Message to the presenters and performers, to VIPs and VNPs, very normal people.

You might think you deserve preferential treatment, you might think you should have been invited and maybe also paid, you might think that somebody wants to make money on you or exploit your image, your might think there is a business underneath.
On the contrary, this is an event that can happen only if we all consider  ourselves our own sponsor.
This event that doesn’t include profit margins but costs instead, an event in which anybody can give his/her own contribute paying the entrance for a Youth ( fulfilling the section “Sponsor a Youth” ).
This is an event with a very simple intent: to honor and comprehend fully and deeply the term TRANSPERSONAL and everything  it can possibly mean in our everyday life by embodying it and experiencing it together.
An event born from an authentic dream , free from ego identifications or at least aware of the ambushes that these represent, a dream willing to be at the service of the community and to create a field, situation and possibility for a leap of consciousness, a chance for another step towards respect and honor of our true nature as human beings.
This is an event for which we sacrifice some of our time, the linear personal time, in favor of Kairos (καιρός) the right moment, the opportune moment, the time when something special happens.