Je suis Amaka


Je suis Amaka
In Baga City, north-east of Nigeria, where at least 2.000 of about 10.000 inhabitants were supposedly killed by the islamic fundamentalists Boko Haram in less then a week, tens of corpses remain abandoned on the streets as nobody has the courage nor the strength to bury them.
Peace, love and closeness to Charlie Hebdo but... Dear Mr. Hollande, Merkel, Cameroon, Renzi, etc....
Have you ever thought about being a teenager from Kano, or from Rakka, or from Peshawar, who watches the news on television and sees millions of people mobilizing for a few eminent deaths in the heart of Europe?
Why don’t our 2.000 count? what do you and your prim faces tell us? And what about your convictions? Which effect do you think your mobilization and your disdain will produce?
Maybe the effect to create some new terrorists.