Why feed the soul ?

DiapositivaWhy feed the soul ?
The First of May 2015 in twenty thousand say no to the Expo of the companies , in three hundred devastate the city.
Shops , banks , car on fire . Broken windows , people and tourists fleeing in terror , clashes with police . It led to terror and devastation in the city the opening day of the Expo . The parade of Expo No Mayday Parade organized in the afternoon have taken over the black- bloc and the bands most violent . And the event is soon degenerated . The demonstrators brought to the police station , five were arrested for resisting the police , injuries , jet dangerous things and outrage .
A post – conventional thinking, a look that transcends and includes rebellion and conformity into sharing , anger and resignation into the right action towards  a high – synergy, it’s now  available. Let’s  come together and celebrate, feeding the soul of the world.