I had a dream

Probably most of us had a dream.
I don’t mean night dreams or wishes and I don’t mean the needs of the “I” either, I talk about visions, impulses of the soul, longing and ardor.
When you follow it the Universe cooperates and a lucky sequence of synergies takes care of you and supports your project.
This is why we don’t look for sponsors, we feel the push of the “ Self”, which is subject and transpersonal. The dream doesn’t actually exist; because the best way to realize it, is to wake up, says the wise man.
The dream is Me, You, Us, all of us, the community of travelers of the soul, the dream is anybody who wants to make a leap beyond him/herself, beyond his/her own personal interests and his/her own habits in order to feel part of this journey.
You are the dream and the dreamer.
We are waiting for you in order to wake up together.