The Festival Venues will be in Milan City (TBA) and in Centro D’Ompio.
The main Festival Venue and Accomodation will be at Centro D’Ompio, Pettenasco, Italy, an international seminar center and hotel (

The proposal  will takes place in three parts:

Venue Accommodation

1. Opening in Milan downtown Round tables with youth and elders international key not speakers, life parade and  happenings
2. Circles, workshops, performances and exibitions in Centro D’Ompio
3. Events all around the city in Milan

 The Centro d'Ompio is an international seminar center and hotel for congresses, seminars, workshops, trainings of integral meaning, for inspiration and learning, as well as their implementation on a personal as well as instutional level.

 The seminar campus serves as an inspirational platform and as an instrument for gathering eligible initiatives for spiritual renewal in commerce, culture and society. In this manner the Centro d'Ompio supports personality and consciousness development in the individual and the development of our society.

 Over the past 20 years, the enterprise has developed into one of the leading international seminar centers for a wide spectrum of learning opportunities: management and leadership training on the one hand as well as seminars on cultural, health and spirituality on the other.
The Centro d'Ompio is known beyond Europe's borders for its hospitality, for creativity and joy, freedom and care. Ethical criteria, as well as religious tolerance, wholistic health, multicultural diversity, consciousness development, attentiveness and conservation of our natural resources are practiced values.


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Milan About

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Dear Feeding the Soul Participants!

We at Centro dʼOmpio are excited to welcome you to our home on June 18-21, 2015 - the time of transpersonal gathering, opening our hearts  and a truly transformative experience.

Founded in 1987, Centro dʼOmpio is an International Seminar Center and a cultural association for conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings of integral meaning, for inspiration and learning, as well as their implementation to bring individuals and groups to their own hearts. We warmly receive people from around the world! - Sharing topics ranging from transpersonal psychology to yoga, sound therapy, meditation, vision quests, and even digital activism! But our main value we proud of is our people, our guests who became our friends. People is our main value. They follow diverse approaches and focused on different aspects of this beautiful life, but all aim at taking care of this planet and people in harmless, holistic ways. Some of the centers notable guests include Spiritual Author and Teacher Eckhart Tolle, Permaculturist John Button, and Earthship Engineer Shanti Petchel.

At Centro people come together to share themselves with one another and grow—free from the pressures of traditional institutional culture and structures.
Our diverse yet universal values of peace, simplicity, multicultural diversity, shared experiences, environmental awareness, and spiritual awakening complements the transcendent aspects of transpersonal development; the focus of this Festival. We are proud to have been chosen to collaborate and accommodate this event.

Our location:
Allow the regionʼs mild climate to refresh your mind; experiencing the beauty of the four seasons in all their fullness. Enliven the senses with the aromas of the varied flora and fauna, singing of wildlife, and dancing of mountain waterways. The myriad of natural trails crisscrossing the forests and hills on and around the property stimulate a natural meditative state of being. Find serenity while gazing upon the beauty of Lake Orta and pleasure in the rolling curves of the mountain ranges. Rediscover you sacredness with nature by immersing yourself in this sublime environment.

Our team - The centerʼs experienced chefs Oma and Viramo and outsourcing cooks will be lovingly crafting a special menu of colourful vegetarian meals* (including eggs and dairy) for the Festival. The dishes will have international influences as diverse as the guests that they serve. To heal and support your body, organic/biological cuisine made from fresh rich seasonal ingredients is bought from local producers.  Special requests such as gluten-free or dairy free diets, or certain allergies to foods, can also be accommodated with advanced notification.

All meals are served buffet style in the cozy main dining hall and guests can choose to either eat comfortably inside or bask in the sunlight on the poolside terrace that offers a marvelous view of picturesque Lake Orta with the quaintly historical island of San Giulio floating offshore.

 Festival accommodation:

For Feeding the Soul we offer three types of accommodations: onsite, offsite, and camping. In keeping with the transpersonal themes of community and togetherness, there are no single rooms offered onsite during the festival. Every room in the facility will house anywhere from two to seven individuals. The charming bright minimalistic spaces provide a sentiment of relaxation and intimacy—keeping nature and your neighbors close to extend the sense of self and encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, and psyche. Partnering with local hotels for the festival, there are offsite accommodations just a short distance of less than 800m from the centerʼs main location. Both on and offsite accommodations are provided fresh bedding and towels for the stay. For those looking for a more wild experience, we have three tiers of serene mountain forest appropriate for simplistic comfortable camping. Onsite, we encourage to support non smoking/alcohol free environment.

Please consult our accommodation policy for this event (link).

In Generosity:
In our spirit of benevolence, our team and our ʻfriends of Centroʼ are amicably contributing organizational and needs based support in advance and during this festival. From our international working guests who tend to the environment, facilities, and equipment, the band “Zimboita” as onsite entertainment during the festival, or sponsoring simple pleasures such as herbal tea refreshments; we extend the gift of generosity to nourish the themes of transpersonal evolution. Centro dʼOmpio pulses with an energy of self-discovery, conscious awakening, peace, joy, and shared fellowship; and all are welcome to come and experience for themselves this abundant environment that will enrich the transformative power of this festival!


Festival activities may take place in our purposeful facilities: The Dome, The Skyroom, The Pavilion, or Casa Felicina. These areas boast high quality sound systems, excellent acoustics, projectors, massage tables, mats, meditation cushions, and plenty of space for hosting talks. These spaces evoke feelings of community and connectedness, yet privacy to support the energy of transpersonal expression and development.
When not already engaged in one of the many festival activities, there are numerous recreational opportunities available. Centro dʼOmpio possesses the largest swimming pool in the area, filled with 500,000 liters of refreshing mountain water. You can take a 90 minute hike through sleepy Italian villages and countryside to a local waterfall, visit the historical city of Orta with buildings dating back to the 1500ʼs, gather together at the bonfire pit after dark for a drumcircle, or journey to the top of one of the nearby mountains and feel the rich energy of the surrounding region—found through geomancy to be very powerful and liberating. If you are looking for some time to yourself there is no shortage of quiet places where you can find space for personal introspection, or to reflect on the dayʼs activities.

It-s time to share and learn together!