stucture-en“Feeding the Soul” wishes to open a window on the “forgotten side”, the aspect of listening, void, silence,  inner experience, sharing, compassion and awareness, of the sacredness of the living and of the spiritual yearning that animates all its expressions.

With this event, we intend to provide visibility to all the healthy and confident forces, to that young soul living in each of us, by spreading awareness and compassion through the meshes of a social system in crisis, old and tired. We intend to bring together the multiple diversity in a community of purpose that transcends the divisions and unites through dialogue, creativity, sharing, solidarity, spirituality and renewal. 

We invite young and elders, professors, professionals of the most diverse fields, students and artists, secular and religious, musicians and fans from all over the world and of all ages. We will be able to participate in experiential workshops and roundtables, to enjoy events, live performances and art exhibitions in locations scattered throughout the city as well as the magnificent backdrop of the international convention center surrounded by nature, Centre d 'Ompio.

Circles and workshops, performances and exhibitions, ceremonies and events will share as a common element the different expressions of the human soul which identify in the Culture of Sharing, centered on the awakening of the  human potential and qualities such as love and compassion,  awareness and solidarity, good will and  trust, responsibility, creativity and service.

The intent is to facilitate an opportunity for dialogue between science and religion, between ancient and modern traditions, pre-moral and moral, rational and ecstatic, religious and atheist, Eastern and Western, confessional and un-denominational.

The journey is towards a Consciousness of Unity, transpersonal, transcultural, trans material, knowing that the totality (the Planet) is not resolved in sum of its parts (territories, peoples and cultures that make it up), but it expresses a Soul (Psyche ) that transcends and includes what some call God, others the Great Spirit, the Great One, the Supreme Consciousness, Self, Atman, or Field, Matrix, Empty, etc.