We suggest to begin by checking the Program and get to know all the initiatives, Feeding The Soul CITY, the Opening Day in Milan ( Garden Gate), Pre and Post Conference, and the entire program of the days at Centro D’Ompio ( Pettenasco, NO), the musical nights and so on.


You can participate to all the days, to just one day, to the Milanese Opening Day ( Keynotes Conference and Party), to the free pre-festival days and to the pre and post conferences.

You can find the price of each modality of participation in the section -payments-.


Once chosen your modality of participation you may proceed to registration by filling the format in the section - participants registration here below.


After registering you can proceed to payment by pay pall or bank transfer.

See you at the Festival!


1 Two-hours Circles

Gathering in a circle/council: In the inner circle, four presenters are asked to present for 15 minutes each, integrating both theoretical and practical input. In the second hour, the inner and outer circle engage a dialogue and intertwine experiences on the theme of the circle.
The following proposed themes are meant as rough outlines. There are overlaps and the themes can be expanded:
Proposed Themes for Circles of the Sciences:
Circle for a science of consciousness
Youth circle for a post-conventional culture
Circle of elders: ancient heritage and new renaissance
Women’s circle and men’s circle for a culture of partnership including themes about sex, love, and spirituality
Circle of multi-generations: from the young to the elders

Proposed Themes for Circles of the Arts:
Theater and dance circle
Music circle
Visual arts circle
Intertwining arts & sciences circle
Proposed Themes for Circles on Technologies:
Medicine circle and health care
Healing arts practices
Circle of action and change activities
Intertwining technologies & sciences circle.

2. Outdoor Workshops

In a special area of the festival campus there will be an opportunity to offer outdoor workshops to include nature. Two-hours slots will be schedules throughout the festival. The workshops will be offered during daytime, repeated in different places and times.

3. Outdoor Performances

Under this heading you will find disparate initiatives that are able to engage the participants in healing ceremony or celebration, art therapy workshops, painting or poetry, theater or music, jam sessions or fairy tales, readings or any other form of expression or contribution that one or more people wish to present to the community.  It is an invitation to creativity in order to build a more authentic way of being together and “doing soul”.

4 Exhibitions

Feeding the Soul gives chance to the participants, artists, professionals or enthusiasts to present to the public their work or installations. If interested please submit and agree with the organization on how to realize your artistic project.
Please bring your inner artist