Feeding the Soul - First Transpersonal Festival - MEMO

FTS: The first international Transpersonal Movement Festival involves all areas of arts, science, inner
and exterior wellbeing. 15th to 17th June: Open Days in 20 different venues throughout the city and
surroundings (FTS City); 18th opening day and Transurbana party (Garden Gate, MI).From the 18th to
the 21st (FTS Festival): workshops, expositions, sharing circles, performances, concerts, conferences
and lessons held by 160 presenters and 25 researchers from more than 30 countries.

FTS - The First Transpersonal Festival officially opens its doors at the Garden Gate of Milan with
the keynotes conference ( 2pm-6:30pm) hosted by Jim Garrison, founder of Ubiquity University, CA,
Graham Hancock, Best Selling Author, Angaangaq shaman from Greenland among others. Followed
by Life Parade and Happy Hour/Dinner Buffet (7-9:30pm), in the night by Transurbana Party with live
music with Canto Antico (IT) and Yemadas (Portugal) and DJ Set (Arhythmia Groove and DJ Ronin).
Also, possible gig of MOOD introducing the song: Feeding The Soul, Official song of The Festival.

Feeding The Soul, First transpersonal festival presents Feeding The Soul CITY: 20 selected
Associations and Centers of Milan offer Open Days, Free Workshops, Free Panels, Lessons and Free
Conferences and much more. Enter our website for the complete program.

15-17 JUNE: Feeding The Soul CITY. The City prepares for the Festival creating a net of independent
events offered by different centers and associations for free all around the city and the surroundings.

17 JUNE: Pre-Conference at Centro D’Ompio - Holotropic Breathing with James Eyerman

18 JUNE: Opening Day - Conference / Life Parade/ Transurbana Party in Milan.

19-21: Feeding The Soul ( Nutrire L'Anima ) 2015 at Centro D'Ompio. Presenters from more than 30
countries in the world, professionals, artists, performer all day long and evenings.

22 JUNE: Post-Conference:Two Tobacco’s Ceremony  and TRC Research Colloquium