Key note Bio


Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Bio: Kalaallit shaman, healer, stories and sing-bearer of Qilaut (wind drum), he is an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder whose family comes from a long tradition of shamans and healers.

Angaangaq is internationally recognized as Elder by indigenous communities of Arctic, South and  North  America,  and  he  is  a  very  demanded  speaker  in  international  conferences  and symposia.  “Uncle”,  as  he  is  often  called,  exceeds  the  boundaries  that  separate  cultures  and religions.

Thanks to his work he has been in more than 60 countries worldwide. His teachings are rooted in the wisdom of the ancient traditions of his people, a culture that has never known war. “The easier to melt, is the ice on the ground; the more difficult one to solve is the ice in the hearts of mankind.

Only if you melt the ice in the hearts of individuals, mankind can change and use its knowledge with wisdom”.Author  and  co-author  of  several  books,  he  published  in  Italian:  Melt  the  Ice  in  your  hearts, Verdechiaro edizioni.

Graham Hancock

Graham Hanchock

Bio: Graham Hanchock is the author of the major international non-fiction bestsellers The Sign and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, The Message of the Sphinx, Heaven’s Mirror, Underworld and Supernatural, and of the epic adventure novels Entangled and War God. His books have sold more than seven million copies worldwide and have been translated into thirty languages. His public lectures, radio and TV appearances, including two major TV series, Quest For The Lost Civilisation and Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age, as well as his strong presence on the internet, have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He has become recognised as an unconventional thinker who raises resonant questions about humanity’s past and about our present predicament.

Country: United Kingdom


Dr. James Garrison

Bio: Dr. James Garrison is founder and president of Ubiquity University. He comes to this having served as founding president of Wisdom University, which he led from 2005 – 2012, after which it transitioned into Ubiquity University.

He has spent his entire professional life in executive leadership, including as founder and president of both the Gorbachev Foundation/USA from 1992 – 1995 and State of the World Forum from1995 – 2004 with Mikhail Gorbachev serving as convening chairman.

He attended University of Santa Clara for his B.A. in History, Harvard University for his Masters in the History of Religion, and Cambridge University for his PhD in philosophical theology. He has written seven books, beginning with The Plutonium Culture in 1979 to his forthcoming book on Climate Change and the Primordial Mind. He taught regularly throughout his tenure at Wisdom University on Greek philosophy, world history, and the philosophical implications of global warming. He continues to teach at Ubiquity.

Country: USA


Padre Antonio Gentili

Bio: Religious Barnabite. License in theology and a degree in philosophy, he currently resides and works in the convent of Campello sul Clitunno (PG), after having been for years animator of the house for spiritual retreats of Eupilio (Co). Student of spirituality, has explored the great meditative traditions of East and West. Driving

Courses meditation and deep prayer open to all kinds of people. In collaboration with experts, it organizes weeks of fasting and meditation for the integral purification. Author of spirituality among the best known, oversaw the first Italian edition of The Cloud of Unknowing (7 editions) and has also published numerous works for Anchor, among which: God in silence.

Manual meditation (now in its 11th edition); A bread and water. Practice and spirituality of fasting; Our senses light. Essay on the five spiritual senses; The reasons of the body. The centers of vital energy in the Christian; "I will help to God." The spiritual journey of Etty Hillesum and a trilogy about the "feel" (Hear Christ. Verbs of the Word; Hear from Christians.

The emotional dimension of the faith; The feeling of Christ. The "spirit" of Jesus of Nazareth. In view of ' EXPO 2015 in Milan published 8 Fast to live better ... and save the planet. For Travel Notes is being published under the title Learning to meditate, the basic course (The prayer of the heart) and the course of study (In silence before God).

Country: Italy


Presenters Bio

Walter Gioia

Walter Gioia

Bio: Psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and corporate trainer. Co-founder of Aliquis.
He developed the MovinmeD as a result of a long research of the common essence of effectiveness among different approaches, including: Tai chi, qi gong, Feldenkrais, shamanic dances, massage, martial arts, spiritual and holistic rituals.
He has published two novels by his research trips in the Americas.
Web site:
Youtube channel: Walter Gioia

Country :  Italy

Mariana Bozesan

Mariana Bozesan

Bio: Dr. Mariana Bozesan (Ph.D.), Diplom-Informatikerin                                            
Club of Rome intl. full member
Founder & President AQAL Capital GmbH
Co-Founder AQAL Investing

Country :  Germany


Serena Buzio

Bio: Serena graduated in Medicine (Milan, Italy); her interest in clinical and research in neuroscience brought her to attain a degree in Neurology (Parma, Italy) and a master degree in Epileptology (Venice, Italy).
Her other main passion has always been food in its different expressions and, more lately, bread, so she  attained professional degree as cook and baker at CAST Alimenti School (Brescia, Italy).
She works as Neurologist and Epileptologist in a public hospital.

Country :  Italy


Dhyan Sutorius

Bio: Medical study in Groningen (NL). Worked as a family-doctor and as a ship’s doctor, last trip in 8 months to all parts of the world except Australia. Specialization in dermatology in Amsterdam. Learned in 1976 the laughing meditation from Osho. Had a private practice for dermatology in one of the hospitals in Amsterdam. Conduct since 1978 the workshop laughing meditation at all kinds of congresses and meetings. Founded in 1985 the “Centrum ter Bevordering v/h Lachen” = Centre in Favour of Laughter with the secretariat in Duivendrecht, the Netherlands.

Country: Holland


Liv Evensen

Bio: Shamanic dreamscapes poet-healing stories-intuitive-expressive arts teacher, fine arts painter

Country :  Norway

James Eyerman

James Eyerman

Bio: James Eyerman, MD practices Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry in Mill Valley, California. He holds a degree in Classics from Holy Cross University, an MD from St. Louis University, and was trained in Psychiatry at Washington University, St. Louis.  He utilizes Jungian dreamwork and other windows to the unconscious such as Grof Holotropic Breathwork, Ericksonian Hypnosis, EMDR, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic astrology, as well as western medicine, to address issues in depth, with the goal of psychological growth and transformation. For over four decades, he has practiced as a psychiatrist, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, and Ayurvedic spa director. He is newsletter editor for the Analytical Psychology Club of San Francisco as well as for the Northern California Psychiatric Society.

Country USA.


Riccardo Zerbetto

Bio: Riccardo Zerbetto is a psychiatrist and the president of the CSTG (The Center of Gestalt Therapy Studies), which is acknowledged from MUR thanks to its psychotherapy specialization courses.
He was trained in Gestalt Therapy with Barrie Simmons, Isha Blumberg and Claudio Naranjo, with whom he works since more than 25 years.
He has been the president of the Transpersonal and humanistic Psychology Association (1989), of the Italian Federation of the Gestalt Schools and Institutions -FISIG (1995-97), of the European Association for Psychotherapy-EAP ( 1996-1997).
He is now honorary president of the Italian Federation of the Associations for Psychotherapy-FIAP and of the Alea Association for gamble games and behaviors at risk, and the scientific director of the Orthos Program for addiction treatment.
He is the author of numerous publications about psychiatry, addictions, Gestalt Therapy and archetypal psychology and, finally, he is a lover of haiku poetry and Artenatura.

Nazione: Italia


Francesca Gastaldi

Francesca Gastaldi, has a degree in psychology and studied meditation for 27 years. She’s a transpersonal psychologist psychotherapist, states of consciousness researcher, who has been trained in Ritual Familiar Constellations and Shamanism. Francesca is attending the last year of training in order to become an official trainer of Biotransenergetics transpersonal approach.
She lives in Venice where she works as psychologist and psychotherapist and she is the managing director of the local Om Association for Transpersonal Medicine and Psychology. There she runs on regular basis classes and seminars of Biotransenergetics practices as Body of Dream, Archetypal Constellations and mindfulness groups. During mindfulness groups she transmits Biotransenergetics practice called Passage through Zero which is the subject of her first book that is going to be published by ITI Edizioni within the 2015.

Country: Italia


Maria Rossi Sideri

Maria Rossi Sideri ( MSc , MA) is a transpersonal psychologist, specialized in corporal psichotherapy, dance therapy and systemic family constellations.
She is a professional member of “Eurotas” (European Transpersonal Association) and corporal psychotherapy teacher at the “IPT” (Transpersonal Psychology Intitute-Barcelona).
She is, furthermore, the co-founder of “PsiqueSoma”, the Spanish Association for Psychosomatic and Energetic Therapy, in wich she is the creator, teacher and coordinator of the training in Somatic Processes, Dance and Terapeutic Movement.
She speaks Italian, greek, Spanish, English.
Country: Spain.


Stuart Sovatsky

Stuart Sovatsky is co-chairman of the US ATP since 1974 and spreads the Shakti, the chanting of man- tras, all over the world, including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, while events of healing on Holocaust and with South African shamans Sangoma.He recently received the initiation of the “forty yogi” in the lineage Lakulisha Shaktipat.He is the author of “Advanced Spiritual Intimacy” and “Words From the Soul”.

Country: USA


Elena Casiraghi

Elena Casiraghi is a transpersonal psychotherapist and psychologist and a yoga Satyananda teacher.
Since years she follows the integration path of traditional spiritual disciplines as yoga and western healing models to harmonize energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimension with the body one. In this frame Biotransenergetics is a further way of integration in the path of listening, caring and transforming.
She uses yoga and BTE all around Italy to teach “Evolutive Age Psychology” at AIYB (Yoga Mediterranean Federation) Master  “Adolescents and children yoga teachers” and to lead individual and group healing meetings at “Casa Nadi” Centre in Concorezzo, which has become OM local office in January 2015.
It hosts also other healing and personal growth realities that work synergistically: ayurvedic medicine and treatments, shiatsu, relational constellations, knowing and deepening workshops and conferences.

Country: Italy


Serena Treppo

In 2002 Serena Treppo graduated in Osteopathy as a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy (University of Wales)at the Osteopathy Superior Institute in Milano and obtained the title of Reiki Master in Oleggio.
In 2005 she finishes her post-graduation in Biodinamic Osteopathy or “Present Movement” in Chicago.
In 2009 she becomes a Biotherapy Nutritional Operator in Rome so teaching nutrition at the l'International College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010 and 2011.
In the meanwhile she nourishes her personal interests in neuroscience and bodymind relation trough the PNEI (Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunology) study that leads her to Transpersonal Psychology and more specifically Biotransenergetics, of which she attains the Counselor title at Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milano in 2014.
In the same year she becomes Fast Reset Operator in Milan.
She performs her work in Biella region.

Country: Italy


Salvatore De Nicolo

Taronaut since ever.
Since 1972 he explores the unconscious, meeting Alexandro Jodorowsky in 1980.
His Transpersonal action integrates his work on himself, his Tarot’s guide experience and his meetings with teachers from France, India, North and South America, Amazon and Africa.
In his everyday he embodies and emanates a vivid spirituality.
19 years ago he meets Mathias Fournier, with whom he shares the passion for Marsiglia Tarot and the will to develop and contribute, through this original methodology, to a personal psychic rebirth.

Country: France


Mathias Fournier

Mathias Fournier, emotional therapist, is formed to several approaches, both psychological and spiritual, through the work of Etienne Jalenques, Richard Moss, Stephen Jourdain and Almaas. He respond to the call of Tarot in 1992: Alejandro Jodorowsky will teach him this way of knowledge, that he actively transmits today among the Taronauts community.

Country :  France


Alfonso Chielli

Alfonso Chielli is a piano teacher at Milan Conservatory.
He has graduated  with top marks in Piano at 17 years old, with honorable mention in Harpsichord at the Hochschule Mozarteum in Salzburg, with honors in ”Disciplines of the arts, music and show” in Bologna, with honors in Medicine and Surgery, with honors in Acupunture  and has a Master in Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation and one in Phitotherapy.
His concerts experience, his studies in musicology and medicine and his instrumental practice in piano and harpsichord have led him to investigate the deep connection existing between ideation and musical language and between psyche and biomechanics of the motor gesture.
Pathology related to the instrumental activities has been the subject of his articles, relations and seminaries at Italian and foreign Conservatories, musical and medical associations, Milan Public University and international conventions.
He is specialized in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.
Country: Italy


Rosemarie Anderson

Rosemarie Anderson, PhD is Professor Emerita of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, USA.

Country :  USA


Faith Halverson-Ramos

I am a board certified music therapist & transpersonal psychotherapist practicing in the US.

Type of presentation   This will be an interactive & experiential workshop on the use of music to foster mindfulness. Participants will engage in musical activities that will help them to experience the present moment in community, without judgment. Participants will be invited to share their experience of the activities.

Country: USA


Giovanna Calabrese

MD PhD Psychiatry Transpersonal Psychotherapist Neuroscience & Qualitative Transpersonal Researcher

Nazione :  Italy


Liora Birnbaum

Dr.Birnbaum is a psychotherapist & a researcher who integrates channeling into her wide ranged work

Country :  Israel


Marleen De Villiers

Marleen holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch,
South Africa.
She is a practicing psychologist in Private Practice, using transpersonal and arts based methods
In psychotherapy.
Marleen uses arts‐based and transpersonal therapy methods in working with trauma and healing the effects of childhood-trauma.
As artist Marleen creates jewellery.
She has taken part in a group exhibition in Johannesburg.
Her jewellery has also been shown in galleries and shops around Cape Town.
She currently has pieces for sale at various shops and venues around Cape Town.


John Rowan

Dr John Rowan is one of the pioneers of transpersonal psychology in the United Kingdom, and has presented at EUROTAS conferences before. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and also of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy

Country :  United Kingdom


Janet Gale

For 30 years, Jan was a leader and manager in the financial arena of the oil and gas industry in Calgary, Canada, until realizing that to best heal and support her authentic self, she was to follow her path in expressing herself creatively, and support others in their healing and growth.
Jan studied for over nine years with Gary ZUnited Kingdomav and Linda Francis, which offered her tools for healing through emotional awareness and creating authentic power.  She became a Usui Reiki Master, Karuna  Reiki Master, Acutonics Tuning Fork Practitioner, Aromatherapist, and practitioner of many other healing modalities, offering  broad and varied practices of holistic healing  to her clients.  
She began exploring shamanism over 10 years ago, and was fortunate to have several brilliant teachers, including Beth Beurkens, Betsy Bergstrom, Jose Louis Herrara, and has completed several practitioner classes, as well as a two year teacher program with Sandra Ingerman.  
Jan holds a doctorate in metaphysical sciences, is a certified yoga instructor, and most recently has published her first book, The Rush Hour Shaman.  
She teaches many classes and workshops in meditation, yoga, shamanism and healing and has a thriving healing practice in Cochrane, Canada.

Country :  United Kingdom in partnership with Canada


Hara Willow

Hara Willow is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Transformational Yoga Teacher, Person Centred Holistic Therapist, Authentic Power Practitioner and Shamanic and Sound Healer. She runs a private healing practice and also develops and facilitates workshops, courses and spiritual retreats sharing tools, skills and knowledge to bring about wholeness, healing, balance and a sense of meaning, purpose and belonging.
Hara has been working to improve mental and emotional health in her community for over 25 years and has over eleven years of professional training, including a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology, four years of studying Authentic Power with Gary ZUnited Kingdomav and Linda Francis and a diploma in Spiritual and Energy Healing.
She has worked since 2007 with vulnerable adults and Young People, sharing transpersonal tools to explore and understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviour in new ways, and by introducing them to experiences of connection to their own inner world and through that to others and the earth. She has presented her research on this holistic approach to wellbeing to the British Psychological Society and EUROTAS.

Country :  United Kingdom (in partnership with Canada)


Irina Peresetskaya

Irina peresetskaya, has ma equivalent  in economics. Is an amateur of psychology and philosophy sciences since fall'13.
31 years old. Looking for university for studying consciousness and developing research studies of farther reaches of human nature by maslow's ideas. Consider myself more in psychology then in economics, though i think economic basis could play not last role in my future life as psychology researcher.

Country:  Russia


Glaucia Castelluber

After her graduation in Psychology at unesp in Brasil (Trieste studies university equipollence), since many years Glaucia Castelluber dedicates herself to studying, practicing and teaching oriental dancing as an integration tool for physical, psychological and transpersonal welfare, besides spreading the cultural and artistic values of these disciplines.
She has participated to Transpersonal Psychology (Vera Saldanha – Alburat) and Biopsychology (Susan Andrews) trainings, to cultural mediation training at ENAIP and to postgraduate training at the mental health centre of Trieste healthcare company, where she has integrated Middle Eastern dance work in mental health scope at the Woman Mental Health Centre.
She now holds UISP accredited teacher training courses in Middle Eastern dance and she has held seminaries around 25 different estates all over the world.
She has also presented Transpersonal belly dance at Transpersonal Psychology congresses of Portugal in 2008 and Moldavia in 2013.

Country: Brasil/Italy


Dr. Thomas Clough Daffern

Dr thomas clough daffern phd, has spent many years teaching global history, peace studies, global ethics, comparative religious studies, and philosophy to adults and university students, and has an excellent overview of all aspects of field, including also the links between school and higher education. He has previously lectured for both the university of london and the university of oxford in religious studies and peace studies. He has worked also at senior level as a secondary school teacher in history, religious studies, citizenship, and philosophy, and set up mediation schemes in several schools. He offers vision, experience, enthusiasm, expertise, and a profound and passionate commitment to educational research, history, philosophical and religious scholarship and lifelong learning – plus a wide life experience to bring to the topic. He is a highly effective educator and scholar who has travelled and researched widely in a variety of contexts and fields of thought.

Country: United Kingdom


Gabriele Bordoni

Dr. Gabriele Bordoni and Dr. David Giordani know each other since University and share a settled passion for Transpersonal experience.
Despite their pre-oriented psychology based courses, they develop an interest towards the modified estates of consciousness and non-ordinary experiences, which converge into a common sake for therapeutic strategies.
Therapist Art is to be found in recognizing the healing process and assisting it relating to clients.
Then, during specialization, they learn to interact with Biotransenergetic Corpus, of which they measure the basis sharpening the relational and therapeutic techniques by revisiting tools as Dream Machine and Binaural Beats that become ordinary activities of consciousness.
Light and sound synchronism is magically integrated in different studies operating on the same mindfulness level by a simple transformation rule between rhythmic sound (BPM, beats per minute) and light exposure (Hz, cycles per second). This creates the possibility of therapeutically working through a real induction system of levels different from clarity.
The awareness of the inner journey’s seal is to transform one’s life in a work of art finding the way to recognize this artifact, means acknowledging self-renewal, self-realization and self-transcendence.
Through their studies, Gabriele Bordoni and David Giordani get to develop DMS (dream machine suond system): the systemic approach of different tools generating sounds and light integrated in the awareness of rhythmic throb leads to the recognition of vibrational principles that transcend and include cultures and philosophies. These principles flow to the acknowledgment of soul value and transpersonal experience.

Country: Italy


David Giordani

Dr. Gabriele Bordoni and Dr. David Giordani know each other since University and share a settled passion for Transpersonal experience.
Despite their pre-oriented psychology based courses, they develop an interest towards the modified estates of consciousness and non-ordinary experiences, which converge into a common sake for therapeutic strategies.
Therapist Art is to be found in recognizing the healing process and assisting it relating to clients.
Then, during specialization, they learn to interact with Biotransenergetic Corpus, of which they measure the basis sharpening the relational and therapeutic techniques by revisiting tools as Dream Machine and Binaural Beats that become ordinary activities of consciousness.
Light and sound synchronism is magically integrated in different studies operating on the same mindfulness level by a simple transformation rule between rhythmic sound (BPM, beats per minute) and light exposure (Hz, cycles per second). This creates the possibility of therapeutically working through a real induction system of levels different from clarity.
The awareness of the inner journey’s seal is to transform one’s life in a work of art finding the way to recognize this artifact, means acknowledging self-renewal, self-realization and self-transcendence.
Through their studies, Gabriele Bordoni and David Giordani get to develop DMS (dream machine suond system): the systemic approach of different tools generating sounds and light integrated in the awareness of rhythmic throb leads to the recognition of vibrational principles that transcend and include cultures and philosophies. These principles flow to the acknowledgment of soul value and transpersonal experience.

Country: Italy


Maria Luisa Del Conte

Maria Luisa Conte was born in Italy; since 30 years she lives in French Switzerland.
She has a three-years training in different therapeutic techniques, accompanying reports and communication at "L'Institut de Thérapie dynamique" in Strasburg.
For 13 years she has collaborated  at Daniel Sevigny (Canada) seminaries in Belgium And Switzerland, who has founded the  "Gestion de la pensée" on the group works "nettoyage emotionnel".
For 18 years she has been training with Dr. Richard Moss (USA) on a depth exploration of the radical aliveness.
Since more than 10 years she cares about nutrition, following alive-raw food seminaries for improving health, in California.
Since three years ago she’s developing a project aimed to prevention, health and a more aware path towards a better lifestyle.

Country: Italy


Antonella Trabattoni

Antonella Trabattoni has graduated in Literature  in Ginevra in 1982; she’s now teaching history and social studies in two high schools in Lugano, Switzerland.
She teaches an interdisciplinary course of human studies on intercultural communication to students of professional maturity with social address.
She has volunteered in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Camerun and Sri Lanka.
She’s been recently teaching in a Tibetan refugee’s centre in Dharamsala, India, connecting young swiss to young Tibetans.
She is the co-founder of the Stage project abroad: she manages and escort every year a group of students volunteering in orphanages, asylums and schools of developing countries.
Her interest in consciousness development has brought her to train for 8 years at the Rudolf Steiner Institute artistic classes in Maine, USA.
She has organized dowsing, geobiology and places of strength trainings.
Since 15 years she has been following Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU, Stansted, GB) activities to testify continuity of life after death, connecting to spiritual beings and creating a link between terrestrial dimension and another dimension.

Country: Switzerland


Serge Beddington-Behrens, M.A. (Oxon.), Ph.D

Dr Serge Beddington-Behrens is an internationally known, Oxford-educated transpersonal psychotherapist, coach and spiritual educator with more than 35 years experience in his field. He practices in central London and Mallorca, Spain, and has expanded the range of his work to include consultations via Skype.
Dr Beddington-Behrens’ speciality is working with people who not only want to heal their emotional wounds, but also wish to evolve as human beings and develop their deeper spiritual potential.
He works with couples who wish to stay together but are experiencing difficulties, and  supports executives in living a more balanced life. He also offers week long spiritual retreats in Mallorca, as well as “one-on-one intensives” where individuals and couples may stay for a week in his Mallorcan farmhouse and experience personal, round-the-clock psychotherapy and spiritual training


Ferruccio Nessi

Bio: Ferruccio Nessi was born in 08/07/1953 in Locarno, Switzerland, and graduated at Berna University in 1979.
Since 1981 he is a lawyer, a notary and the owner of the homonymous law and notary’s firm.
He is married with three children.
Since 2009 he is a transpersonal councelor training under the guidance of Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada.
He experienced Rebirthing and Reiki.

Country: Switzerland


Erena Bramos

Bio :  Erena Bramos is the Co-Founder and Director of the Institute of Core Energetics-Greece. She was, formerly, Director of Education of the New York Institute for Core Energetics  . A psychotherapist in private practice,  she works with individuals and groups. Interested in the exploration of Non-Dual Consciousness, she trains therapists to work in that realm in the Institute of Transformational Training, in New York, which she has co-founded and directs. Erena also teaches at Core Brasilia in the four-year program and in the COREPATH program which she has co-created.  A student of the Pathwork  since 1982 she has developed HelpershipTraining programs for the New York Region Pathwork and the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork.

Country :  USA-GREECE


Benedetto Micheli

Bio :  Benedetto Micheli graduated in Clinical and Community Psychology at Università degli Studi di Urbino. He spe- cialized in Transpersonal Psychoterapy at Scuola di Formazione in Psicoterapia Transpersonale in Milano; he’ currently cooperating with the school as a Tutor.

He works as a Private Practice Psychotherapist; in this field he research and uses integration between Eastern and Western psychoterpies, being particularly interested in those healing system that originated in humanity ancient fields of consciousness and crossed centuries and millennia. He’s focusing in research, prevention and healing of new addictions (gambling, internet, compulsive shopping), collaborating in several public and private projects.

Country : Italia


Lorenzo Nessi

Bio: Lorenzo Nessi is a rebel, idealistic, who is found of feeling the fire inside given from life in all its colors. He has dedicated himself to spiritual self-research trough travel (from Europe till Asia) and transpersonal and non-transpersonal experience.
After high school he studied photography in Lucerna and London for two years due to his attraction to Arts and Image.
In the same period he discovered the vibrations and the expansion that Music creates and gives to who plays and who listens to it, so the impact created by sounds energy anyway. Therefore he studied music therapy with shamanistic and trance notions for one year.
He found the Hang after years of percussions and guitar, achieving the magic and mysterious instrument that reveals the player’s soul in a unique and personal way.

Country: Switzerland


David LUnited Kingdomoff

Bio :  David LUnited Kingdomoff, PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Sofia Univeristy in California and a licensed psychologist in California. He is author of 80 articles and chapters on spiritual issues and mental health, and is co-author of the DSM-IV and DSM-5 category Religious or Spiritual Problem. He serves at co-president of the American Association for Transpersonal Psychology.

Country :  United States


Diana Raab

Bio :  Diana Raab, Ph.D. is a transpersonal psychologist, speaker, workshop leader, poet, memoirist, and award-winning author of 8 books, including 4 poetry books, and over 500 articles. She’s been published in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology and The International Journal of Transpersonal Psychology Her passion and expertise is writing for healing, transformation, and empowerment. She has been writing poetry since the age of 10 when her mother gave her her first journal to cope with her grandmother’s death. She is a regular blogger of Psychology Today, The Huffington Post and BrainSpeak and has been a guest editor and blogger for numerous sites.
Raab serves on a number of boards including, The Center for Autobiographical Studies, Poets & Writers, WriteGirl, Antioch University’s Santa Barbara’s and she is a trustee for the University of Santa Barbara (UCSB). She lives in Southern California.

Country :  USA

Simona Vigo

Simona Vigo

Bio: She has a degree in philosophy, psychological address, at Milan Studies University and she is now training as a Councelor as Integral Transpersonal Insitute in Milano.
She is a BTE Bodymindwork trainer at Biotransenergetic Italian Society and leader and co-leader of seminaries about the evolution of consciousness, archetypes and western mythology.
After graduation she has deepened her studies in Jungian dynamic psychology trough self-analisys paths and theoretical-experiental seminaries.
Meeting Biotransenergetics has leaded her to the integration of philosophical research and inner experience and to the acquisition of a clinic methodology offering listening and support to suffering and self-realization processes.
She now leads seminaries and classes about the Body of the Dream at the Segreto dell’Acqua in Sesto San Giovanni.

Country: Italy


Marco Giacomo Bonalanza

Bio: After he graduated in Classics at the Jesuit School Leone XIII in Milan, Marco Giacomo Bonalanza attained a law degree at Public University of Milan, the admission to the Bar, a Master Course in International Taxation at Regent University and a Trust specialization.
His training and professional path focused on law is accompanied by a strong attraction for mudras, celtic practices and human psychology and spirituality, hence his third level Reiki Master.
He has approached esotericism and experienced any kind of energy.
His meeting and his friendship with Pierluigi have led to new transpersonal perspectives and to the revival of his juvenile passions about History and Philosophy.

Country: Switzerland


Sylvia Xiaorui Wen

Bio :  Sylvia Xiaorui Wen is a current PhD student at Sofia University, formerly known as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.
Born and raised in China, Sylvia Xiaorui Wen studied politics in university and has a MBA in management. After working in the business world in several countries, she started her study of Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on Ecological Consciousness in 2013.
Sylvia Xiaorui Wen is living in the Bay Area of USA and traveling in between China and the USA with her husband Matthew London for his upcoming traveling exhibition The Spirit of Tea.

Country :  USA


Maxime Zara Stadlen, MSHN

Bio :  Maxime Zara Stadlen, MSHN, CMP is a catalyst for collective healing. In individual and group work, she expresses her passion for health and inspires action through connecting. Her background in theater, as a fine artist and ceremonial leader informs her presentations and invitational approach to audience participation and collaboration. An entrepreneur, educator, writer, translator, craftswoman, culinary wizardess, and holistic health and nutrition practitioner by vocation, she has been initiated by indigenous elders and medicine people, and facilitates and participates in healing ceremonies and spiritual practices around the world.

Country :  United States


Trish Causey

Bio: My name is Trish Causey, and I am an ArtistActivist. Since I was a child, I have been equally impassioned by my artistic pursuits in music and theatre as my activism for women's rights and human rights. I am a professional singer, a freelance writer, and an award-winning composer. I am the founder and publisher of Musical Theatre Magazine. My activism for women's issues is the raison d'etre for my activist site, blog, radio show, ArousedWoman. "Arouse" means "to stir to action, to awaken"; it is this very awakening we need to have in society to stop the cycles of violence that pervade each generation, especially violence toward women. My main website,, has links to both MTMag and ArousedWoman. In 2014, I ran for the U.S. House of Representatives, and I know for a fact that change amongst the people is the only way to create real change in society. I practice Tantra, and I am also a certified Holistic Life Coach, with certifications in yoga and Pilates.

the Self. Now is the time of awakening, and my tantrik-based program is a great start on that journey


Simila Laiatici

Bio: Simila Laiatici is a Border Collie, AmStaff and Dobermann (inherited from the husband) breeder and trainer.
She is the first and only italian breeder of Dogs for Diabetic Alert, the president of the K9Colline Pisane Association and a Pet Activities and Therapy operator for the Pet Partner Delta Society, Stella Maris and some psychiatric institutions and schools.
She is Practictioner Tellington TTouch (R) for animals since 5 years and Practictioner TTouch (R) for you (for people) since 2014.
She lives with her two children in Tuscan country in Palaia, province of Pisa, where she practices also yoga, meditation, health nutrition and open life as she works, lives and walks with her dogs.

Country: Italy


Steven Schmitz

Bio :  Steven Schmitz, Ph.D., has a private practice in transpersonal counseling, shamanic counseling, and shamanic healing. He is an international teacher, speaker, and seminar leader on the topics of transpersonal psychology, shamanism, and conscious couple relationships. Dr. Schmitz also facilitates Shamanic Journey Circles at Sofia University (USA). Steven is Co-President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) and a board member of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS).

Country :  USA

Daniela Rao

Daniela Rao

Bio: Daniela Rao is a transpersonal-oriented psychologist and psychotherapist who was born in Torino, where she actually lives, in 21/12/1963.
In 2003 she has graduated in Biodance, then specializing in several areas as Clinic Biodance.
In 2013 he has graudated at the Psychiteraphy School directed by prof. Lattuada and obtained the degree in BTE Body Mind Work – Corpo del Sogno e Arte del Dono di Sé  (first level) at Biotransenergetics Italian Society.
Since 2002 she is leading individual and group paths of psychological assistance  and expressive techniques for therapeutic rehabilitation, mainly through transpersonal approach and Biodance system.
In Italy she is member of the Biodance operators National Association, training teacher in Biodance schools, leader operator of Laughing Yoga and expert in adjuvant techniques for personal growth as Dr. Bach Flowertherapy, Color Test and graphology.

Country: Italy


Jenie Ranger

Bio :  Diplomata al Collège Du Vieux Montreal (Canada) in Scienze Politiche e Relazioni Internazionali. Studente di Filosofia alla Federico II di Napoli. E' socia dell'Istituto Italiano di Psicosintesi ed ha collaborato con il Centro di Psicosintesi di Napoli. Per cinque anni ha viaggiato in Oriente e in Occidente alla ricerca di una più precisa consapevolezza di cosa vuol dire essere umani. Il suo Intento è cambiare il mondo, in modo che l'umanità possa passare dall'infanzia all'età adulta.

Nazione :  Canada


Jane Jones

Bio :  Touch, smell, vision, intuition, faith, awareness
Everything is already here. Inside and out. Forgotten and remembered. Past and present. The unknown is known. Simple tasks. From the body. From the heart. A moment. A feeling
My work deals with emotional states of being. Connection to the oldest parts of us. A personal experience that is common to all. With nuances and repetitions. With absurdity and chance. With itself.
I am interested in physical and psychological transformation. I want to connect ancient rituals and passages to contemporary experience. Some of my work is interactive. It requests the viewer to engage with it on a physical level and asks the viewer to make their own narrative from their own physical sensation of interaction.
woman, traveller, artist, partner, writer, mother, friend, auntie, sister, advisor, catalyst, daughter, participator, cook, interested, aware, funny, shy, old, passionate, ordinary, energetic, brave, kind, slow, anxious, open, intelligent.

Francesco Catalano

Francesco Catalano

Bio: Francesco Catalano, Architect, was born in Padova in 31/08/1965 and is working for Arup Italia since 2011, where he is the Senior Architect responsible for the final design of the front systems of the Citylife towers in Milan.
He is SRT Biodance operator since 2012 and is now leading a course at “La Casa” Family Health Advicing Center, also in Milano.
He is specialized in Biodance and the 4 elements and Deep Masculinity and Femininity and is now attending the 3rd year at the Transpersonal Counceling School of Prof. Lattuada.
Speaking both Italian  and English, he is also practitioner of martial arts Aikido and Karate (1° dan), Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga and offshore sailing.

Country: Italy


Loretta Illuminati

Bio: Loretta Illuminati is a transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist trained in Biotransenergetics, scholar of ritual healing art, psychoanthropology  and archetypal psychology.
She believes in the original unity of knowledge, so she actively researches to realize the synthetis of western and eastern way of thinking, ancient shamanic traditions, and Native Populations’ philosophies.
To deeply live the healing power of Nature is the transpersonal vision she promotes and diffuses as a referent for OM - Association for Transpersonal Medicine and Psychology,  in Saludecio and Rimini province.

Country: Italy



Fabrizio D’altilia

Bio: Fabrizio D’altilia is a councelor, sociologist and antropologist of religion and an eastern and western philosophies and psychologies comparation specialist who connects these subjects through the transpersonal approach.
He shares Om seat in Saludecio and Rimini province with Dr. Loretta Illuminati.
He integrates his several studies and experiences about disease and personal growth treatment in his regeneration inner path and he collaborates with several intercultural and psycho-social associations.
As a relator and manager he assists events and conferences, all around Italy, concerning psychology, culture, wisdom and spirituality.

Country: Italy


Jure Biechonski

Bio :  Professor Jure Yoram Biechonski Counselling - Psychologist
President of the Estonian Transpersonal Association
Founder and director of SACH International.
School of Analytical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.
As founder and Creator of THA (Transactional Hypno-Analysis)
Holds academic degrees in:
History, Philosophy, education, French Literature, and Psychology.  
He is a guest lecturer in:
Sichuan University Chengdu, China,
St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg Russia,
University of Tatrtu, Tartu, Estonia.
Also guest lecturer in various medical colleges and business colleges around the world.
So far Jure is running regular courses in 8 different countries and lectures in more then 65 countries worldwide.
Jure brings to the course 30 years of practice as a psychotherapist and his 9 years study of Hypnotherapy and NLP to an advanced level.
Former teacher and actor, he has eight years of academic education plus three years of training in Humanistic Counselling and two years in Family Counselling.
He has studied Psychodrama in Berlin, Art & Dance Therapy in Italy. After international experience working with individuals and companies, Jure moved to the U.K. to study for higher academic qualifications.
As a psychotherapist Jure uses Hypnotherapy as a tool to accelerate the therapeutic process by accessing the subconscious mind.
Jure has studied for three years in The U.K. College of Hypnotherapy & Counselling and is a graduate of The Atkinson Ball College of Hypnotherapy & hypnohealing. His qualifications and extensive studies have provided him with a wide scope of various counselling and hypnotic techniques, which ensures a high success rate among his clients

Country: ESTONIA


Vasumi Zjikaa

Bio :  From 18 years of deeply and intimately exploring the harmonic matrix through the Mayan Calendar and understanding through experience the enlightenment process, Vasumi shares her quest.
Revelations received over the past 20 years of diligently exploring the real and unreal have enabled her to embrace a totally new paradigm that has its roots in the harmonic web of all of life, her experiences with the Tzolkin of the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar have proved this foundation as the basis for living the experience of the New Time.
Her daily blog of the past 3 years, based on the r-evolving energies of each day, are an archive of her revelations throughout that time. Through this amazing tool she has poked and prodded at this timeless system to uncover its foundational messages as a guide to humanity at we walk collectively forward as Enlightened Evolutionaries.
Vasumi came to the Dreamspell through Ramana Maharshi, she received the grace of Source consciousness through his disciple...

Country :  Peru at the moment... originally NZ

Vladislav Matrenitsky

Vladislav Matrenitsky

Bio :  Vladislav Matrenitsky, M.D., PhD, is graduated from Odessa State Medical University (United Kingdomraine). Completed his Ph.D. on physiology and biochemistry of ageing at Institute of Gerontology of Academy of Medical Science of USSR. Since 2001 he studies from Nikolay Oorzhak, the hereditary Tuvan shaman and Master of throat singing. Together they created a system for improving the health and spiritual development “Un-Hun - The Sound of Sun”. Presently Vladislav is general and transpersonal psychotherapist, sound healer and bioresonance therapist. He is developing the Un-Hun system and sharing it with a Western world. Dr. Matrenitsky is co-founder of the ETPA. Web-site:

Country :  United Kingdomraine

Matteo Hu

Matteo Hu

Bio: Matteo Hu has felt, since the beginning of his life, that somehow everything is alive, conscious and interconnected.
He has frequented several environments, locations and situations where, through different paths and sensibilities, other people shared the same feeling.
Finally he has found what he has always been looking for in Transpersonal Psychology, particularly in Biotransenergetics: the path that integrates, in a new and clear way, the traditional healing knowledge hereditament to modern psychology.
This is the path he’s practicing his own and sharing in his work as a licensed Transpersonal  Psychotherapist, through personal treatments and seminaries all over the world.

Country: Italy


Augusto Bortoluzzi

Bio: Augusto Bortoluzzi is a culture creative promoter of “Plants Music”event, which is going to take place after “Mother Oak” project by Arteikos.
These event and project are to demonstrate that the translation of plants biorhythm sound creates performances where music becomes the possible interaction language between human being and vegetal world.

Country : Italy


Magda Giannino

Bio: Magda Giannino, Manager, founder of Arteikos, is a Bodymindwork BTE trainer at Biotransenergetics Italian Society where she organizes evolution itineraries in Nature and cultural events welcoming every form of Art through transenergetic methodology.

She is training as a Transpersonal Psychology counselor at Integral Transpersonal Institute, Milan.

Her current life philosophy is linkable to the following expressions:

“Beauty will save the World” – Dostoevskij

“You’ll find more in the Woods than in Books. Trees and Stones will teach you things that no other master could tell you.” – S. Bernardo di Chiaravalle

“In Beauty we transform the substance into Rainbow.” - Web

“Life is Celebration.” – Anonimous

Country: Italy


Mauro Ventola

Mauro Ventola

Bio :  Mauro Ventola is a reasearcher, author and teacher of the Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).At his 25, he has already published 5 books about NLP with the contribution of 8 psychologists and psychotherapists from different Italian psychology schools. He has studied Philosophy at Federico II Uni- versity and has already entered, so young, into the study group of Prof. Antonio Gargano, the general secretary  of  the  Italian  Institute  for  Philosophic  Studies.  Since  3  years  he  runs  training  seminaries, open to the public, at the Psychosynthesis Italian Institute, founded by psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. His purpose is to generate a new reign of possibilities through spreading the Human Potential Motion, and researching on it, between people and youngsters of his generation.

Country : Italia


Milica Zegarac

Bio :  Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, but spent the second half of my life in the U.S. Student of transpersonal psychology at Sofia University, concentration in consciousness and creativity. Fascinated with anything that has to do with yoga and over time sampled many of its varieties. Licensed Hatha yoga instructor (lineage of Bihar school of yoga), as well as certified Taoist yoga (Yin Institute, Paulie Zink). Working toward RYT500 certification in Tantra yoga, Kaula lineage.

Completed courses and attended seminars in Zen yoga, Iyengar yoga, Tantra yoga, Silva method, Prana healing, Thai massage, and so on. Spiritist and energy healing are another field of research and interest. I love to visit Brazil and spend time there at the spiritual healing center of John of God. My goal in life is to spread the light of yoga and its phenomenal health and spiritual benefits where ever I go. I see it as a simple, yet effective way to heal the wounds of both individuals and our human civilization.

Country :  Serbia /USA

Claudia Castiglioni

Claudia Castiglioni

Bio : The dimension of color, substance and shape has always been part of Claudia Castiglioni’s reality. Her artistic research of creative expression connected to natural unconscious elements creates paint- ings, assembly, plastic works, manufacts and  illustrations for children and adults.

Through the interaction with Biotransenergetics, healing circles, self-healing and painting experiments are generated.

She is graduated in Fine Arts at Milan Brera Academy, specializing in Theory and Practice of Thera- peutic Art and she is now working on her script to get the Counselor degree at Om School for Transper- sonal Medicine and Psychology in Milan.

She in training in BTE Bodymindwork at Biotransenergetics Italian Society.

Country : Italia

Ingrida Indañe

Ingrida Indañe

Bio :  MA, visual artist, arts teacher, psychologist, certified transpersonal psychotherapist. Graduated Arts Academy and Institute of Psychology in Riga. Has studied arts therapy at Stradina University (University of Medicine) in the Master degree program for 2 years.  She has been integrating transpersonal aspects in her psychological and educating work since 1995, conducted  workshops  in EU, India, Australia, Russia and Moldova, has been working with private clients/patients for 15 years including work with autism patients to develop their creative skills. Has worked as a visual arts teacher in a Professional Art High school and the Art College in Latvia and has been the team leader for organizing 5 international creative art summer-camps in Latvia. With her paintings has participated in several exhibitions in Latvia and Germany.

Country :  Latvia


Marcello Aragona

Bio: Marcello Aragona is an aggregate professor of Medical Oncology, Psychotherapist with Transpersonal orienta- tion, SIPO regional coordinator and the person in charge of the Psychoncology Surgery and of the Oncology Hospice. He is a professor of Medical Oncology, Bioethics, Psychoncology, Pain Therapy and PNEI at Messina University.

He is the author of more than 200 scientific publications, among others the monograph “Stress Physiopathology: Histopathologic Aspects of the Human Emotional behavior”, Melino Nerella, 2009. Since 1974 he practices and teaches several psycho-corporal and spiritual meditation techniques, training with masters as Arturo Sica (Jules Grossman student), Carl Simonton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Master Choa Kok Sui students, Aldo Scarpulla (Assagioli Psychosynthesis), Bhola Banstola shamans, Don Juan Nunez del Prado and Marlene Silveira.

Country : Italia

Claudio Calcina

Claudio Calcina

Bio :  Dr. Claudio Calcina psychologist and transpersonal psychoterapist, is in training for becoming an official trainer of the Biotransenergetic transpersonal approach. Degreaded also in philosophy, he studied in detail many traditional and modern bodymind tecniques to improve wellness and consciuosness, like Craniosacral, Shiatzu, Reiki, overtone singing, Denthosophy and Shorei-kan.
In 2009 he took the qualification to conduct Biotransenergetic groups of bodymind practices of Corpo del Sogno and Arte del Dono di Sé.
He is a qualified psychologist since 2011 and he is also a qualified psychoterapist since 2014.

Country : Italia

Kathleen Ohara

Kathleen Ohara

Bio :  Kathleen O'Hara, MA LPC is a psychotherapist,  trainer, international expert on Violent Death Trauma, Victim Service Specialist, author of A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love, a classic resource on traumatic grief and consultant for the Federal Office for Victims of Crime in the USA Department of Justice She provides training for therapists, victim service providers, justice practitioners in Europe, Canada and the USA.  She has been a transpersonal therapist for twenty two years with a specialty in Traumatic Bereavement from homicide, suicide, drug overdose, war, terrorism or any sudden death. She also provides workshops in Compassion Fatigue for caregivers using meditation and mindfulness techniques. She has been a meditator for thirty years and holds a MA in Psychology/ Somatics from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She lives in London where she provides counseling, consulting, training and international specialist services.

Country :  United Kingdom

Alon Raz

Alon Raz

Bio :  Alon is a clinical psychologist specializing in mindfulness-based psychotherapy, and a storyteller. He teaches at both The Max Stern Yezreel Valley Collage and the Haifa University in Israel - school of art therapies, and he is the head of Shiluv - a center that integrates body, mind and spirit, East and West in psychotherapy teachings, where he also leads a two year program of Buddhist psychology.

Country: Israel

Folorunso Odidiomo

Folorunso Odidiomo

Bio: Folorunso Odidiomo studied German in Ile-Ife, Nigeria and didactics German as a foreign language in Jena, Germany. He worked as a research assistant in the Humanities Collaborative Research Center (SFK/FK 560), Institute of African Studies/Linguistics, University of Bayreuth, Germany, from 2006 to 2007. He currently teaches German language, cultutal studies and literature in the Department of Foreign Languages of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. His research interests are Germanic Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Gender Studies and Cognition and Ritual. He is a co-founder and currently the director of Deutsches Haus (NGO), the Nigerian-German Center for Intercultural Encounters.

Country :  Nigeria


Matteo Andrea Terenzio Covelli

Professione o attività : Laureato con la tesi “Aspetti psicopatologici e neuropsicologici del gioco d’azzardo”(relatore:dott.Gianluca Castelnuovo), in Scienze e tecniche Psicologiche, presso l’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano con la valutazione di : Centosette su Centodieci.
Laureato con la tesi “E.N.T.R.Y European Network of Trainers for Nonviolence and Resilience of Young people, un progetto europeo sulla prevenzione della violenza tra i giovani”(relatore:dott.ssa Marta Elena), in Psicologia Clinica “Salute, Relazioni familiari e interventi di comunità”, presso l’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano con la valutazione di : Cento su Centodieci.
Operatore per il trattamento della patologia da gioco d’azzardo presso Orthos,
Operatore nel progetto Clean per il trattamento delle nuove dipendenze. Operatore del progetto E.N.T.R.Y European Network of Trainers for Nonviolence and Resilience of Young people” progetto europeo per la prevenzione della violenza tra i giovani.
Nazione : italia

Steve Taylor Phd

Steve Taylor Phd

Bio :  Steve Taylor PhD is senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University. He is the author of a number of books, including The Fall, Waking From Sleep and Back to Sanity. His academic publications include papers in The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, The Journal of Consciousness Studies, The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology and The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. His new book The Calm Center: Reflections and Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, is published Eckhart Tolle Editions.

Country :  United Kingdom

Dobler Johannes

Dobler Johannes

Bio :  Johannes
was born in Austria- as the first child of Austrian war immigrants in 1949
finished an Civil Engineer school in 1969
studied Sociology in Munich – Germany 1971 till 1973
left university - because he found what he was searching for –
the access to the Soul – he found a way to feel the love inside - 1973
had intense Enlightenment experiences and went on spiritual journeys in the early 70ies,
lived in Ashrams – till 1982.
participated in an Austrian Eco village Project 1987 - 1990
working in architecture till 1995 –
working as an artist, designer inventor and healer
Civil engineer - consultant for Feng Shui & Geomancy
Architecture & Designs for Eco houses – Seminar Centres & Eco villages
Products – mixtures of mineral powders - for harmonizing houses
“Stargates – Paintings of the Soul”
Awareness of love” since 1971,
Feng Shui - Matrix – Medicine Wheels - Family systems - since 1995 -
“Soulstar - the Matrix of love – since 2001
Shamanic Ceremonies - since 2009
Lectures – Seminars & individual Consultations on
Awareness – the Soulstar & Feng Shui   
in Europe – America & India.

Country :  Austria Spain

Emanuela Fornticoli

Emanuela Fonticoli

Bio :  Psychologist and Focusing Coordinator for Children and Adults. She formed in Focusing at the New York Focusing Institute of Eugene Gendlin. She works daily with children and adults, encouraging listening of unexpressed sensations and needs, in order to get in touch with the body and its ancient language.

She conducts certified classes for adults who work with children (teachers, operators, doctors, psychol- ogists, educators) and who want to learn how to relate with them by using Focusing. Specialized in trauma psychology, she is training in EMDR.

Very fond of children’s tales, she wrote and published her first novel, “Jim il Pesce”.At last, recently she reached Transpersonal, the missing piece she has long sought.

Country : Italia

Elina Hounta

Elina Hounta

Bio :  My name is Elina Hounta and I have been studying "soul issues" consciously for more than half of my life. Going through mainstream and not so mainstream education I tried to integrate both sides into a consistent statement regarding what I have understood so far. Recently, I got my PhD in Creative Conflict Resolution in Multicultural Environments with the use of Digital Image from the University of Athens, Greece. In the past, I have worked with hospitalized kids as an entertainer-therapist and also engaged in organizations such as the United Nations, working on Humanitarian Affairs. My background is on Philosophy, Educational Studies and Psychology (MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology - LSE). Non mainstream knowledge has been gained through my interaction with native tribes of the Americas, while traveling to various places of the continent. At the present moment, I am working on giving a different perspective on education and educators.

Country :  Greece

Reginaldo Coelho

Reginaldo Coelho

Bio :  Reginaldo Teixeira Coelho (Regis), formed by the UFMG Clinical Psychologist, specializing in International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis Bionergetic Analisys-NY-USA, in Applied Kinesiology by The Three Concepts and one-Burbank-CA-USA in Psychodrama and Group dynamics by SOBRAPE - Brazil, General Organizer of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd training in Systemic Family Therapy Phenomenological Bert Hellinger in Brazil, Vice President of ABC systems (Brazilian Association of Systemic Constellations).

Country :  Brasil

Lindy Mc Cullin

Lindy McMullin

Bio: Lindy is a certified Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Supervisor (EUROTAS), a Quantum Field Therapist, Author and Lecturer. Director and Coordinator of the EUROTAS 2014 conference in Crete, Core member of EDTR, she holds an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies (United Kingdom) and is currently doing her PhD in Ancient Greek Myth & Music in Personal, Professional and Transpersonal Development (S.A.). She is in private practice in Athens Greece, working with children and adults. She teaches Mindfulness to kindergarten children at a private school in Athens and is involved in teacher and parent  training in Mindfulness. She runs seminars abroad and is developing a project on 'A changing Perception' an innovative approach to experiencing the Transpersonal Perspective in everyday life.

Type of presentation   Workshop
Country :  Greece


Tanna Jakubowicz

Bio: I’m transpersonal psychotherapist working with individuals and groups.
President of Polish Transpersonal Forum since 1993, member of EUROTAS.
I have followed many path studying mystical Judaism, Buddhism and Shamanism.
I practice religion of love yearning to awaken the heart of wisdom and compassion.
I was initiated and named Tender Bear Woman by North–West medicine people and belong to the Council of Women Elders.
I also participate in EUROTAS Council of Elders founded in Crete 2014.
I’m supporting an evolution of human kind from Homo Separatus - disconnected from the Whole
to Homo Holos - the one who embraces the Universe with tender consciousness.

Country: Poland

Agota E. Ruzsa

Agota E. Ruzsa

Mindful coach&facilitator, Budapest, Hungary, chair of SoL Hungary,   
Originally as a teacher of Arts and Languages, she co-founded the Hungarian affiliate of International House Language School in Hungary in the early 1980s.

In 1988 studied and got teacher training certificate – in co-counselling, assertiveness, six-cat coaching - at Human Potential Research Group founded by John Heron at the University of Surrey,United Kingdom.  Thus in 1989 she co-counded  Ariadne Gaia Alapítvány for personal and professional development for people in the helping professions, like educators, psychologists and counsellors as well as women programmes all around the country.

In the mid 90s, as a facilitator and consultant, she was part of the Dialogue Facilitators' Project at the Centre for Organizational Learning at MIT, USA and in 1998 she co-founded Learning organisations for Sustainability, SoL Hungary. a fractal community of Global SoL, ( Society for Organisational Learning community).

In the 2010s she has been deeply involved in Social Healing-Learning and Leading via integrating large group dialogic processes with presencing, mindfulness and consteallation work. Thus she just initiated a Duna Network of WisdomWeavers, where glocal action is enhanced by empowering people by local traditions woven into new science based methods and approaches deepened by tanspersonal awareness. Wisdomweavers they are.

Agota has specialized in developing capacities to facilitate systemic and transformative dialogues to enhance collective intelligence for community building along the line of the principles of learning organizations. Studied and practiced large group systemic facilitation with Billie Alban, Barbara Benedict Bunker, Juanita Brown and others and has been studying co-counselling and awareness from John Heron, metaphysics and spirituality from Gillian Wright, mindfulness from  Jon Kabat-Zinn, constellation work from Peter Orban and W.Nettes, systemic awareness from P.Senge, presencing from O.Scharmer, perseverance to the spirit from her mother… they all have contributed to her practice in facilitation and coaching for soul presence in social healing
Her work experience spans over borbers both geographically and in social devides. Thus she works as a university lecturer as well as a trainer and educator, a social development facilitator, change menagement consultant, and metaphysics based dialogic healer.  

She has held a seat on the Board of Trustees of the Club of Budapest, Hungarian Association, in the Board of Trustees of Global SoL and is still active in Tűzmadár-Firebird Foundation for Cancer patients’ rehabilitation work.
Her present focus is SouLPresence in Social Transformation—meaning dedicated societal healing dialogues to ease the formative power of social traumas that still generate disfunctional social behaviour in relation to nations, regions, and even civilisations thus leading to conflict and disarray. 


emergent studies institute

Regina U Hess, PhD & Diane Rogers, PhD

Regina is a clinical psychologist and body-centered transpersonal psychotherapist from Germany with a specialization in individual and collective/transgenerational trauma and transcultural shamanic traditions. Regina holds a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology (U.S.) & embodied phenomenology (United Kingdom). She has worked in India, Nepal, the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Africa, and feels herself to be a citizen of the world.
    She has founded the International Asě Healing Center where Ancient Healing Traditions Meet Modern Sciences (Cologne, Germany) as an umbrella for global interdisciplinary projects, and she is faculty at international transpersonal educational institutes. Regina is on the Board of Directors of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and is co-founder of the EUROTAS Disaster/Trauma Task Force.
    Regina is an independent researcher. She has specialized in embodied approaches to research and the intertwining of arts-based methods with a main interest in community-oriented field research. Regina is co-founder of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research. Further activities include the bridging of research with film, music, and art for the dissemination of knowledge to a greater public, and being a member of the Arts & Sciences Researcher Forum, Cambridge University, United Kingdom.    She is co-founder of the Transpersonal Film Division, faculty, and board of directors of Emergent Studies Institute, U.S.

ESI’s founding mothers Lisa Evert-Raeyne, MATP, Trace Whitley, MATP, and Valentine McKay-Riddell, PhD Emergent Studies Institute (U.S.) created Emergent Studies Institute with the intention to effect positive global change through promoting rigorous academic studies and engagement in community service, spiritual activism and creativity.

We all walk upon the path of Spirit, and just as the nautilus shell represents the soul’s journey, so do our students emerge with the understanding and commitment to build bridges in an ever-changing world.

We recognize that one of the most powerful tools for change is film. Promoting world-wide, cross-cultural collaboration through filmmaking, ESI’s Transpersonal Film Division strives to contribute to the growth of a global transformative.

Country: Germany & USA/AU


Näthan "Saith" Gangadean

Näthan's Love of music is born of, and driven by, the power of music to transform and uplift culture.  He has never settled for anything other.  Growing up in a Deep-Dialogue environment he went into teaching Yoga classes professionally (2001) already imbued with a deep intuitive sense of Yoga philosophy but saw that the world of "pop" yoga, like so many other realms, had become largely the antithesis of what Real Yoga is meant to be.  With his songwriting and producing growing alongside, and nourished by, his yoga teaching practice, over the years he has developed a highly potent medicine in both the realms of Yoga and Music geared towards liberating both art forms.  In recent years he has begun to hone in this unique approach to yoga into what he calls "Saith Yoga" which is a style designed to liberate the practitioner in all styles of yoga and every physical art form.  This is where the Name, "The Yoga of yoga" came from.  He has also recently begun recording new music for future albums alongside producing online yoga instruction providing guidance in the Saith Yoga method.  While he writes his online "Blogue" reflections based on his research in the Art of Yoga in all realms of Life he also continues to develop an innovative Life Counseling service (Awakening Life Arts) based in the Deep-Dialogue methods he was trained in as well as his continuing research in spearheading Yogic Wisdom for today's mind and world. 

Country: USA


Tarso Firace

Bio :  Tarso Firace , graduated in Philosophy ( São Bento Institute)  and Business
Administration (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado). Physics and
Astrophysics  (USP).  Studied with David Bohm, in Oak Grove Scholl, CA,
Quantum Physics and On Dialogue. . Master in Quality with extension in Systems (JUCE in
Yokohama, Japan). . President of Brazilian Association of
Systemic Constellations (ABC Sistemas), author of many Systemic books :
Diving at the Soul, The Age of Meaning,  Immense Life and Terapeutical Immense Life.

Country :  Brazil


Davide Ferraris

Bio :  Psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist. Qualified for using EMDR method for post-traumatic stress disorders and anxiety disorders (2002, EMDR Institute, USA).

Qualified for teaching Biotransenergetics psy- choterapic method (2002, SIBTE, Società Italiana di Biotransenergetica qualified trainer). Teacher, supervisor and member of the Teaching Board of “Scuola di Formazione in Psicoterapia Transpersonale” in Milan. Director of Rome Office of Om- Association for Transpersonal Medicine and Psychology.

Country :  Italia


Alexis Breguel Montino

Bio :  Hace varios años me dedique a trabajar en moda en Europa y participé de varias exposiciones, en este momento me encuentro desarrollando un proyecto personal llamado Fotografía Transpersonal el cual me ha llevado a avanzar en lo que es el concepto de fotografía contemporánea. Este tipo de fotografía integra la práctica de fotógrafo con principios espirituales como aspectos complementarios del desarrollo artístico. En el acto fotográfico, el artista trasciende el sentido de sí mismo para identificarse con una consciencia mayor. Las obras son producto de estas experiencias cumbres revelando lo invisible, el punto de contacto entre el cielo y la tierra, entre la divinidad y el hombre. Este trabajo es único y da cuenta del avance de la fotografía, los trabajos están hechos únicamente de noche obligándome a esperar todos los movimientos planetarios y estelares, dando paso a la creatividad infinita.
Las obras son realizadas con imágenes reales de la luna, venus, júpiter, marte.

Nazione :  chile


Emanuela Palazzo

Bio: Transpersonal  Counselor  Biotransenergetics  methodology  and  BTE  trainer  in  training. During the last ten years I have chosen to start an evolution and study path that has allowed me to under- stand how it is possible to live in harmony with oneself and the others, to deal with daily choices and to deal with toughness that inevitably affect psycho-physical structure. I offer you the possibility to learn how to work, enjoy the family, live with yourselves with a new awareness, facing breaks and troubles with a different perspective, honoring your talents and your nature. Thanks to the evolution experience that I acquainted with BTE, I’ve had possibility to integrate my previous professional experience as Foundation Director and General manager’s assistant and to create integration models, learning to express my talents in a holistic way.

Country : Italia


Cristina Rovetta

Bio: Transpersonal  Counselor  Trainer,  Biotransenergetics  Methodology.  Master  in  BTE  Body- mindwork. She conducts individual Counseling sessions, group workshops, and holistic practices of integral well-being and help to the person. Her healing relationship is orientated towards family “system” in its social environment, and it is a maieutic non-directive  relationship suitable for adults, teen-agers, children, individ- uals, couples, families and groups. Prevention, support, human resources activation in family, school, job, community. She practices in Milano and, on demand, on the whole Italian territory.

Country : Italia


Stefania Piloni

Bio: Doctor by choice, gynecologist for friendship and solidarity to all women. Graduate in Medicine and specialized in gynecology at Università degli Studi di Milano, she integrated traditional studies with studying and training in natural disciplines (homeopathy and phytotherapy). Phytotherapy  and  Natural  Medicine  teacher  in  training  classes  for  medical  doctors  and  pharmacists. From 2000 she is lecturer in the Pytotherapy and Complementary Medicines advanced course.She  cooperates  with  scientific  journals  and  magazines,  author  of  books  of  scientific  popularization, journalist from 2013.She lives in Milan with her family, mother of three children.

Country : Italia


BLIN Bernadette

Bio :  Psychologist, Transpersonal psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. Director of IRETT (Training institute in Transpersonal Psychotherapy) in France, Vice-President of GRETT (French Transpersonal Association) and President of EUROTAS. Author of many articles on Transpersonal Psychotherapy and spirituality. Author of several books "Healing the Ego, Revealing the Being, the challenge of Transpersonal Psychotherapies", Manual of Transpersonal Psychotherapy" and Psychotherapy and Spirituality.

Country :  France


Aldea Monica Irene

Bio: I am from Romania
I was born in 11/01/1969
Constanta Romania
profession - integrative psychotherapist
I attended the Eurotas in 2012 - Latvia, where I sung a traditional song in Romanian.
I play Indian music at age 8 years. I taught myself to play this music. Not speaking Hindi.
I love music and singing in Hindi and Urdu.  I don"t have a great performance in Romania , because the public in Romania does not know me very much. I wish I could I address an audience who appreciate this kind of music.”

Country :  Romania


Danilo Bellancini

Bio :  Danilo Bellancini: since 2001 I have been studying and practicing Yoga with two pupils of B.K.S. Iyengar. I love contemporary theatre and I study sacred/anthropological theatre. I find in Shamanic Yoga the perfect syncre- tism that strengthen my experiences.

I facilitate a path called “Your creative body”, in which I integrate theatrical, shamanic, and yoga experiences. I’m a soul explorer through expanded states of consciousness. Musician. Graduate Shamanic Yoga Trainer at the Selene Calloni William’s Imaginal Academy and Psicogenealogy and Familiar Costellation Facilitator.

Country : Italia


Helmut Christof

Bio :  1970, at the  age of 19 I experienced as a result of my yoga studies the Awakening of the Kundalini energies. 2 Years later I was invited into an afro Brazilian Trance circle and initiated into the world of the Yoruba gods.  15 years later I was introduced by some native American shamans into their knowledge about the medicine wheel and the use of the sweatlodge. Out of these different approaches to shamanic traditions I developed in the following years a series of Initiations to open a new understanding of GAIA the living earth based on experiences. These initiations named  gaia-consciesness-training contain and combine the wisdom of  indigenous people with  elements of the transpersonal and humanistic psychotherapy. I work all over europe to help people to heal the connection of mind, body and nature.  My website:

Country :  Germany


Jenny Lynn

Bio :  Jenny Is a Transpersonal Therapist, Intuitive Coach and Personal Development Mentor and also a Buddhist of 30+ years practice. She is an international speaker and her subjects include The Psycho-Spiritual Causes of Disease, Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - The Full MBS Picture, Clearing Fear and Being Authentic Leaders of Personal Development, Buddhism and the Transpersonal, and the Re-balancing of the Masculine and Feminine in our Consciousness to Heal.  She has been commissioned by the NHS in the United Kingdom to treat patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has trained GP's and more than 70 of her colleagues how to treat CFS and today she coaches and mentors her colleagues. She is also a blues dancer and teacher as well as tantric practitioner advocating how working with the body has the capacity to heal the deeper layers of the psyche and the soul.

Country :  United Kingdom


Diane Rogers

Dr. Diane Rogers is a life and career coach, transpersonal psychotherapist and the creator of Storycatching™, a creative arts and evidence-based coaching approach designed to help people recognize, understand and transform the narrative patterns that dominate their lives. As research psychologist, she investigates the subtleties of the human-environment relationship, exploring how changes in human settings contribute to patterns of thinking, believing, and behaving. She holds a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University and is also a certified facilitator of the Center for Creative Leadership assessments and instruments, a certified NLP practitioner and a facilitator of Systemic Family Constellations Therapy.

 Country: Australia/USA


Riccardo Marco Scognamiglio

Riccardo Marco Scognamiglio: clinical psychologist, psychoterapist, psychosomatologist, specialized in Social Psychology, is a member of International College of Psychosomatic Medicine (ICPM) and Society for Psychoterapy Research (SPR). He was trained as a psychoanalyst at Ecole de la Cause Freudienne in Paris, established by Jacques Lacan and at Ecole Européenne de Psychanalyse.

In 1996 he founded in Milano the “Istituto di Psicosomatica Integrata”, which conducts therapy, research and training activities throughout innovative models in the field of body-mind relationship,  cooperating with several university research groups, both national and international. He is a body techniques teacher in several international schools and author of many articles in the field of Clinical Psychology.

Country: Italia


Bruno Di Loreto Wurms

Bio :  Bruno di Loreto Wurms is a Counselor, naturopath, martial artist and freelance researcher.In the last 30 years he has been working in training schools and research groups, in social context as network developer, community facilitator and Ecosphy theorist, the transpersonal side of ecology. He is sharing his experience with groups, schools, communities and social workshops.He supports living beings and the Planet towards transition to a new Era of happiness and beauty.

Country : Italia


Edgars Mucenieks

Bio :  Edgars Mucenieks
since 2010 Doctoral studies at Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy
2008 Art Academy of Latvia, Painting Department (Master of Arts degree in the Humanities)
1993 Art Academy of Latvia, Painting Department (B.A. equivalent degree)
1984. Janis Rozental’s Riga Secondary Art School

Since 2001 The Artists’ Union of Latvia

Solo Exhibitions
2008 “Stories”, Zavod Ivana Cankarja, Vrhnika, Slovenia
2007 The seaside story ,“Atelier Artistiek”, Hengelo, Netherland
2006 ”Two lines”, Art museum Ogre, Latvia
2004 ”Travellers scripts”, gallery “Carousell”, Riga, Latvia
2000 “Ilkka and the Flying Ties”, Kable factory, Helsinki, Finland
1995 “Ganības” (Pasture), M6 gallery, Riga, Latvia
1992 “Connect Me”, Jāņa sēta exhibition hall, Riga, Latvia

Exhibitions, projects
2015 Group Exhibition “Genesis”, Jurmala, Latvia
2014 Group Exhibition “Take me out”, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Group Exhibit

Country :  Latvia


Kulli, Kubar

Bio:  Kulli Kubar, MSc, academic education in biology, educational sciences, special education, and psychology. Following more than three years of training in humanistic therapy and family therapy I have now been working as family counsellor for seven years. In 2010, I graduated from the School of Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy. My favourite therapeutic methods are guided imagery and hypnosis. Professional fields of interest: Integration of transpersonal psychotherapy and family therapy. Spoken languages: English, Russian, Estonian. After years of studies and self-exploration, I feel I am ready to help others, and work with single clients, groups, and couples. I am Professional Member of Eurotas.

Country :  Estonia


Nitya & Ninad

Nitya and Ninad met thanks to the same love for truth and beauty which has kept them together as partners.  They  started  immediately  to  play  music  and  sing  together,  offering  the  mantra  and  kirtan experience to closest friends on the path, even though previously Nitya’s background was professional journalism and Ninad was instead a highly trained musician. Nitya and Ninad’s main interest is to sing the Song that we all have in our hearts, that once sung, reveals life as a huge gift and dissolves all sense of separation.

They love this non-verbal sharing of the divine, and it is tangibile in the music they create.During the years they played their music in festivals, events, and workshops in Italy and other parts of Europe-Germany, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland.  Finally, they received recognition from a key distributor in Europe, Silenzio, and they will be sharing their chanting and meditation in concerts and workshops in the U.S., from San Francisco to New York.

litano l’esperienza di sentirsi rilassati, presenti, collegati agli altri e al Tutto.

Country : Italia


Brian Abrams

Bio :  Brian Abrams, Ph.D., MT-BC, LPC, LCAT, Analytical Music Therapist and Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery, has been a music therapist since 1995, with experience across a wide range of clinical contexts. He serves on the faculty at Montclair State University in New Jersey, USA, as Coordinator of Music Therapy. He has published and presented internationally on a wide range of topics such as music therapy in cancer care, music psychotherapy, humanistic music therapy, and the interdisciplinary area of Health Humanities, including his role as one of five authors of a 2015 book by that title.

Country :  USA


Elena Toscan

Bio :  Psychologist  and  tranpersonal  psychoterapist,  specialized  at  Integral  Transpersonal  Institute  in  Milan. After  her  own  and  several  patients’  experiences,  developed  a  strong  interest  about  psycho-spiritual discomfort, particularly described and brought to clinical attention by Stan and Christina Grof and by David LUnited Kingdomoff.She is presently specializing to become a Biotransenergetics trainer, and she is developing “Progetto SEI” (a project fot Integral Spiritual Evolution), which aim is to sensitize and to study psycho-spiritual discomforts.

Country : Italia


Patrizia Pinoli

Bio :  Patrizia Rita Pinoli dedicated herself, along four decades, to primary school teaching.She is a naturopathic skilled in bioenergy, body and movement techniques, theatrical animator, Biotran- senergetics operator, Transpersonal counselor, Master Biotransenergetics bodywork, Master Reiki.

Gathering her formation and her teaching profession, she devoted herself in researching an educational model consistent with the integral vision, capable of transcending separation between rational knowl- edge  and  interior  experience.  Her  first  book  Facciamo  che...  presents  an  integral  educational  model that comes true, thanks to theatre playing, through contact with forces of nature. She writes novels and poems both for adults and children. With ITI Edizioni, she is involved in spreading transpersonal culture.

Country : Italia


Germana Ponte

Bio :  Sociologist PhD., Gestalt Counselor.Focusing Trainer and Italian Certificant Coordinator, accredited The Focusing Insitute in New York. Coordinator is authorized by the Focusing Institue to train Focusing Professionals: Practitioner, Trainer, Coordinators…I also am a Focusing advanced trainee, thanks to my mentor Ann Weiser, who developed a research on Parts and Self in Presence. Being a meditator for all my life, this mastering has been very sympathetic  to me, allowing me to develope a “Transpersonal Focusing”.

Country :  Italia


Andrea Careggio

Bio: Psychologist and psychotherapist, hypnotist, pupil and collaborator of Maestro Claudio Naranjo, in SAT program for compassionate development and self-awareness. I was raised by life master don Leandro Caldera, learning and contributing to create the art of Popular Medicine, meeting herbs, parapsycholo- gy, applied energy and spirituality. Greedy-natured, I developed a growing curiosity for quantum phys- ics, finding in the meaning of the word psyche (blow, not mind) the essence of my work.Manipulations, energetic treatments and psychotherapy itself represent my personal compendium of olistic care. After almost 20 years in activity, I can safely call myself a Country Therapist, offering what I know and what I can to anyone in needing asks.

Country :  Italia


Rosamaria Susanna Barbàra

Nome Cognome : Rosamaria Susanna Barbàra
Bio :  I graduated in Philosophy with a thesis on ethnology. Later, I attended and completed a Master and a PhD in Social Sciences at the University of Bahia, and at the State University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, respectively. My researches, which lasted nearly 10 years, dealt with the sacred dances in Bahia Can- domblé (pioneering thesis involved in decoding the steps of deities and to connect them to the myth and to the rhythm.). I worked at Salvador University in Brazil and then for a few years at Genoa University. Later I dedicated to the realization of workshops and conferences on the topics that I pursued in Brazil. I wrote several books and articles published in Brazil and in the US . Since 1993 I’have been working as Dance Anthropology teacher at the Dance Therapy School Awakenings / ERiss in Milan.

Country :  Italia


Catherine Ziridis

Bio: Catherine Ziridis (BA of Philosophy National University of Athens, Greece MA in Education, University of Arkansas, U.S.A. – President of the Ziridis Educational Organization
2nd nominated Greek woman for the European prize “Women of Europe” 2002
“Knight of the academic order of the Phoenix” - awarded by the President of the French Republic
Strong personality with a profound belief in values and great respect and love for people.
Personal moto: “Where needs of the world and each person’s talents meet, that is the beginning point of our mission in life”.

Country: Greece


Claudia Picardi

Bio :  Probably my soul is divided in two: I’m university researcher in Computer Science and I lead an association, Sophia’s Calling, into which meet various activities related to awareness and “to do soul”, for which I propose Alchemy Cre- ative labs and Creative Meditation, in which artistic and body expression, listening and dialogue, are intertwined to conduct a conversation with the images of unconscious.

Since 2009 I have been following a personal journey within the Educational Psychosynthesis of Roberto Assagioli. At the same time I practiced different techniques of meditation and awareness. In 2012 I obtained my Master in Transpersonal Psychology with particular attention to Creativity and Innovation, at the former Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) in Palo Alto, California. Currently I am student (second year) at the Art Therapy School of Centro Artiterapie in Lecco, Italy.

Country :  Italia


Andrea Molinari

Bio :  Andrea Samar Molinari is a transpersonal psychologist, scholar of the Integral Transpersonal Institute - Biotransenergetics in Milan, Italy. With his graduation thesis entitled “Body in psychotherapy”, he obtained the degree in Clinical/dynamic psychology at the historical University of Padova in 2009. He then made an internship in Functional Body psychotherapy, and started to get interested in Vipassana Meditation, Bioenergetics, Core-Energetics and Reiki practices. He also got in touch with shamanic healing rituals in Mexico and Brazil. He now works as transpersonal psychologist and body/mind therapist in northern Italy, and is involved in studies over “Non ordinary states of consciousness” and “Devotional chantings in south-american native cultures”.

Country :  Italia


Paola Paramatti

Bio :  Education in Art, illustrator, creator of URANIÈ, Transpersonal comic.

Country :  Italia


Magdalena Smieszek

Bio :  I’m a truth seeking, meditating, life loving, freedom advocating human rights lawyer and scholar, currently occupied with a PhD candidacy, researching, writing, teaching, and philosophizing, stationed at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Hitherto, aside from acquiring credentials in the United Kingdom and Canada, I’ve spent much of my existence moving in all cardinal directions of the globe, primarily working in humanitarian settings with the United Nations while attaining transcultural consciousness and pursuing social justice in various parts of Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

Country :  Poland


Tatiana Ginzburg

Bio :  Professional breathworker for twenty years                                    
Transformational game facilitator
Game Master and founder of Game Master's School in Russia
Russian MAPS representative
Leader of the project «Global Enlightenment»

Country :  Russia


Beate IIg

Bio :  Beate Ilg,
qualified musician and singer, sound massage practitioner, vocal coach "Voice – Expression of your Soul".
Diploma in oboe and classical singing, Functional Voice Training, Training in Peter-Hess-Sound Massage, Indivocal Music Therapy according to the Nada Brahma System of Vemu MUnited Kingdomunda, training in various vocal and breathing techniques, Improvisation with Lauren Newton, WeBe3 and Oskar Boldre.
I love to touch and move people, to guide and accompany them into themselves, into their inner world with tibetan singing bowls, singing folks and voice.
I see the voice as a mirror of one's personality, as a tool for healing and inner growth in order to develop individual skills, at the same time as an authentic expression of your being, as a creative way to transport your own vibes into the world.

sound meditation as an interactive performance (group)
Country :  Germany, Italy NO


Marianne Volonté

Bio :  I felt attraction for psycology even before getting my law degree at Zurich University (Switzerland) and my law patent in Lugano. I followed several classes and seminars and followed trainings in Reiki and Graphology. I then was able to apply the acquired know-how as a management consultant in Zurich, specializing in staff management.Then, for a long time I carried out legal  advice in a private law practice in Lugano and Zurich, mainly dealing with financial sector.Interest for Chirology was born when I realized that fingerprints form during the 16th week of fetal life, and they never change until death. This matter of fact, scientifically proven, allowed me to develop a new perspective on the causes of behavioural phenonena and the potential educational  intervention in public and private context.

Nazione :  Svizzera


Agostino Russo

Bio :  I was born at St. Mary C.V. (Ce) on 19.09.1971 and currently live in Cremona. I am a lawyer and I work mainly in family law and debt collectionI am enrolled in the first year of BTE with Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada.

Country : Italia


Roberto Ponziani

Bio: Psychologist,  Psychodinamic  and  Transpersonal  Psychotherapist,  expert  and  scholar  of  non-ordinary States of Consciousness.

Country : Italia


Jan Pilotti

Bio :  Jan Pilotti M.D., B.Sc, mathematics, theoretical physics. Discovered an extension of Einstein's relativity to six-dimensional spacetime, three space and three time dimensions. Mystical experience led to meditation. ”The Soul of the Universe” by the astronomer Gustaf Strömberg, gave the  idea that consciousness and memory is in spacetime beyond the brain. Near-death experiencers talk about more dimensions and saw a possible connection between consciousness and spacetime. Written a chapter ”Conscious spacetime. An outline of  experiential monism” in ”The mysteries of Consciousness. Essays on Spacetime, Evolution and  Well-Being”. Ed I Fredriksson Mc Farland  forthcoming. Retired youth psychiatrist and a free scientist.

Country :  Sweden


Shanti Petschel & Helen Schulz

Bio :  Shamanic Body- Mind- Soul- Workers, Authors, Inspirators, Nature Freaks and Shanti as Musician, International Teachers of AquaticBodywork: Watsu, Waterdance (WATA), IAT (Integrative Aquatic Bodywork), Shamanic Waters,  worked in Germany, Austria, Iceland, Spain, Italy, India, Hawaii, Chile International Teachers Shamanic Rites of Passage: VisionQuest for: Youth at Risk, Elderhood, Relations in Couples, Women/Men in Crisis; in Italy, USA, Chile, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and Germany Systemic Constellation on the Medicine Wheel:  CreaVista Academy Formation Training

Country :  Italy & Germany


Iuliana Costea PhD and Anca Munteanu PhD

Bio :  Anca Munteanu, Emeritus Professor and Psychologist, since 2007 she is the President of European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA).  Is teaching Transpersonal psychology since 2000, in West University of Timisoara, the only state university from Romania with this field. Other psychology interest besides transpersonal field are developmental psychology, creativity and psychoanalisys. She is the author of over 10 book and 150 research papers. Also, she organized 3 international transpersonal conferences in West University of Timisoara, Romania.
Transpersonal psychotherapist in training, teaching assistant PhD. in West University of Timisoara, Psychology Department and psychologist. Since 2007 I am the secretary of European Transpersonal Psychology Association and i am interested in transpersonal research. My PhD dissertation was in psychology and spirituality - Transpersonal development and spiritual crisis. The psychological personality profile of the modern spiritual seeker.Name, Surname : Iuliana Costea PhD and Anca Munteanu PhD
Marie Grace Brook

Country :  Romania


Vladimir Maykov

Vladimir Maykov, Ph.D. is a pioneer of transpersonal studies in Russia. Since 1990, he has developed and taught more than 15 teaching and training programs in transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. He is the author of «Elements of Transpersonal Psychology» (2000), «Holotropic Breathing: History, Sources, Research, Clinics» (2001), «Transpersonal Psychology: Sources, History, Present-day State» (2004) and «Transpersonal Project: Psychology, Anthropology, Spiritual Traditions» (2007). He founded an international publishing project to publish transpersonal psychology texts in Russian and has edited about 80 books for this project. He is senior research associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chair of Transpersonal Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalyse. He is founding President and Board member of the Russian Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy and founder of Transpersonal Project – organization for promoting the whole spectrum of transpersonal knowledge.

Country :  Russia


Luciano Marchino

Bio: Luciano Marchino, Psychotherapist and Bioenergetic Analyst, is Scientific Director of “Istituto di Psi- cologia Somatorelazionale” and author of several books, including Force and Grace (Bollati Borin- ghieri, 2013), and Body doesn’t Lie (Sperling,2004). Former Clinical Psychology lecturer at Università di Milano-Bicocca and Bioenergetic Analysis Training Director. Website:

Country: Italy


Ashok Gangadean

Ashok Gangadean is Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy at Haverford College (USA) where he has taught for the past forty-six years. He was the first Director of the Margaret Gest Center for the Cross–Cultural Study of Religion at Haverford, and has participated in numerous professional conferences on inter–religious dialogue and East–West comparative philosophy. His primary concern throughout his career has been to clarify the universal logos or common ground at the heart of human reason and rational life.
He is Founder–Director of the Global Dialogue Institute which seeks to embody the ideological powers of global reason in all aspects of cultural life. He is the author of Meditative Reason: Toward Universal Grammar and Between Worlds: The Emergence of Global Reason and Meditations of Global First Philosophy: Quest for the Missing Grammar of Logos. He also produced a six CD audio performance of his Awakening of the Global Mind with Sounds True. His current forthcoming book: Awakening Global Enlightenment: The Maturation of our Species.

Country: USA


Marelene Silveira

Marlene Silveira was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. From 1966 to 1972 she worked as lay missionary in Belo Horizonte Favelas, where she got to know ancient Afro-Brazilian traditions. In 1973 she worked with a a class of children in need who, by the end of the year, were able to be sent in normal schools. In 1974 she moves to Italy. In 1993 she graduated as a Psychologist.

Afterwords she accomplish Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training, simultaneously processing with Pier Luigi Lattuada Biotransenergetics Theories and Practices. In 1992 she establish with Pier Luigi Lattuada “Om Association for Humanistic Medicine and Psychology”. From 1986 has been invited as speaker at many national and international seminars and congresses on afro-brazilian shamanistic traditions and “visioni sottili” in healing.

Country: Italy


Marie Grace Brook

Bio :  I am a US psychotherapist (LCSW), spiritual director (CertSD) and transpersonal researcher (PhD[c]) presenting this year at APA and ICCMR conferences on empirical and theoretical studies of ritual therapeutic healing in the form of spiritual hands-on-healing, and researching integration of spiritually transformative experiences with an internet survey study and cross cultural studies. I earned a BA in English Literature and German Language from DUnited Kingdome University, then became an alpine climbing and ice and rock climbing guide. This was followed by healing arts studies at Boulder School of Healing Arts, Rolf Institute for Structural Integration and Upledger Institute of CranioSacral Therapy. I conducted a healing arts school in Durango, CO, raised two children, then returned to school to earn a Masters in Social Work and Masters Certificate in Spiritual Direction. I worked as a hospice social worker and adjunct professor of social work, and private practice. I now attend Sofia University.

Country :  USA


Valentina Lattuada

Valentina Lattuada, actress, director, producer, Transpersonal Counselor, with a University degree in science of Cultural Goods (Thesis on organization and marketing for performing arts and live events) at Università Statale di Milano, has studied research and worked in theatre ( acting, directing, writing, producing, coaching) for many years throughout different countries among which Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Spain and for a long time Brazil ( First actress of Antunes Filho - Grupo Macunaima and part of CPT, Centre of theatrical research of SESC SP)  where she founded Butterfly International ( Sao Paulo) , followed by Blacky Martin Productions based in Spain (Barcelona), production companies through which she promotes artistic-cultural exchanges and creations between Europe, Brazil and the USA in different fields (music, performing arts, film, etc.) . Very close to Biotransenergetica during all her life. Founder and Head Coach of Integral Transpersonal Theatre, she teaches and propose workshops in many cities and countries of the world.

Country: Italy


Aurora Costadoni

Bio :  Aurora Costadoni, psychologist, psychosomatologis, naturopath, dance and body movement teacher.She is a cooperator at “Istituto di Psicosomatica integrata “ in Milan where, she practice clinical activity and deepens, under the guidance of Dr. Riccardo Marco Scognamiglio the study and the practice of ritual and symbolic dances of the Yoruba culture as a model fo mind-body relationship. For ten years she was a teacher of Cuban dances and currently offers internships of Yoruba dances as a vehicle to experience the body in relation with Orixas energies and their transformative effect in an etnopsychosomatc perspective.

Country : Italia


Sara Oberhauser

Bio :  Psychologist and Transpersonal Psychotherapist, after several years of individual and group clinic has expressed in art her soul beyond the mind throughout poetry, drawings, sculpture, performance.

Country : Italia



Juma Vitali

Bio :  Juma Vitali lives and work in Switzerland, Brazil and Italy.Group leader, founder of LifeWings Method®, she offers an emotional body approach to melt the rela- tionship dynamics. After ten years of experience in the helping relationship, she writes The New Family; New Era communities, Ed. Viverealtrimenti.For her The New Family adventure is the starting of communities that arise around the needs of new offspring, natural childbirth, personal growth for parents, educators, midwives and teachers participating in the change to the New Age!To date, the project started in Brazil, familiar territory for Juma, that for about twenty years has considered it as a second home, many of her teachings are connected to this land and its memories.Over the next two years she is concentrating on the development of The New Family in Asti, Italy and every- where else people will feel the urgency and the desire to create with energy and love The New Family!!

Country : Italiana


Pharaony, Shireen

Bio :  Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing is where my expertise lies.
After years as a private banker, in 2011, I decided to leave the banking world, to pursue my mission which is to ac-company people in healing themselves.... from themselves!!!
As a Reiki Master, a painter and a Juice Plus distributor, I use all three things to cover all the aspects of our being, as in my opinion, we are a three part being: a mind, a body and a soul and it is imperative to take care of the three to open up to the huge and unique potential that lies within all of us.

Country :  Switzerland


Krista Nowak

Bio :  I live in Berlin and I have 3 children, dance and movement are my elixir of life.

Nazione: Germania


Evangelia Panagiotaki

I was born in Rethymno .I studied
 Politics and Economics in Athens university,  Classic Ballet in
Varna Dance Academy,and yoga at Illium Center .
I worked as  dance teacher  at the public  Art Gymnasium at Heraklion.
and as  chorographe  for  the international Renaissance Festival in Rethymnon .
I founded the holistic center Pirichi at Heraklion.
 I  organized cultural seminar at the European educational program( SOCRATES / COMENIUS).
I m researcher in the direction of  the universal evolutionary development, through Culture and Art   .
 I emphasize  on the importance of  expression and reception of the knowledge, through the physical body level, as the most  fast vehicle, for feeding the soul idealistic level.


Maria Bambara

Bio : Maria Bambara, Transpersonal Counselor Trainer and Biotransenergetics Trainer, she founded with Claudio Pini the “Circle of Fire”, a new mediumship energy field, in which for 30 years thousands of people have learnt how to enhance self knowledge and communication with holy spirits.

Nazione:  Italia


Raffaella Servello

Bio: Psychologist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Biotransenergetics Trainer, graduate at In- tegral Transpersonal Institute in Milano. Since teenage years has been practicing and conducting Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation classes. After her graduation in 1982, she has worked several years in a psychiatric ward, but her principal concern focuses on holistic ways of healing, on interior research. She is head of Padova “Om Association for Transpersonal Medicine and Psychology”.

Nazione:  Italia


Eva Grifalconi

Bio:  Since 2008 I’m “Transpersonal Counselor, Biotransenergetics methodology” and since 2011 “Biotransenergetics Trainer”. My journey of self-exploration began in 1982 after a serious hands disease, which allopathic medicine could not heal. In 1997, after several experiences of care, individual and collective, with Loving People that ac- companied and supported me in the process of self-healing, I recovered. Self-healing was the first step towards the way of vocational training in Biotransenrgetics.I am the creator and implementer of a children’s game, The Game of BITIÈ, which I believe is a divine son of Biotransenergetics. Voice of Spirit of Love and Freedom... and the Journey continues...

Country: Italy


Nicola Michelon

Bio:  Psychologist, counselor and Biotransenergetics trainer, Biodance teacher. In his self-exploration he meets Baba Bedi, acquiring techniques of vibrational therapy. He is professional rebirther, trainer and shiatsu operator.

Country: Italy


Roberto Lazzaro

Bio :  Psychologist, director of shiatsu school La Decima Luna.Nicola Michelon, psychologist, counselor and Biotransenergetics trainer, Biodance teacher. In his self-exploration he meets Baba Bedi, acquiring techniques of vibrational therapy. He is professional rebirther, trainer and shiatsu operator.


Marzia Bertulezzi

Bio :  Marzia Bertulezzi, Transpersonal Psychotherapist family Constellator, Tibetan Bells Sound Therapist, Prenatal Tutor, head of Bergamo “Om Association for Transpersonal Medicine and Psychology”.                   

Country: Italy


Arturo De Luca

Arturo De Luca, Transpersonal Psychologist and Psychotherapist, has been teaching at the Faculty of Psychology – University of Rome La Sapienza – and at the Faculty of Medicine of Perugia. Former professor and researcher in Naturopathy at the University Jean Monnet in Brussels, after a course of training in Jungian analysis with Aldo Carotenuto (a famous italian Jungian Psychologist and University Professor), he completed his training in Transpersonal Psychology with Stanislav Grof (Grof Transpersonal Training) and other Western and Eastern Masters of meditation and psycho-respiratory practice, according to the Tibetan tradition. After several trips to Egypt, Asia, India and Tibet, De Luca has developed an innovative model of care focused on the recovery of ancient teachings and practices of western and eastern inspired by the universal shamanism, a treasure of wisdom refers to a body of doctrine still largely unknown but retained the Primordial Tradition.
Contract Researcher of CNR (National Research Council), he has carried out several years of research and teaching activities on non-ordinary states of consciousness, and music therapy at academic institutions, such as the four-year postgraduate Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy of Milan (recognized by the Ministry of University and Research) addressed to doctors and psychologists.
Ordinary member of NYAS (New York Academy of Sciences), APA (American Psychological Association) and EUROTAS; author of various publications on rebirthing, shamanic practices, traditional medicine, alchemy, music therapy and psychosomatic medicine. De Luca is also publisher of scientific magazines such as Rivista di Psicologia Transpersonale and Orizzonti del Transpersonale.

Country: Italy


Juan Ruiz Naupari (ES) Renzo Menapace (IT), Alessandra Brunelli (IT)

Bio: Juan Ruiz Naupari is the creator of Pneuma System® and Pneuma Breathwork®, a new synthesis of psychology and spirituality. Pneuma Breathwork® is one of the main tools to access expanded states of consciousness; this practice, combines with the map of inner development provided in the formation, contains a high potential of personal transformation and healing in profound areas of the psyche.
He is the Founder and International Director of Inkarri Asociación Cultural, an association that organised the visit of H.H. the XIV Dalai Lama in Puerto Rico (2004) and made possible the Buddha Maitreya Initiation that H.H. imparted in India (2011).

Every year since 1992 he has coordinated the World Tour for Inner Peace which consists of two projects: the Buddha Maitreya project and the Inkarri project. The former is a solidarity initiative for the recuperation and diffusion of the Tibetan culture; the latter seeks to conserve the values of the Andean culture present in the great Q’ero nation—a last Incan reduct found in Cuzco, Peru in 1955.

He has been worked for more than thirty years as lecturer in universities, congresses and institutes in Europe, Asia and America; he also organises seminars and retreats. Presently he offers a new take on transpersonal therapy through the formation in Pneuma System Therapy in Bucarest and Timisoara, organised by the European-Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology.

Alessandra Brunelli
Holds a Medical Degree as Surgeon from Rome’s University of Studies «La Sapienza» in 1994.
Specialised in maxillofacial surgery since 2001.
Medical director at the San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome.
Begins to show interest in homeopathy and neural therapy in 2012.
Currently training in acupuncture and Tibetan medicine.
Trained in Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork® since 2009(a complete system of transpersonal development created by Juan Ruiz Naupari).

Renzo Menapace
Holds a Medical Degree as Surgeon from the University of Verona in 1985.
General practitioner since 1993.
In 1988, starts to practice homeopathy, then homotoxicology, phytotherapy, and neural therapy.
Trained in Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork® since 2005(a complete system of transpersonal development created by Juan Ruiz Naupari).


Ujjwal Sraman

Bio: I am Buddhist monk and Meditation Practitioner on the Buddhism since 6 years. I had practiced Meditation Thailand in the forest since 6 month and continue practicing in my Monastery( Temple).



Fabio Andrico

Bio: Fabio Andrico was born and raised in Italy and is a recognized expert in international unique tradition of Tibetan Yoga known as Yantra Yoga or Yoga of Movement. Fabio has a degree in Oriental Languages at the Università Orientale in Naples.

He studied Yantra Yoga directly with the great master of Dzog Chen Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche who in turn learned this deep discipline from the great Masters in Tibet.

Fabio has studied and practiced first the Hata Yoga and then, since 1997 the Yantra Yoga, of which is autho- rized instructor. He conducts courses, yoga retreats and training for teachers at international level. He taught in major centers around the world as Kripalu and Esalen in the US and the Yoga Federation in Russia.

Country: Italy


Giorgia Ugo

Bio: She graduated in architecture from the University of Genoa.  Worked for many years for a Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei dedicated to young people, organizing cultural events . Since 2010 she is working at the architectural firm Laboratorio 16 and , with Marcello Marelli in 2014 she  has dedicated to theoretical research on public space and the creation of design objects dedicated to the ritual gestures to feel at home in the city called " Dress out of the house ."

Country: Italy


Ted Esser (USA)

Bio: Has been a spiritual counselor and the Director of Operations for the Spiritual Emergence Network (founded by Stan and Christina Grof in 1980) for ten years. He received an MA in Philosophy & Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies’ Philosophy, Cosmology & Consciousness program and a PhD from their East/West Psychology program in the Consciousness Studies track. Some of the results and experiences from writing his dissertation, Lucid Dreaming, Kundalini, the Divine, and Nonduality: A Transpersonal Narrative Study were published as a contributing author in Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives to Consciousness in Sleep. He currently teaches graduate-level Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology courses at John F. Kennedy University and Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology).  He currently lives in Marin County, CA. Web sites: &

Country: USA


Bruna Villante

Bio: Psychologist, Transpersonal Counselor Trainer and Biotransenergetics Trainer, she leads in Vi- cenza  the  Four  year  Training  course  to  become  Transpersonal  Counselor,  Biotransenergetics  methodology. Operator, Shiatsu and Cranisacral trainer. She leads also paths of meditation and Afro-Brazilian shamanism for psychological well-being.

Country: Italy


Corrado Fantoni

Bio: Corrado Fantoni is a composer, teacher and independent researcher. In addition to an intense concert ac- tivity in Italy and abroad, he has published sheet music, CDs and radio recordings and has been awarded in international competitions of composition. The recent switch to consider unifying the pure musical research and  the  psycho-acoustic  experience  of  voice  was  natural.  He  collaborates  with  different  Yoga  Centers  in Lombardy and Piedmont. Recent is his presence as a lecturer at seminars on body theme of “Philo, School of Philosophical Practice - Project Milanese Ice“. He is currently Professor of Theory, Rhythmic and Musical Perception at “Cantelli”, Conservatory of Novara.

Country: Italy


Pier Luigi Lattuada M.D., Ph. D.

Bio: Pier Luigi Lattuada of the Integral Transpersonal Institute, Milan, Italy is a Medical Doctor.
He has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is also a Psychotherapist.
Founder of Biotransenergetics, Pier Luigi is the Director of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy School in Milan, which has been fully recognized by the Ministry of Education University and Research since 2002.
Past medical director of Lifegate Holistic Medicine Clinic of Milan, Scientific Director of Integral Transpersonal Journal. He is co-Vice-President of EUROTAS. Pier Luigi has published thirteen books since 1985, more than 30 articles since 1980 and presented Biotransenergetics in more than 50 International Conferences in several countries: Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Moldova, Latvia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, USA, Brazil, Greece since 1988.

Country: Italy