From self-limiting Ego to the vast horizons of Self

"Many people make the stuff first and only later the consciousness" the popular saying goes. First to get and then to be, recalling the well-known book "To have or to be" by Erich Fromm. But if you ask people what they really want, most of them would say: "I want to feel good. Deeply." That's why it's necessary to investigate who is this "I", deeply, this field of consciousness in which we recognize ourselves. The transpersonal approach, at the center of the Feeding the Soul Festival living next June (, states that there are several fields of consciousness in which we can identify, and that a healthy evolution goes towards self-actualized identities, distinguished by greater interconnection among inner parts, other people, nature and the All.

And a healthy self-actualization, paradoxically, requires an ability to put personal talents in the service of an increasingly vast system, developing peace, love and compassion, which are indeed ways to be unitive.
The ego, therefore, the first identity process, based on ancient circuits of pleasure and pain, and basic needs of survival, can be but just one of the steps of consciousness towards the wider horizons of an integrative and transpersonal Self. To get to that Self, the path, often long and winding, flows by transforming and untying the knots in which the ego is embroiled, by going out of mazes that ego built itself, and by nurturing the ego qualities in order to build the healthy Self-actualization.
So welcome to all approaches that treat the wounds of the ego, and open to fields of consciousness of Self leading to integrated and transpersonal transe of well-being.

Like the ancient spiritual traditions and shamanic cares and new "technologies of the sacred" do, including Biotransenergetica by Pierluigi Lattuada, director and "soul" of the Festival.
So welcome to all evolutionary approaches and therapies working with body, and not just the mental ones, approaches which treat the human being as a whole in his becoming. Approaches that make the mind empty - of attachments - and awake – at systemic balances -; approaches that also make the body empty – of blocks - and awake - to flow and wholeness.
Welcome then, at Feeding the Soul Festival, to the many proposed approaches, based on these criteria. Many, because many are the possible paths, in this uni-verse, leading to the same...common place.
In pluribus unum.
Walter Gioia