Ready to wake up?

Ready-to-wake-up -for-home-both-ita-and-enOne day Baba Aziz, old blind wise Sufi, decided to leave, says the story.
He had to go to one of those Sufi gatherings that take place in an unspecified spot, at an undefined time, but where everyone who has to arrive somehow makes it.
Baba Aziz asked his little 7 years old granddaughter to escort him and they left.
During the journey, actually, it was the blind grandfather to conduct the little girl, not the other way around.
The way to reach and to participate to Feeding The Soul, our gathering that takes place in a defined spot and at an indicated time, is the same.
Letting ourselves be guided by the eyes of our hearts, bringing with us our inner child and conducting him/her to the destination.
You are welcome, you and everybody you bring with you.