What is going on in Yarmouk ?

Yarmouk pc“In order to understand what is going on in Yarmouk turn off the power, the water, the heating, eat once a day, live in the darkness and warm up standing in front of a fire or bonfire”, says one of the residents at the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Siria close to Damasco. This situation is described by an ONU official as “beyond inhuman”.

In the presence of such disaster and brutalization we could ask: “Lord, do something!”and we could sense the answer “I did something, I made you”- As the anecdote of the missionary in Africa says.


The guns of the war are used everywhere leaving behind death and destruction. The breath of transpersonal culture spreads the seeds of sharing, dialogue, compassion.

But a transpersonal attitude can’t be chosen as an act of will, it doesn’t require nor allow ideological accessions, its seed develops day after day in the heart of those who coltivate it, nourish it and cherish it lovingly.

Dispersed tribes, traveling heroes, dreamers, farmers of the soul, women and men of good will, through Feeding The Soul make a concrete step, come together to witness a leap of conscience, a transpersonal revolution that doesn’t happen in the squares but in the soul of anyone who finds feels ready to answer to the call of his/her own true nature, “beyond the personal, beyond the little man and little woman who lives inside of ourselves”.