the shamanic sublimation, to the lightness of the soul more than to the pain and its cure. The psychoactive drugs derive from ancient cults and each civilization has explored their ecstatic power, calmness and awareness. Roots, resins, fungi or flowers, they all have been a significant inspiration in man’s history.

Regina U Hess, Ph.D. (Germany) & Diane Rogers, Ph.D. (U.S./AU)
Premiere of the Co-Creative International Feature Film
“The Burning House” or What Feeds Our Soul?
Emergent Studies Institute Transpersonal Film Division (U.S.)


What happens when a short, artistic feature film asks a really big question?

This multi-cultural film engages participants in deep reflection, asking: What does the world need that feeds the Soul, and how does the Divine teach us in the unexpected ways of the Trickster?
In this film we will explore this year’s festival theme through analyzing how the “Divine at Play” uses the archetype of the Trickster to enlighten us in unexpected, undesired, and often painful ways, pushing us to look more deeply within to find our own answers. ESI’s faculty and greater community, who live in many different US states and many different countries, joined in co-creation of this transcultural film to discover what “feeds their souls,” and how the Trickster represents that which cunningly pushes us to awaken. “The Burning House,” a Buddhist parable from the Lotus Sutra, illustrates how the unexpected can catalyze awakening and transformation through an event that turns the world upside-down and leads us along paths that feed the Soul.  
This co-creative production seeks to unite the international audience, film participants, and filmmakers, in creating community through providing a space for each member to respond to the film, and to share additional ideas and transformational stories of trickster encounters related to the question: What feeds our souls at an individual level, and how can we work together to nourish the collective soul at this critical time in the world?

Ashok Gangadean (USA)
Why TransPersonal Awakening of our Cultures is Highest Priority

It is now clear that TransPersonal Literacy and Intelligence bring us to the Source of all our worldviews, cultures, religions and forms of life.

This Primal Source Field is named differently in our great philosophical, spiritual and religious traditions through the ages.  Whether invoked through Tao, Aum, Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Sunyata (Emptiness), Christ, God, Spirit or the Foundational Energy Field of all the Sciences…the collective wisdom of our planet through the ages has recognized that this Source Field is the generative Source of our diverse scriptures, worldviews, enlightenment teachings, indeed, of all worldviews, narratives, ideologies, religions and disciplinary forms of life.

This consensus teaching of our great wisdom endowment reveals that we humans become Whole Persons when we access the Source Code of Life and re-center our lives and cultures in the Source Field which is the Sacred Space of ((Infinite Presence)).  Our great planetary awakening teachings concur that the Fundamental Source Field is boundless, hence trans-finite, and as such this Infinite Presence must be the generative source of all possible worldviews, narratives, disciplines and forms of life.
To read more…

 BLIN Bernadette (France)

Be Alive and Celebrate Life
In this workshop, we will play, celebrate, breathe, meditate, smile, make body contact, open our heart and experience sharing love and kindness with others…
It will be an opportunity to share joy and love in a very easy and experiential way. We will co-create a deep and holding environment to let our true Self blossoming for our own growth and for the benefit of the whole planet.

 Aldea Monica Irene ( Romania)

Indian spiritual music.
This music finds its application in holistic therapies.Vocal music is sung artist Yndira (Aldea Monica Irenne).

 Helmut Christof ( Germany)

Medicinewheel, sweatlodge and trancedance as archaic tools for modern therapies
Our genetic programs remember well ancient shamanic strategies to transform and enhance our life quality. When we begin to enter high levels of conciseness through ecstatic trance-dance rituals or the birth-simulating sweatlodge ceremonies the self-healing capacities rise and we get more access to the unconsciousness. The medicine wheel as a map and a languish helps us to detect and to balance the different states of perceptions. Our soul responds directly with the magic of shamanic rituals and when we are able to built a bridge between the old knowledge and our modern understandig of the soul we harvest the best of these two worlds. In my presentations I invite the participants into  sweatlodge ceremonies to show the dimensions and the psychtherapeutic possibilities of gaia-shamanism. This is a evening event with a feedback round in the next morning.It is open for 25 persons. I can too offer a trancedance ritual with about 50 persons. This kind of trancedance goes back to the brazilian umbanda and candonble societies and was transformed by Dr. Atkins, a brazilian psychotherapist into a contemporary ritual.

Jenny Lynn (UK)

Spirituality - a feminine path?
In this presentation Jenny Lynn explores which masculine and feminine values we need to awaken in ourselves not only to express our true spiritual identity, but to help shift us into a consciousness that heals. Jenny sees spirituality grounded in realism and that, without embodiment, our spiritual beliefs can constitute a flight away from our collective responsibility for healing ourselves and our fellow human beings.  By sharing her own personal journey of teaching and dancing the blues and practising tantra, Jenny leads and demonstrates with her own experience, how using the body in dance and touch has brought her into a new consciousness, has developed an indestructible spirit, and just by being, has created healing in others. She seeks to explore how the initiated masculine and feminine can be expressed in each of us and how embracing our own internal opposites can heal our relationships, our clients, and ultimately the world.
This presentation constitutes both a talk and a practical movement, touch and blues dancing workshop to music. We seek to listen deeply to the music, express the masculine and the feminine interchangeably regardless of gender, and to become at one with touch and close embrace. 

 Bruno Di Loreto Wurms (Italy)

The Power of the Gesture, which has been neglected for a very long time, is now emerging in all its strength and beauty as never before. The Art of the Gesture such as Dance, Theater or Martial Arts is talking to the beating heart of Humanity with a new intensity. It is awakening increasing amounts of beings to the values of brotherhood, freedom and peace.
The steps of such re-evolution of consciousness require us to be fully aware of our body to reshape the essential unification between body, soul and spirit. The unitary experience of action-thought-feeling transmits a spotless image of reality, which can change our perception of the world for good. In so doing, we can retrace the ancient paths giving us the possibility to conquer a pure vision of the world, recovering the real essence of being a Man. Our personal Power connects again with the Universal Power in each single gesture, step or word.
The workshop will offer methods and elements that are simple and can be easily used to access this daily joyful experience of unity and completeness. 

 Edgars Mucenieks (Latvia)

Video art project „Plumule”
This Project is made for Venice Biennale 2015. Video is  8.34 minutes long.
Concept : There are only one way for two lowers to stay together for a long time, may be for a lifetime – simply they must blow a small plumule betveen them all the time. To blow means to work for  those relationships and to make them new every moment, this means to keep  concentration first on yourself and in the same time on your partner. This is something very light, fragile, delicate and tender between two people who are important for each other and there are something  to do for to keep this plumule always on air.  This is a kind of dialog but not in a words, as you can see in video, this is much more real dialog because it is in act you perform deeply together. I hope this kind of philosophy sometimes could help.

 Kulli, Kubar ( Estonia)

The  Therapist And Family Members: Singularities That Can Hold Therapeutic Assemblage Together:

The intention for this presentation is to create space where people can explore how their I is fluctuating among different inner positions, and how they are relating to the minds of other people.
In recent years, a dialogical perspective has emerged in the family therapy field in which the therapist’s inner conversation is conceptualized as a dialogical self. For example, consider a model of four inner positions: attending to the client’s process, processing the client’s story, focusing on the therapist’s own experience, and managing the therapeutic process. Each of the four positions represents a concern of the therapist which arises when conditions support it and vanishes when conditions do not. Thus, we do not ourselves guide our actions, but it is done by the situation.
Beginning in the 1950s, family therapy holds to basic principles that (1) all people in a system are connected such that a change in one brings about a change in others; (2) individuals can be best understood in their contexts; and (3) the therapist and the client system jointly create a new system – the therapeutic system – in which all involved mutually impact one another.
Both of these perspectives allow that therapy does not just have an impact on our clients but it is action that has its effect also on the therapist. The therapist’s power position can be effective even if we are not in the center of the process. The client will learn that a person is not the same thing as her thoughts or feelings; she is more than just her conception, image or story about herself. In addition, issues experienced as sacred can be invited into the therapeutic system. Thus it is possible to build new stories which are richer and more meaningful than before. The greater a space we are able to identify ourselves with and also let this identification go the freer we are.

 Vera Saldanha and Maria Cristina Barros (Brazil)

Transforming Emotions
Opening  Hearts

Hope, happiness and love can be the main elements in the process of transformation and evolution of human beings.
Through the Integrative Transpersonal Approach (I.T.A.) the authors propose a group exercise to stimulate creativity and spontaneity, promoting the transformation of unhealthy emotions that are preventing the opening of the heart, the presence of hope, and the expression of love with oneself and other people.

ITA is a methodology within the Transpersonal Psychology that promotes states of expanded consciousness and the integration of reason, emotion, intuition and sensation. It can be applied in clinical treatments, education, and organizations, both in the form of individual sessions or group workshops.
The ITA was the theme of a PhD thesis at the University of Campinas (Brazil) and is being taught in graduation level courses. It was applied the the program "Health and Spirituality" at the Medical School of the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and described in the book "Transpersonal Psychology: An emerging Approach for Consciousness", by Vera Saldanha (in Portuguese).
The authors are going to stimulate creativity and the playful dimension of the individual, using body exercises, drawings and metaphors. This work is done using a 7-stage methodology based on theoretical basis of ITA.

 Nitya & Ninad (Italy)

The song of the soul
Many people complain of living with a sense of heaviness and fatigue, feeling her heart harden ... It's about a"mental", lifestyle the habit of talking and a lot of loss of "contact" with the body. Habits, those who carry the shakti falling asleep, and the joy of living to shrink more and more ... This will be a special occasion to shake off all these weights and return to REJOICE !!  We will work with the body, with active meditation techniques, dance and bioenergy, to move from the mental plane and return to flow with the life principle available when you are in the Body and in the present.  We will have the invaluable help of the chanting of mantra, that "works" on us because it is made of our own NATURE. It brings gifts and valuable insights, in our lives. We will also use a technique we call "the song of the soul", a powerful way to reconnect to themselves through the voice.  So you can let yourself be surprised by how much WEALTH will give you the simple contact with the Source of BEING!

 Brian Abrams (USA)

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the criterion validity of a
33-item, binary-response inventory, the Transpersonal Depth-Guided
Imagery and Music (TD-GIM), for assessing the degree to which experiences
of the Bonny Method are transpersonal. Participants (N = 60) were
experienced Bonny Method practitioners, each of whom completed the TDGIM
online, for 1–2 exemplars of Bonny Method experiences they themselves
encountered, as clients. As a criterion measure, participants also
rated the transpersonal depth of their experiences on a five-point Likert
scale. The combined pool of exemplars from all participants was randomly
distributed between two data sets (n = 57 and n = 58). TD-GIM scores and
five-point ratings correlated at r = .72 (p value of
addressing the unanswered questions following the present inquiry.

 Elena Toscan ( Italy)

The sharing circle can be a good occasion to ponder about the issue of the psychospiritual difficulties, to ask ourselves and understand what they are, how we can face them. Our experiences are gathered together.
The transpersonal psychology underlines the importance of spirituality both for the individual and the collective wellbeing; moreover, it describes the difficulties that people and also groups can meet in this regard. Therefore, it will be interesting to share ideas within the perimeter of the circle, where each one can give their contribution.

 Patrzia Pinoli  - Pier Luig Lattuada ( Italy)
If I listen to
“Participatory reading” of poems from the collections “Forme d’Amore” (Ways of Love) by Pier Luigi Lattuada and “Cuore di Montagna” (Heart of Mountain) by Patrizia Rita Pinoli. The authors will read their poetry themselves surrounded by a sound created by an orchestra made of percussion instruments, mantras, sounds of nature, singing... The audience, if they feel like, can participate with their movements, their voices, and always, with their hearts, staying in the flow and participating to the “field” that will be created. They will live a significant experience of contact and sharing.

 Germana Ponte (Italy)

TRANSPERSONAL FOCUSING: from the Person to the Essence.

Focusing is, without any doubts, a process of self-awareness. What we focus on is the way our body lives each experience, problem, relation, etc., and how it synthetizes them with a “holistic sensation” (perceived in the body) which is called ‘Felt Sense’. When we talk about the body, in Focusing, we mean our entire organism: our physical, emotional, mental, energetic body and so on... In other words, our entire “being in the world”.
Most of the time, the Felt Sense is a vague and unclear sensation, which suddenly appears and then slips again into the subconscious. Our culture, which is mainly based on the “understanding” process, doesn’t prepare us to pay attention to it.  Moreover, at the beginning, it seems not so promising. Nevertheless, it contains all the complexity and all the connections related to the experience in reference. Thanks to some specific techniques, we may open and allow ourselves to access this “something” more, which our body knows more than our mind. This is the renowned “wisdom of the body”. Moreover, the Felt Sense includes the next step forward (implicit) with regard to the situation in reference, and this is because it includes the tapestry of our passed history plus our hopes and fears for the future. In fact, we all have this ability, i.e. receiving information about us that is much richer and more accurate than the information we perceive at a cognitive level; and we can receive it into the real recipient, which is our body, in the holistic sense. This ability has been simply neglected, due to our culture, which is based more on understanding than feeling. It is simply a matter of activating it.
This being said, by practicing the Focusing at an advanced level, it is possible to go beyond the psychic level and perceive a wider State, experiencing our deeper nature, experiencing what we really are in a natural way and experiencing it in our body.

Andrea Careggio (Italy)

My proposal is to, once again, risk to change perspective. I say “risk” because of the notorious story
of Galileo, who had to surrender to the will of the majority. All new ideas create confusion and generate
anger in those who feel the ground trembling beneath their feet.
Let’s try to not judge, to put our scientific, moral and ethic prejudices aside and let’s give ourselves
the freedom to think, analyze, and maybe get to conclusions.
Nowadays we still do not have a shared definition of what Life is, still we agree defining ourselves as
Living Beings, beings taking the action of living. Let’s now try to see this definition doing the game
of reversing noun and verb: Living=Life, Beings =Is (exists).
Life is, Life exists: wonderful!
This is the definitive answer to the essential question; it is the core of knowledge, philosophy and
awareness. It was just to change our perspective and the intuitive answer, which we all perceive
but not hold, suddenly appears.
Let’s now come out from the reversing terms game: all spiritual traditions and modern science are
conveying to more similar conclusions, Vedas and science both say Everything is One.
Even if it is written everywhere, the idea that we are the “Manifestation-of-Life”(as One only word),
and not beings acting the act of living, is not cleared yet.
The new idea is thus that we are the passive product of Life itself, which means that we are the Action
of Life. Changing perspective means, finally, to stop thinking at ourselves as the subject ( nor
maybe even the object), but as the action of life itself.

 Rosamaria Susanna Barbàra (Italy)

My workshop proposes to listen and experience the dancing rhythms of the Orixas, i.e. the gods and goddesses in the Afro-Brazilian pantheon. Each god/goddess has his/her peculiar and characterizing rhythm and movement, which tells a sacred story. These gods and goddesses can also be perceived as the archetypes that live energetically in our depths and that can be awakened to find energy, wellbeing and hints on how to live our lives. The seminary will start with a short introductory moment about these topics.

Catherine Ziridis (Greece)
Discover your Charisma!
Every adult has a unique profile of abilities and capabilities to be explored and developed.  This personal mix of strengths and weaknesses constitutes our own uniqueness, our personal charisma into this world. According to the Multiple Intelligences Theory of Howard Gardner of Harvard University, people have nine different types of intelligences: Mathematical-Logical, Musical, Visual-Spatial, Bodily/ Kinesthetic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Naturalist, Existential and Verbal-Linguistic. This theory is a very valuable tool in order to identify and develop our personal charisma and live an extraordinary life. Through the Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent, Francois Gagne draws a distinctive line between giftedness and talent by arguing that giftedness refers to the natural expression of our innate abilities and gifts (charisma) while talent refers to the special performance in a specific sector. Through the experiential, playful and creative workshop “Find your Charisma”, participants will have an opportunity to find their own personal charisma by exploring their previously unexplored internal landscape. With the inspiration of the facilitator, the participants will imagine, dream, live and travel in order to find their own nugget of gold. By immersing themselves into their charisma, participants will find their own personal source of inspiration and optimism and twill become leaders of their own life and make a real difference in this world through their natural personal imprint.

 Claudia Picardi ( Italy)

Hands-on workshop of Creative Alchemy

Creative Alchemy is a definition that I have created to describe a practice of Self-awareness and Self-transformation; the practice is rooted in the creative and corporeal expression.
An experience of Creative Alchemy is characterized by the exhortation to access a symbolic, mythological or fairy world: a world that is co-created by our psyche, where we can meet the “others” inside us. The structure of a session is based on the Hero’s Journey (from J. Campbell) and is structured as the following:
-the Calling to the adventure: entering and being welcomed into the circle, to fix a safe area, to be healed and listened.
-the Answer to the calling: activity aimed at contacting our psyche; descending into our intuition and subconscious.
-the Encounter with the “elsewhere” (the obstacle, the adversary): a creative work; we let images emerge, i.e. the messages from our subconscious.
-the Heroic act: activity of gathering, transforming or answering; we create a dialogue with the other “us” who live in our psyche;
-the Coming back to the world: integration of the experience; pondering and verbalizing within the circle, which is the fair and loving witness of what has emerged within the same.
Being present to the unfolding of our own inner tapestries can break structures that were crystalized and free room for new interior relations, in a process of healing and synthesis.
The Creative Alchemy, with regard to its expressive part, takes inspiration form the Creative Connection of Natalie Rogers.
-goals: not a therapy in a clinical sense, but as self-education, through observation and dialogue.
-process: it does not make a distinction between the “stimulus” phase and the “expression” one, but, on the contrary, it links stimuli and expressions to create an adventurous journey.
-variety of tools: from writing to drawing, from movement to the use of our voice, from meditation to acting.
-transpersonal context: the group is a sacred circle, it educates itself to the presence, the no judgmental attention, the unbiased listening.

Andrea Samar Molinari ( Italy)
Transpersonal psychologist, scholar of the Integral Transpersonal Institute - Biotransenergetics in Milan, Italy. With his thesis entitled “Body in psychotherapy”, he obtained the degree in Clinical/Dynamic psychology at the historical University of Padova. After an internship in Functional Body Psychotherapy, he studied and practiced methodologies and techniques such as Vipassana meditation, Bioenergetics, Pathwork, Core-Energetics, Usui Reiki and Hara Yoga.

In his travels he got in touch with the Mazatec shamanic tradition in Mexico and with the afro-brazilian tradition of the Umbanda and Candomblé in Brazil. He now works as transpersonal psychologist and body/mind therapist in northern Italy, and is involved in the following studies: “Materialize the spirit and spiritualize the matter: finding a common language between men, science and spirituality”; “The use of medicinal plants of the Afro/Brazilian tradition”; “Devotional chantings from south-american native cultures”.

 Paola Paramatti ( Italy)\

Uranie’ – Transpersonal Comics

Together with the special objects related to the character, some videos will be projected about the character’s story (how she was born, what she represents, etc.). Some small Uranie’ three-dimension theaters will be displayed, together with her transpersonal world. Possibly, a workshop may take place in where each participant can build his/her own small theater with my support; they can be inside the scenography of their “fantastic world”.

 Magdalena Smieszek ( Poland)

The presentation is inspired by the notion of ‘spiritual politics’ and undertakes an examination of social and legal systems, particularly the evolving fundamental human rights norms in Europe, as well is its adversaries, through the prism of transpersonal consciousness. If universal human rights norms, driven by the conscience of humankind, have compelled a 'paradigm shift' around the globe, transcending cultures and amplifying responsibilities towards greater freedoms, peace, and respect for the inherent dignity of all members of the human family (which arguably they have) then where do they stand in their current status when confronted with tyranny and oppression, and what is the potential for a true cosmopolitanism? Can the human rights norms that have been created and entrenched advance the needed changes within humanity? My perspective is informed as much by personal and professional experience as it is by my academic research, and will offer a cornucopia of ideas and examples to facilitate dialogue.

 Tataian Ginzburg (Russia)
I will present new methodology of transcendence throught different Games, and creating a space of Meaning - discovery in each situation.

 Beate Ilg (Germany, Italy)
An interactive concert where you meditate through sound and play with your voice to bring you up to higher frequency and fill you up with joy and happiness of being.

 Marianne Volonté ( Svizzera)



Handprints are already perfectly formed during the sixteenth week of life of the fetus; they don’t change until the person’s death. In these handprints an important and interesting source of information lies, which can be unveiled.

Handprints cannot be manipulated and are not modifiable along the entire course of our life.

Other lines ad signs, on the contrary, may change, therefore the definition of the direction to be taken to fulfill our life lies in our hands. In fact, Aristotle already believed that our hand is “the organ of the organs” and in Old Testament Job said: “God created signs and sigils in people’s hands, so that their children might recognize their deeds.”

Our hands mirror our soul, feelings and brain, and they allow us to access our subconscious, because they tell us about meanings and information that we don’t know (yet) and they are there many months before our childbirth!

The analysis can open the door to an interesting personal and/or professional development. It allows us to access an important source of information about our personal structure and our behavior, our dilemmas and our contradictions as well. Moreover, it helps us also to minimize the responsibilities undertaken by us as parents, spouses, educators, psychologists, etc. and, at the same time, by being aware of our potential and our talents, the analysis pushes and helps us to undertake our real individual responsibilities.

Using quantistic terms, I dare say that – except for the animal and vegetable reigns – all the living creatures, with no exceptions, should know what their potential is and what are the obstacles in their personal and relational development.

During the Workshop the basic criteria and the aims of the technique of the hand analysis (developed by Richard Unger) will be explained (www.handanalysis.net).

 Agostino Russo ( Italy)

Counseling and Family Relational Conflict
The focal issue of our contribution to the FEED THE SOUL festival is how we can reformulate the relational conflicts within families thanks the Counseling paradigms.
The conflict is no longer seen in terms of disruption but in terms of evolution.
Therefore, counseling can be included in the dynamics of the couple and the family to activate a process of change in the interpersonal dynamics; people may try, therefore, to transform a critical relationship that is about to end into a new relationship within the new family structure that is going to be created.
In other words
Separation and divorce
Family in critical situation
Elaboration of the Conflict
New Relational Structure

 Roberzto Ponziani (Italy)

The dream state experience: from the psychodynamic approach to the transpersonal one”.

 Jan Pilotti (Sweden)
Taking existence as absolute, that is independent of observer, it can rigorously be proven in Einstein's theory of relativity that spacetime is ontological four-dimensional. So in physical reality all events - past, present and future exist at once. It is here argued that when persons near death experience their whole life at once this can be interpreted as that 4D spacetime is open for direct experience. There are arguments to extend Einstein's theory of relativity to six dimensions three space and three time dimensions and it is here argued that phenomenal experience taken as fundamental can be described in 6D spacetime which, in contrast to 4D, also allow many possible futures.
In this view sensory experiences exists outside the brain and memories, fantasies thoughts etc. exist in spacetime outside the now and the past, the now and the future exist at once and is open for conscious experience.
There are persons who experience their whole life, 4D, and also can walk around in there 4D life history, thus experiencing change which need another time dimension, so 5D experiences. The brain is extended in time so brain is a 4D structure. I have a strong intuition that it is possible to rigorously prove that a 4D structure cannot in any intelligible sense create a 5D experience. Thus it can be concluded that there exists experiences, which cannot be produced by a brain and thus are beyond the brain and thus that consciousness can exist without a brain.
This the proves or at least strongly supports that we are not human beings with spiritual experiences but spiritual beings with human experiences. It is hoped and believed that this will have a positive effect upon how we live our lives on our Planet Earth.

 Shanti E. Petschel and Helen U. Schulz ( Germany - Italy)

Wheel of Life Passages: Healing the Wounds of Separation
This Out-Door Workshop will be introducing the  Matrix of the Wheel of Life - in the first part -  and - in the second part -  offering a closer look into a method of deep opening to the human, trans-personal and nature-based potential in every single human individual.
Our potential of being authentically, fully and unlimited OUR-SELVES has been suppressed, ignored and denied in our early culturization years. Thus, as adults, we live in a state of hypnosis and restriction off of our nature-given and original potential to feel, perceive and reflect our experiences as integral members of a living world. We see and experience ourselves as separated (de- linqued) from the Natural World and we suffer ´Nature Deficit Disorder`!
The syllable `SELV´ can also be read as a variation of the Latin word SILVA, which means forest, which is the original condition of our European Heartlands. Sacred Groves of mighty trees were once the temples of adoration, snow - capped mountains the dwellings of the Divine:  they were the source of SALVATION. A Salve for the Soul...
Today open, wild and substantially untouched Nature as an inspiration is our most brilliant  teacher and powerful ally in reaching the motivation of people to re-incinerate their life´s fire, spirit and love. Growing from a re-integrating EGO into a completing `MY-SELVE´ is a continuum of Salvation - in the deep sense of the words.
So our working hypothesis could be that Landscape IS Soul and vice versa!  
Consequently our approach toward healing of that separation mentioned in the beginning  - whilst we are not primarily interested in exactly knowing the reasons for the unfolding to be inhibited - is to bring about selv -realization and awareness of the movements of the Soul, as well as of the flowing shapes of Landscape, in order to reorganize their perceived oneness.
Both, the Landscape and the Soul are flowing` continuums in time and space, which is the complete presentation of Integral Connection as the most prominent condition of restoring global sanity and health for MAN AND EARTH.
The most prominent patterns and their relating qualities, which we use regularly in our work, are:    - the four seasons of the terrestrial year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter- the four passage-times of the day: Morning, Noon, Evening and Midnight- the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air-  the four main quarters of human development:1.Conception and Intra-Uterine Life, Birth & 1. Year 2. Childhood to end of puberty 3. Growing mature to Grand – Adulthood  4. Grand - Parents Elderhood to Conscious Dying  & more, see www.creavista.org

 Iuliana Costea and Anca Munteanu ( Romania)

Role of meditation technique in developing creative potential:

Meditation techniques are the most frequent and modern way of reconnecting with the Self and in get into contact wit spirituality in our days. In the last years there are numerous studies about the effects of meditation, both from a psychological point of view and also regarding health.
The purpose of our research is to examine if meditation techniques have any impact in developing creativity in students. The data was collected in 2015, in Romania. In our study participated 90 psychology students, randomized in 3 different groups: one group that is meditating frequently and doing creativity training, one with creativity techniques only and a control group, that is not meditating and not doing creativity training. all the subject were in the study for 3 month, time in which they followed the instructions from the researcher.
Creativity level was measure pre and post intervention, with a set on test, regarding it's components like: originality, flexibility, fluidity, divergent thinking, creating aptitudes.
Results showed significant differences between tested groups.

 Vladimir Maykov (Russia)

Primordial Psychotherapy: ancient art оf the healing of the soul (workshop)
Over 25 years I'm trying to solve the secret of successful psychotherapy and harmonious soul life, studying with great psychotherapists. The received results is in no small measure discouraging: the psychotherapy is successful by no means not therefore that is considered the reason of its efficiency, and is frequently contrary to that!
The modern psychotherapy is a little more than hundred years old. Bur what was "a psychotherapy befor psychotherapy", before Freud and Breyer? How throughout the millennia people healed the souls and cared of them?
The workshop gives the answer to questions of what were, is, and will be primordial practicies оf the "cares of the soul" in the history о humanity.
Each successful psychotherapist, does he knows it or not, intuitively uses from one to three modalities of "primordial psychotherapy". But if he or she masters all nine, he can become the great professional. The only piont is to apply them in a modern way, i.e. according to circumstances and the multidimensional and multilevel character of our life.

What is Enlightenment: Science, Art, Spirituality
Documentary film by Vladimir Maykov
(color, 90 min, format: Full HD (1080p)
In the Documentary film by Vladimir Maykov
This film narrates about Great search for Paradise, Happiness, Love, Truth, Freedom, Sanctity, Joy, Knowledge, Creativity, Highest Perfection that has been conducted by humanity for the last 50000 years since Consciousness Awakening time (beginning of epoch of primitive art and shamanism) till nowadays.
Talking to Masters of Spirituality, Science and Art we dive into the great world traditions discovering their practical and theoretical foundations, their truth and importance. The masters talk about their path and share their experience of enlightened life.

 Luciano Marchino ( Italy)

“The strength and the grace”

The strength separated from the grace turns into simple brutality, but the grace without the support from the strength is powerless and cannot be assertive in the world. By balancing these two existential polarities, we can assert our subjectivity with regard to the subjectivity of others. The revolution starts within each one of us and it is a demanding path of peace. Revolution starts from the evolution of the inner conflicts to evolve in the dissolution of the interpersonal conflicts. Its aim is to recover the individual ability to find the experience of the existential pleasure and the joy of life. This is the process and the project of Biosophy.

 Marie Grace Brook ( USA)

Exploratory research on therapeutic ritual healing: Applying scientific protocol to conduct experimental study of spiritual hands-on-healing"
The purpose of the first phase of this exploratory study was to examine the phenomenological experience and beneficial results that participants with a variety of religious orientations reported from hands-on healing sessions they received. The purpose of the second phase was to discover whether a non-religious healing protocol could be taught.
The first part of the study was a qualitative study using thematic content analysis to describe the phenomenological experience of 11 participants who received spiritual hands-on healing. The second phase of the study was a quasi-quantitive study to analyze reports from 31 recipients of hands-on healing , including 20 given by individuals being trained in the protocol. Benefits reported by recipients on a 1-10 scale for improvement in chronic conditions after the sessions and follow-up longitudinal reports six weeks later were analyzed.
Common themes of phenomenological experience while receiving spiritual hands-on healing were, in order of prevalence, awareness of deeper level, improvement/change, feeling/sensing, listening/communicating, movement/energy, spiritual/heart, and pleasant/peaceful. Modes of perception commonly reported were physical, subtle energetic, mental, emotional, altered state, and spiritual. Of 31 total recipients, 28 reported improvements in chronic symptoms in categories of physical, emotional, spiritual, subtle energetic and behavioral conditions, with more than 50% reporting improvement in physical symptoms and in more than one category. Six-week follow-up showed no statistical difference than the reports immediately after the sessions.
Conclusions are that specific phenomenological experiences may be common across a variety of spiritual hands-on healing sessions, regardless of religious orientation and experience/skill levels of givers and recipients. Evidence shows that benefits of spiritual hands-on healing can be documented, and may be prevalent and significant for chronic physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and perceptual conditions. The study also suggests that an effective non-religious spiritual hands-on healing protocol may be taught.

 Serena Buzio (Italy)

Bread feeding for the soul
Because of the abundance of food in the western society eating is no longer to be considered as a satisfaction of a primary need. Attention is now given to the quality of raw materials and the sustainability of food production.
Here we want here to draw attention to the spiritual value of the food. Through a collective discussion on the symbolic meaning of the bread and a collective preparation of different forms of bread we will explore how it  can be food not only for the body but also for the soul.

 Marleen De Villiers (South Africa)

A Proposal For An Exhibition Of Jewellery In The Form Of Necklaces.
The theme is inspired by the Egyptian goddess of joy, love and fertility, Hathor, who was believed to be manifest in her life-giving necklace, also known as the menat. Exhibiting specifically necklaces serves as a symbol of an attribute to the goddess: “the circular necklace indicates the underlying unity of her world, while the many beads, pearls or chains represent the diversity ... of manifest life”.1
This exhibition is offered as an exploration, expression and experience of a dialogue between mind and essence, symbol and meaning.
The psychological and spiritual benefits of adornment of Self reach far beyond a mere pursuit of beauty. In order to access the meaning of this statement, the artist explores states of Being, imagination, emotion, symbolism and metaphor in an attempt to probe into the depths of the meaning of creativity and art as transpersonal qualities.
The process of creating the pieces in this exhibition allows for intrapersonal and transpersonal reflection and dialogue, perhaps resulting in growth and an authentic link to Self. The process of showing these pieces invites connectivity and sharing the ‘playground of the mind’. The process of wearing these pieces facilitates an exploration of the mysteries of vibrational healing, experiencing states of being such as love, joy, grace, wisdom, harmony, being attuned to creative sources and so forth.
Materials used to create these necklaces mostly consist of semi-precious stones and gemstones, pearls, seeds, wood, antique glass beads, African trade beads, silver, enamel, shells, leather and so forth. Pieces are strung on silver wire. All pieces are original. The artist has created a platform for her work in the name of Stonelove: jewellery of essence.
This exhibition is offered as an expression of gratitude to the joy of dancing with the daemons!

  Irina Peresetskaya (Russia)

 Why are we here? Who we are?
No, not in that particular room or auditorium. How did we get together  in this life, this moment? Today is 2015, do you believe you live in that time? Why are we here? May be we are here to change something? Or to find someone special? Or make the world better?
The horror is in that we do not know! Or have forgotten. Very few people accurately remember or know for sure.
The view of this, that people in this state of consciousness do not remember who they are and what they should do or the meaning of their life. But as long as a person is in higher state of consciousness he knows answers.
Hypothesis - statement1.
People in different states of consciousness create different from each other theory. What is obvious for one - it is not clear for the other. What is clear and obvious to others - it is not clear for first one.
Hypothesis - statement2.
The same phrase in different states of consciousness is understood in different ways. For example Bible book, has at least 2 meanings: one that we read in normal state and other that we read in higher state of consciousness.
Hypothesis – statement3.
Knowing of answers on the second state of consciousness go to the first in a form of instincts. That we usually reject.
This view is observed on philosophical backgroundAbstract :  Why are we here? Who we are?
No, not in that particular room or auditorium. How did we get together  in this life, this moment? Today is 2015, do you believe you live in that time? Why are we here? May be we are here to change something? Or to find someone special? Or make the world better?
The horror is in that we do not know! Or have forgotten. Very few people accurately remember or know for sure.
The view of this, that people in this state of consciousness do not remember who they are and what they should do or the meaning of their life. But as long as a person is in higher state of consciousness he knows answers.

 Glaucia Castelluber ( Brasil-Italia)

The transpersonal belly dance favors a greater awareness of our body, as a whole and in each single part; it also favors inner development and our connection with the Universe. The dance from the East, the most ancient expression of dance, can touch our deep roots when performing the different rhythmic and vibrational movements and favor a delicate transformation through the fluid and harmonious movements together with the atmospheric music with drums and melody; they ease our concentration and our expression without inhibitions. The movements of the oriental dance are associated to symbols and breathing, the continuity of the movements together with the inhaling and exhaling favor the expansion and the freedom of the Self and the union with the rhythm and flowing of life and Universe.
The basic position of the oriental dance helps to keep our balance and our connection with Mother Heart, the contraction and relaxation of the muscle in our pelvic floor and buttocks lead to a deep release of the hips and the work made by our instinctual part, channeling its energy into creativity.
The symbolism of the belly dance (Continuity and Transformation) tells us how to become our own symbol. Through a continuous movement, we arrive to an inner transformation, to the pleasure of the continuous flow, to the joy of Integration and Union.
The circle, the wave, the spiral and the number eight should be experienced in the different parts of our body and then expressed in a free and, at the same time, integrative dance.

 Dr. Thomas Clough Daffern (UK)


 This presentation of the main findings of my PhD thesis, will hopefully  contribute to the intellectual history of the period from 1945-2001 in the specific regard of the search for peace, among selected groups of intellectuals, academics and thinkers, during the cold war epoch. It concerns itself both with the quest for peace in relation to that complex, global, bipolar conflict, and also more generally. It examines this search in 4 specific fields of knowledge, namely historiography, philosophy, religious studies and theology, and psychology. It constructs a chronological narrative in each separate knowledge field, covering the main events and publications and thought movements. It is admittedly selective, (the thesis as presented has not included a large section written up on psychoanalytical psychopathological contributions to evolving peace theory). Whole chapters were originally conceived to cover the history of the evolution of peace thinking in relation to the history of political theory, international relations, strategic studies, economics, education, international law and the histories of sociology,  natural sciences, anthropology and cultural studies – all important.  These have had to be postponed or published elsewhere, as the prioritized areas were themselves hugely challenging. Furthermore, the choice was to go for depth rather than breadth, as the thesis also highlights a methodological lacuna that emerged during the course of the research. Developing from the dialectical relationships between the history of ideas,  intellectual history, the history of philosophy, the philosophy of history, the history of psychology, the history of religions, the theology of history, and the search for an intellectual history of peace theory – it was felt that a new meta-historical discipline, transpersonal history, might assist the work of trying to make sense of our epoch and, particularly, provide a useful historical special sub-discipline, which might hopefully help shed light on the causes of religious and inter-cultural conflicts, and their possible resolutions, in the post 9/11 world. I will explore and explain exactly what the ramification of creating a new genre of history "transpersonal history” are and how this has impactions for both our individual stories as well as macro history. Above all, it is designed to contribute tot eh development of a more peaceful world. With conflicts raging in Ukraine and Sryia, Iraq and Afghanistan, we shall ask if transpersonal history could meaningfully help bring peace to these shattered and war torn regions. with many of Europe's youth unemployed, and social conflict raging across the continent, we shall likewise ask if i can help with social peace and psych-political healing.

Maria Luisa del Conte (Svizzera)

Fruits and vegetables are our precious allies. They are our Elixir of long life. They are enemy of the cellular ageing and precious allies in maintaining a balanced diet.
The virtues of fruits and vegetables are renowned: they have few calories and are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fibers but also a large variety of phytonutrients, i.e. nutrients that derive from plants (“phyton” is the Greek term for plant); they are protective nutrients that help plants to protect themselves from illnesses and oxidation.
The way in which these substances act is complex and many studies, which tried to find a link between their isolated version and our health, did not bring any significant results. We believe, then, that it is the synergy among the different elements the key for their effects on our health.
Several types of these substances are present in several varieties of fruits and vegetables. The important thing is eating fruits and vegetables regularly, rotating them in our daily consumption. Variety is, in fact, paramount because our body needs certain amounts of different nutritional substances.
This is exactly the principle according to which Juice PLUS+ ® has been created. It is a nutritional supplement based on the essence of a large variety of fruits and vegetables, which have been specifically selected to provide a wide variety of nutritional elements for the daily integration in our diet.
A proper diet combined with a dynamic lifestyle favors health and wellbeing. Therefore, we should try to:
*Have a proper diet, eating a large variety of foods
*Eat the suitable quantities to our lifestyle
*Eat 5-9 portions of fruits and vegetables every day
*Be more dynamic!

 Juma Vitali (Italy)

In this presentation, Juma Vitali proposes an interesting combination between personal development and the creation of intentional communities. Moreover: she believes that in order to live together in harmony it is necessary to follow an educational path to contain the disruptive effects of some physiological human behaviors. This is a 360 degrees truth, starting from the crucial moment of the birth of the new member in a community of the New Era, thanks to the most innovative delivery methodologies. The parents of the new-born are involved, but also the other adults, members of the community, and especially those who will be the child’s educators. In this presentation we can therefore find a real project of intentional communities, which, to succeed in the best possible way, have to involve individuals that are born and raised in a harmonious way by people that have had the possibility to grow up in the same direction. In this way, the squaring of the circle in the dynamics between the individual and the community, which in some cases can be critical, can be easily achieved.

 Aurora Costadoni (Italy)

Ethnopsychosomatic: a hands-on workshop of Yoruba dances

Aurora Costadoni and Riccardo Marco Scognamiglio

In the shamanic cultures and, in particular, in the Yoruba culture of Afro-Amerind origin, rhythms and sounds of musical instruments and drums highlight and accompany the body movements; these do not simply have an aesthetic meaning as in the other kinds of dances, but represent the features and the characteristics that are associated to various types of energies. These energies represent cosmic and nature elements that, in the Yoruba shamanism, are also anthropomorphically represented by ancestral and mythological figures, called Orixas, who become cultural and spiritual points of reference for communities.

In this cultural tradition, the ecology of the mind and the ecology of the environment are interdependent and the discipline to keep the balance between our mind and our heart is the ritual dance, where the peculiarities of the Orixas are reproduced and ritualized through the movement.

The workshop aims to involve the participants in performing some specific Yoruba dances tuning in with what is happening in the body; participants will feel sensations, emotions and thoughts while performing the characteristic moves of the various Orixas. Before the practice, a moment of theory will be dedicated to guide the sense of the experience.

 Sara Oberauser (Italy)
A performance entitled “the Ruling Illusion” will take place. On the stage, actors will alternate performing a continuous cycle of transe of life/death, interpreted by walking and falling to the ground. Like lifeless puppets or transmutation into souls?

 Pharaony, Shireen (Switzerland)
My presentation is joined with Mrs Maria-Luisa Del Conte, who has already subscribed.
The subject is inspiring healthy living around the world, by presenting a amazing product and the Company that created this product! The Juice Plus company and it’s famous fruits, berries and vegetables in a capsule!!
A way to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat! The next best thing to fruits and vegetables which exists for more than 20 years now and is the most scientifically researched product of this kind in the world. Juice Plus is more than a product, it is also a good investment in people’s own life and a way of reaching financial independence!
Juice Plus has made wonders in our lives on several levels and we want to have as many people as possible benefit of this amazing product and way of living!
It is a powerpoint presentation and we will present it in English.

 Diane Rogers
The emotional upheaval that often accompanies spiritual emergence can be deeply distressing for many. Participants will explore creative practices for nurturing the spirit and discover the benefits of embracing spiritual growth during difficult times. This workshop is for people of all ages and cultures wishing to cultivate inner wisdom through creativity or help others find meaning and purpose even in life’s darkest moments.

 Arturo De Luca (Italy)

The secret circle of the soul:
Rites of passage and spiritual healing
The transpersonal psychology aims to bring back the universal topic of the rites of passage as an experience of death/ rebirth and renewal. This is why it offers the most ancient techniques of spiritual healing and wisdom, applied to the processes of knowledge and inner growth.
The present work, which will use music, breathing, movement and art therapy, is intended to anyone who wants to access new forms of experience of psychosomatic unity and transformation with body and spirit.

 Evangelia Panagiotaki ( Greece)

The hellenic spirit connects the world  
Could  we connect the World  through Hellenic  Spirit?
Which process  could wake up in our DNA ,the links that tunining  us in, with  the Collective Wisdom?                                                
How can we use the hellenic  spirit as a universal vehicle that will guide us towards  a holistic  approach of living?  

1. Operating a  comparative approach  to archeologcal and mythological findings and practices, of various global  traditions since thousand years (okunevo, aphanasievo, sumerians, indians, troyans, caucasians, minoans etc), we will associate the common caracteristics  that interconnect  different cultures


2. Then we will associate the similarities of world, on spiritual level.
Reaserching on basical teachings and practices, of  Hellenic  Prophets of Apollon and Greek philosophers (Epimenides, Aiakos, Karmanor, Socrates, Platon, etc), we will compare  them with those, of the Great Cultural Masters all over the world (Onkhs, Shamans, Ashtavaktra, Hyperborean Apollon, Buddha, Rumi, Zarathustra, Apollonius from Tyana etc)


3. Realizing  that a common universal spirit essence,  forms ONE  common coherent intercultural sub-layer, we will be in touch  with the fundamental source of our spiritual existence.                                                                                                   
This essence is the soul of Europe as well.


   When we  will become aware of this Oneness  sub layer , a transformational healing spiritual process will start happening within us, through which, we will expand our awareness.
In this way, we will observe that the dualistic perception of matters starts breaking down, as everything is interrelated with the ONE common, trancedental and omnipresent  Essence .
As we will become conscious, of our relativity with this One Essence, we will observe that we are within the world, and the whole world is within us.
That means, we could be swifted  in an altered state of   being, surrended in   the evolutionary  process of the universe.
Our heart center could start expressing in a holistic perspective, been  tuned  in ,with our cradle heart frequency ideals.
So we can feel as been part of  the One Sacred Cosmic  Soul  Ocean.

 Krista Novak (Germany)
Per praticare lo spostamento delle prestazioni dal Kommunuikation senza parole

Bi-Ma Anden
Cosmoholism is my way of describing, living, expanding and sharing a Cosmic Conscious life approach.
Cosmoholism embraces a complete and inclusive life approach; spiritual, philosophical as well as practical. It promotes the conscious and creative life that out of the very nature of Cosmos is a dormant potential within every human being, to be fully awakened...
We naturally refer to our nearby relationships and environments. Even though we also more and more in the modern civilization and the growing globalisation, via Internet and other media are aware of remote environments both in time and space, we do not naturally in our day-to-day life consider our roles or relationships within the wholeness of Cosmos. A Cosmoholistic approach to life implies to consciously embracing being as intimate connected to the whole Cosmos and The Creator as to any other intimate relationship or environment and the Earth... This includes Kundalini awakening as well as the sublimation of the sexual energy and full chakra awakening and connection, even between couples, for the Divine to fully consciously manifest in human life.
The only real reason to exist as a human is to manifest the Divine in human shape. All resources the human being administers or may administer are therefore means in this process, including the human body itself. Whatever else that the human being is focusing on creates sufferings. All human beings are born with the inner yearning of being conscious creators in manifesting the Divine in human shape. Thus every child as well as every human being, need to meet with mirrors within their social environment that nurture this yearning.

Riccardo Marco Scognamiglio ( Italy)

Riccardo Marco Scognamiglio: clinical psychologist, psychoterapist, psychosomatologist, specialized in Social Psychology, is a member of International College of Psychosomatic Medicine (ICPM) and Society for Psychoterapy Research (SPR). He was trained as a psychoanalyst at Ecole de la Cause Freudienne in Paris, established by Jacques Lacan and at Ecole Européenne de Psychanalyse. In 1996 he founded in Milano the “Istituto di Psicosomatica Integrata”, which conducts therapy, research and training activities throughout innovative models in the field of body-mind relationship,  cooperating with several university research groups, both national and international. He is a body techniques teacher in several international schools and author of many articles in the field of Clinical Psychology.

Marlene Silveira (Italy)

“Subtle Vision and Healing” Ritual Practices to tap into our subtle energies and our resources: incorporation, irradiation, winding, use of ancient seals and drums.

During the seminary there will be a first part with ritual practices of healing, which participants will perform on themselves and on others; these practices draw inspiration from the ancient Afro-Brazilian tradition mixed with the tradition of the spiritual masters from the East (this merge is called “Line of Cure”).

Such practices are paramount to see “the subtle” and to accompany the process of physic, mental and spiritual healing.

These practices lead us to the awareness of what makes us ill and what bring us health and life. Ritual practices for a transe that heals. From this ancient tradition I have developed, together with Pier Luigi Lattuada, a discipline called Biotransenergetics.

Biotransenergetics is a discipline that will lead us to master our inner experiences, self-healing and the transformation of our consciousness. Its intent is to achieve an aware integration of the planes of feelings, actions and thoughts so that we can free our body from the physical and psychic discomfort; we deeply contact our psychospiritual qualities so that we can enhance an aware development of our resources and potentials plus our self-healing and the ability to heal others.

Davide Ferraris ( Italy)

Being fertile unfortunately isn’t so natural, in women as in men. Physical conditions and lifestyles
prevalent in modern societies have such levels of stress and alienation, that data regarding infertility
in both sexes are worryingly increasing. Ability to conceive is favored by good conditions of
reproductive and psychophysical system , but also by a right configuration of identity and inner
disposition. In women in particular, the ability to initiate and complete a pregnancy, especially in
old age, is related to a good menstrual cycle but also to the positive development of the feminine.
Finally, to give birth to an offspring strong and possibly happy is also the result of human and
spiritual qualities expressed by both parents. Nowadays, helping women and men to develop the
right wellness of their reproductive system and to have prospects of a serene and positive breeding,
involves actions articulated on all personal levels (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and
spiritual). In addition, it’s necessary to enable and promote self-management of this healing and
evolutive process, through the transfer of knowledge and techniques designed for this purpose.
Transpersonal model integrates the physiological and psycho-physical approach with a sensitive
vision to the psycho-physical, systemic, integral, holistic and spiritual dimension, according to the
founding principles of perennial philosophy. Transpersonal operator hopes and promotes development
and self-determination of individual, spreading culture, tools and practices for everyday
well-being and for inner growth.
Drawing on the best ancient and modern knowledges in multidisciplinary ambit, Transpersonal
Therapist uses and teaches health technologies that include knowledge, practices and tools available
to be used by the patient, both for prevention and self-treatment. During the meeting participants
will learn some of the main solutions and innovations useful for fertility promotion, supported
by clinical and research data, with the intent to distribute a low-cost method that, today more than
ever, it is deemed necessary for present and future well-being of modern societies.

Jim Garrison (USA)
Ubiquity University: A Whole New Kind of Education for a Whole New Kind of World

In this workshop, Dr. Garrison will go into more detail about the global challenges confronting humanity set forth in his keynote address and then  describe Ubiquity University, which he and a group of educators, including Pier Luigi Lattuada and others, are pioneering. Ubiquity seeks to embody the characteristics of new forms of learning, enabling students to create personalized learning pathways specific to their individual needs wherever they are in the world. The design is completely modular, allowing students to essentially custom design their own certificate and/or degree path. Each student is mentored from start to finish so they end up exactly where they need to be.

Juan Ruiz Naupari ( Perù)

Pneuma Breathwork® is a safe and direct practice that seeks the expansion of consciousness by opening the doors to the inner dimensions which permits the direct experience of our essence and the profound healing of certain aspects of our lives. This method is one of the most simple, direct and powerful tools to complete the inner journey to the heart. Pneuma Breathwork® is profound and easy, it permits direct access to the experience of the spirit without intermediaries, it is safe and painless, anyone can practice it without previous experience.

Ujjwal Sraman ( India)

 "Mindfulness in daily Life"                
Appamado amatapadam Pamado maccuno padam
Appamatta na miyanti Ye pamatta yatha mata.
(Dhammapada Verses 21)

 Heedfulness is the path to the deathless. Heedlessness is the path to death. The Heedful do not die; the heedless are as if dead already.
 (Nibbana is deathless because those who attain it are free from the cycle of repeated birth and death.)

 In whatever we do, we want to achieve our aims. When we engage in any kind of conversation, we want it to be worthwhile. When we envisage in any kind of thoughts, we want to turn it into the right direction, one in which the cause and effect will generate benefits for ourselves and others. In addition, the result will engender happiness, advancement, and peace for us all and for others in the world. This is why the Buddha said: " For any individual, man or woman, if one has a wish to find success and peace; one should practice the mind to acquire the complete mindfulness". Being able to use mindfulness means the ability to realize and know right at the time in the movement of our four postures (standing, walking, sitting, lying) and of any kind of activities we do including speaking and thinking. The practice and cultivation of the mind to have mindfulness is the principle of compassion. For these reasons, mindfulness is the virtue of great assistance. Mindfulness allow us and our-mind to stay within the scope of goodness. It is therefore beneficial as well as valuable. The Lord Buddha teaches that virtue of the great assistance is very supportive and very good indeed.  As a result, we then have a fully control over our activities, not to cause any harm, and to bing about useful and fruitful results for ourselves and others.

 May all beings be well and happy.

Fabio Andrico (Italy)

Yantra Yoga

Since the very first appearance of what we call as consciousness, human kind has developed
different approaches of preservation and development of physical and mental health.
For sure Yoga is one of the most ancient ones. The word Yoga comes from the sanskrit root yuj,
wich means “union”, and it corresponds to the latin “iugum”, which means “union”,“yoke”. In fact
Yoga was born as a set of ethic principles, ways of living and physical exercise to harmonically
coordinate body, psyche and spiritual aspects of human existence. The Yantra Yoga comes from
the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in its pure and non-modified shape since the 8th century, when it
was introduced in Tibet by the big master Padmasambhava to be, then, explained in the text Nyid
Da Khajor (Union of the Moon and the Sun) by Vairocana, scholar, master and great translator.
This text is the oldest document about Yoga of the Buddhist tradition, which can be considered
the hindu Hatha Yoga equivalent. Yantra Yoga is a system of practices for the coordination of
one’s energy through the interdependency of movement and breathing, so to be less influenced
by emotions and thoughts for the mental state to reach a more harmonic and relaxed condition.
The 3 aspects of human existence are the body, the energy and the mind.
If the mind and the body are not working in harmony through movement and breathing, the
mind gets restless and dominated by thoughts and emotions.
Thus, for the mind to get less influenced and tense and more free, a correct work of movement
and breathing should be coordinated: Yantra Yoga practice is, in fact, the sequence of 7 movements
of precise and constant rhythm focused on breathing and mainly retaining.

Giorgia Ugo ( Italy)

After years of study, those who graduate in architecture generally feel that they have acquired a wealth of expertise sufficient to begin to shape the space in "right" way, that is, with the necessary attention to the culture of the place, the atmosphere, the forces in game, the available resources and so on. But who wants to know more about the nature of this "space" that is called to plan, those who wonder if all he has learned guarantees really a design that creates well-being, can go deeper and immerse themselves in an inner search. Through contact with the Biotransenergetics, my vision of space has changed dramatically, there is no longer such an out but an inside / outside, there are reference values and personal experiences that drive. Listening to the inside you can acquire new tools and change your point of view on the architectural design, because the experience of the limit is not only a wall.

Ted Esser (USA)

“Bringing Together Research & Support for the Integration of a Global Spiritual Emergence”
We are introducing a collaboration between four potentially powerful spheres of psycho-spiritual care and support--between SEN (Spiritual Emergence Network), ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experience), the new ISEN (International Spiritual Emergence Network), and the recently formed Stanislav & Christina Grof Foundation.
Ted Esser, Ph.D., the Director of SEN, will discuss the 45-year history of SEN and its recent integration with the Grof Foundation. SEN provides individuals that are experiencing difficulties with psycho-spiritual growth a therapist referral and support service that is staffed by trained graduate students. We are again moving in the direction of publishing a peer newsletter and helping to start ISEN, which will help create SEN organizations in as many countries around the world as possible and facilitate their interaction though conferences, publications, and other collaborative endeavors.
Ted will also discuss survey research that he has conducted that follows up on David Lukoff’s earlier study from the 1980’s on what particular psycho-spiritual issues new clients are actually bringing to transpersonally-oriented mental health professionals.


Diana Raab, Ph.D. (USA)

Creative Transcendence:  Writing for Transformation
In this combined presentation and workshop, I will share my research as a transpersonal research psychologist who also research, “Creative Transcendence: Memoir Writing for Transformation and Empowerment,” in addition to discussing from a personal standpoint my 40 years experience as a memoir writer and also a workshop leader. The workshop segment of this session will guide participants in transpersonal techniques to inspire and access creativity, specific to memoir, but also with application to all genres of writing. Writing prompts and exercises will be shared. Please bring a journal and writing instruments.

 Maria Bambara, Raffaella Servello, Marzia Bertulezzi, Bruna Villante, Eva Grifalconi, Nicola Michelon, Roberto Lazzaro

Dancing the force meeting the quality
Dance moves our bodies and we lead toward the Light . C.G.Jung " There is synchronicity between our state mood and the image that appears and , beyond words , puts us in a total playing touching body , passes through the stomach , the heart , the head , then becoming thought and action . " The seals of Orixas serve as encouragement for introspective and fascinating story with the Umbanda archetypes . From unclimbed peaks  to the depths of the sea , from the wisdom of the Earth to the grace of Waterfall , from the heart of Being at the center of the World . The Orixas are both mirror of the Soul and therapeutic tool , through the eye contact with the seals , the music and our personal dance , we provide a journey through our experiences training our Consciousness.

Corrado Fantoni

Corrado Fantoni is a composer, teacher and independent researcher. In addition to an intense concert ac- tivity in Italy and abroad, he has published sheet music, CDs and radio recordings and has been awarded in international competitions of composition. The recent switch to consider unifying the pure musical research and the psycho-acoustic experience of voice was natural. He collaborates with different Yoga Centers in Lombardy and Piedmont. Recent is his presence as a lecturer at seminars on body theme of “Philo, School of Philosophical Practice - Project Milanese Ice“. He is currently Professor of Theory, Rhythmic and Musical Perception at “Cantelli”, Conservatory of Novara.