Why TransPersonal Awakening of our Cultures is Highest Priority

This consensus teaching of our great wisdom endowment reveals that we humans become Whole Persons when we access the Source Code of Life and re-center our lives and cultures in the Source Field which is the Sacred Space of ((Infinite Presence)).  Our great planetary awakening teachings concur that the Fundamental Source Field is boundless, hence trans-finite, and as such this Infinite Presence must be the generative source of all possible worldviews, narratives, disciplines and forms of life.

Furthermore, our Wisdom Endowment is the sacred space of TransPersonal Intelligence and Cultural Life. This global Source Intelligence also recognizes that we humans are lodged in deep and chronically entrenched patterns of personal and cultural dysfunctions and pathologies when we are alienated from Infinite Source (Infinite Presence) which nevertheless surrounds us and sources our lives and cultures in every way.  In this light our Source (TransPersonal) wisdom is clear that pre-Sourced mental and cultural patterns are the primary source of humans dysfunctions, chronic fragmentation, polarization, and wide-ranging forms of human and cultural violence.  

Our more awakened and evolved Self cannot come forth and blossom in such pre-Sourced cultures and worldviews which are dominated by ego-mental or monocentric mental practices and forms of life.  This pre-Sourced “self” is not the mature Human and is lodged in cultures of monologue which are severed from Source Life.  In this context the depth of “TransPersonal” awakening is our personal and inter-personal evolutionary shift from dysfunctional monologue to non-violent cultures of Deep Dialogue where we mature as awakened Persons.  

Our global wisdom teaches that the awakened Human who lives the Source Intelligence is a Dialogue Person- an ((I===Thou)) Human  - who lives and experiences the deep connectivity of the Primal Field of Reality.  This is the space of awakened Reason, moral consciousness, human compassion, love, respect across borders and the sacred meeting space of diverse worlds.  This is where we find deep Unity in sacred Diversity.  The awakened TransPersonal Human is a Dialogue Being.

Whether the Teachings of Buddha, or the Yoga Science of Krishna or the Logos-in-the Flesh  Teachings of Jesus, to mention a few preeminent Source Code pioneers- it is clear that the Literacy of Global Wisdom reveals that we cannot mature as awakened Whole Humans within monocentric cultures where our mental patterns objectifies everything it touches and produces: cultural spaces of “I===It”.  The “self” or “person” in such “I===It” cultures is not yet a fully evolved Person who embodies the highest Moral Law and awakened Rational  Life.  The “ego-mental” self is thus a pre-Sourced self and the TransPersonal Self is the Human who has awakened and entered the TransPersonal Intelligence of Life in Presence.  This is the TransPersonal Culture.

Our collective Wisdom is clear that our wide-ranging human dysfunctions, pathologies and forms of violence trace to our pre-Sourced forms of life and cultures.  And our maturation to becoming Whole Persons, living the deep dialogical intelligence of TransPersonal Presence, is the highest form of human activism which gets to the source of wide-ranging crises facing humanity today.  This is why our personal and cultural evolution to the non-violent Dialogic and TransPersonal Intelligence is highest urgency for healing our cultures, our worlds, our personal lives.

Ashok Gangadean
Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy-Haverford College (USA)
Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute